Last Call for the 11W Tournament Challenge

By Jason Priestas on March 19, 2009 at 7:00 am

You have about six more hours to either enter a bracket, or if you already have a bracket, fill it out (looking at the approximately 5% of you that are empties) for the 11W Tournament Challenge.

The good news is we've finally settled on a prize package for the winner and we're giving the gift of reading. If you have the top entry when the dust settles, you'll receive one copy of each of the following books:

War as They Knew It 1968 Weird Ohio

War As The Knew It and 1968: The Season that Saved Buckeye Football are already instant classics within Buckeye Nation and Weird Ohio is essential for those "my state is weirder than your state" arguments that seem to pop up oh, once every nine years or so.

Best of luck and the relevant bits, once more:

Group Name: Eleven Warriors
Password: outofhound
(Please no more than one entry per person)