Know the Enemy: Texas Newspapers & Blogs

By Jason Priestas on December 15, 2008 at 2:00 pm

With finals over, the team is getting back after it and we are around here as well. Part of being any true fan is boning up on enemy literature and there is no shortage of it in Longhorn territory. While the Austin American-Statesman dominates the newspaper scene, there are a handful of excellent Texas blogs doing their best to bring that extra level of coverage.


Burnt Orange Nation
Peter Bean is one of the founding fathers of the college blog movement and runs this excellent Longhorns blog that's been at it since November of 2005. What was once a one-man operation has become a group effort on a site that's updated constantly with fresh, relevant content.

40 Acres Sports
Formerly Bevo Sports, this is another blog that's been going strong for a few years. Don't let the great design fool you -- the substance is top-shelf as well.

Barking Carnival
A relative newcomer to the scene, this blog is another group effort with well over 20 contributors. With posts like A Colt McCoy Encomium, it's no wonder the community there is so lively.


Austin American-Statesman
The hometown paper is always a good source for opposition research and this one doesn't disappoint. Though you may have to weed through Lady Longhorn hoops coverage to get to the good stuff, it's in there, and plentiful. Check out the Bevo Beat blog for even more news and commentary.

Houston Chronicle
While the Chronicle spreads the love around to all four major Texas college football teams, they do have a Longhorns Blog that's worth checking out.

Dallas Morning News
The Morning News provides some supplemental Longhorn coverage and even have a college sports blog that spreads the love around to between the major programs in the state of Texas.