You Create Your Own Luck

By Jason Priestas on March 26, 2009 at 7:00 am
Calista Forcier, Michigan Football SaviorForcier can zip a mean four yard out

What started as a whisper yesterday afternoon has grown into just the latest significant setback of the Rich Rodriguez era at Michigan as Wolverine quarterback Nick Sheridan is hurt and likely in a bad way.

Though there are some skeptics among the faithful, word is flying that it's a broken leg and that typically shelves a guy for a while. At any rate, RichRod the Great will be holding a press conference tomorrow where he will most likely address the injury.

With Steven Threet's transfer last month, that leaves the Wolverines with exactly zero quarterbacks with any type of game experience. David Cone is still in the mix, but a) he's not really that good b) he's only thrown one pass in his time at Ann Arbor and c) he's rumored to be injured as well. There's sophomore Justin Feagin who saw some minimal action late in the season when Threet was hurt, but his problem is that he's Justin Feagin.

That leaves freshman Calista Flockhart Tate Forcier and his pythonic pipes. Forcier, as you might recall, is the Jimmy Clausen of the dirty north and comes from a family that is part Marinovich, part Brady, and kind enough to showcase his offer letters to cheer you up from getting laid-off.

Anyway, he's enrolled early and participating in spring ball and should be the #1 quarterback once fall camps hits. Assuming the whole Sheridan-leg-is-now-in-pieces rumor holds true, that is. All of this bodes well for those of us that like to see the Wolverines in pain because with the continuing transfers and now this news, more pain is definitely in the forecast for the 734.