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Comment 01 Jun 2011

Other coaches in GoT:

Viserys Targaryen - Lane Kiffin

Robert Baratheon - Bret Beleima

Robb Stark - Pat Fitzgerald

Walder Frey - Joe Paterno

Tywin Lannister - Nick Saban

Renly Baratheon - Mark Richt

Stannis Baratheon - Mark Dantonio

Any more?

Comment 25 May 2011

A high profile arrest is the kind of thing that looks good in the political side of things, ie. to the publicly elected officials ultimately in charge of the police force.

Comment 24 May 2011

I live in Boone, NC. I respect the hippies. Still, some of them are quite pungent.

Comment 18 May 2011

That's only 50% of getting the girl, Chris, or else the nerds too shy to say hello would be neck deep. 

Comment 11 May 2011

I agree. There has been no evidence whatsoever that any systemic cheating by tOSU, nor that such cheating has directly led to on-field success (with the exception of the Tat-5 playing while ineligible, but that penalty has already been handed down).

However, in an example of something unfair to the individual but necessary for the integrity of the entire system, the NCAA punishes schools who don't police their own boosters well enough. Technically it's not Ohio State's or Michigan's or USC's fault if boosters take it upon themselves to give cash handshakes, but practically it's easier for the NCAA to place penalties on the schools then send out investigators themselves.

Good points.

Comment 11 May 2011

"In this case, the former would be "major," which doesn't seem to inspire optimism."

Well, if we would be categorized as major in the current system, then we're already at the highest point in the penalty sheet. Were there 4 or 5 categories, then it's possible that we would be categorized below what is currently "major." In that sense, I'm optimistic about any expansion in the number of categories. 

"If Emmert is going to get tough on everybody and we just happen to be first, then so be it.  I'll believe that when I see it though."

My feelings exactly.

Comment 07 Apr 2011

Coach Kill can never be a presidential candidate. His campaign posters would double as appeals to assassinate his running mate.