Just One Tweak: Episode I

By Jason Priestas on January 31, 2008 at 2:00 pm
Big Ten Coaches as South Park CharactersYou can do it! (Source)

We have a spirited and growing community of readers that do a great job of adding to the running conversation. To recognize a few of these, we have asked them each to write a guest post about what they'd tweak to ensure the Buckeyes got (yet another) shot at redemption in '08. First up is 11W resident Reaganite Joe Fox.

Ohio State’s only chance – and it’s an infinitesimal one – of getting to the BCS title game is to have the entire Big T(elev)en man up and play better football in ‘08, particularly against out-of-conference opponents.

Michigan saved the conference’s bacon by beating Florida earlier this month, but Ohio State’s two cataclysmic losses to SEC schools, coupled with poor showings by Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan State in their bowls lead outside observers to the conclusion that we are an insular, quaint, soft league.

Right now, the Big T(elev)en looks like a glorified MAC. We simply don’t win the games that matter, when they matter, and Ohio State has no one but itself to blame for being viewed as a paper tiger.

Ohio State can make a solid statement by beating USC on the road, but in a conference without a title game, and an archrival in the midst of a serious transition, the Buckeyes’ only hope of being viewed as a legitimate contender is to play in a competitive conference that wins big games. Beat USC, have Michigan and Penn State play like the conference powers they purport to be, and we have a shot. Not much of a shot, but a shot. And if we show up and win a title game (and that’s a big “if”), we won’t have to read stuff like this anymore.