Tuesday Skull Session

By Jake on May 24, 2011 at 5:52 am
Remember folks, double tap.

Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome to your Tuesday Skull Session. I don't normally write the Tuesday session, and as is becoming increasingly apparant to me, Tuesday is much harder to spell than I anticipated. It's like a little linguistic land mine. 

Seeing as we are now living in a Post-Rapture world, I can only assume that the Zombies are already on the march, but THEY don't want us to know. So while you go to work today, remember to begin stocking up on canned beans, ammunition, bottled water, and gold (for something heavy to throw at zombies if you run out of ammo, since it will be WORTHLESS once the zombies reach your city). 

Anyway, the world proceeds blissfully unaware of the zombie menace clawing at it's door, and I dutifully bring you a few of it's happenings.

Don't tase me Narc. Hope you brought your tase-proof clothing. In a protest against adverse working conditions in overseas factories, seven OSU students and nine total were arrested outside Gordon Gee's office. Protests against sweatshops are nothing new on college campuses, including Ohio State, and this particular protest saw upwards of 100 people gathered around Gee's building to protest international food distributor Sodexo, a company bearing the name of any number of villianous corporations from Hollywood movies. 

Quoth OSU Spokesman Jim Lynch:

Ohio State values diversity of thought and opinion and is a place where students can express their views. Unfortunately, today's protesters created a situation where OSU police needed to make arrests to ensure safety.

It's not immediately clear what those 9 people in particular did to warrent arrest, but I assume it involved some combination of pungency, vigorous drum circling, and errant hackey sacks. 

Cleveland, Always the Bridesmaid's Forever Alone Friend. Adam Rittenberg wonders whether the B1G should have considered more than just Indianapolis and Chicago in their quest for the site of the future B1G championship game. Cleveland in particular feels particularly snubbed. 

While I do feel a particular fondness for Ohio, for obvious reasons, reality compels me to point out that this involved comparing the relative merits of Chicago, Indianoplis, and Cleveland. Cleveland, I know you, and you are most certainly not Chicago or even Indianapolis. While I sympathize with the old-school mindset of playing in the elements, I sympathize with the don't-freeze-my-ass-off part of myself even more. A dome, for me, is pretty much the biggest consideration, and even though Chicago is immeasurably superior as a city to anywhere else in the Big Ten, Indianapolis provides the best combination of venues, accomodations, and night life of anywhere.

It was a good run. The Men's Tennis team finally fell to Top-Ranked Virginia in the Tennis Final Four. It's second such trip, the Buckeyes put in a great performance over the course of the season. Congratulations to all the boys on a great season. Go Bucks! 

Erk. In what can only be described as a disturbing post, Trillionaire and World-Champion Montager Mark Titus posts his thoughts on the Car-Dealership rumblings. While the dealer in question denies any wrongdoing, Titus says his own anecdotal evidence leads him to suspect a certain amount of shadiness went down, which he says means exactly nothing. 

I’m essentially in the same boat as all of you in that I don’t exactly have inside information or anything and I’m just anxiously waiting to see how everything unfolds.  I’ll be shocked if the NCAA doesn’t find anything when they look into this car scandal, but again I feel like I need to stress that I’m only basing this viewpoint off of information that every OSU student from 2006-2010 should have (after all, the football players weren’t exactly discreet with their cars).  In other words, to summarize this entire blog post, I don’t really know what happened and I don’t really have any idea what’s going to happen from here.  Glad I could help.

That's certainly, uh, helpful. 

In any case, any time a recent Ohio State athlete, whether walk-on or scholarship, says he thinks violations are likely, it's a bad thing. Titus has never come accross as unreliable and has no reason to hold a grudge against tOSU, but as he himself said, he's merely relating his impressions based on anecdotal evidence. More mill for grist, it seems. 

Alright, which one of you was it? Whoever wrote this letter to Dan Savage needs to turn in their Man-Card right now, thank you. You can get it back when you stop being a wuss and grow a pair. 

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