It's On

By Jason Priestas on December 2, 2007 at 9:22 pm

The pairings were just released and Buckeye Nation gets the game they wanted. A chance at redemption against the too-fast-for-human eyes SEC. And with all due respect to Georgia, the Buckeyes are getting the SEC's best.

Plenty of storylines in this one:

  • Tressel and Miles have recent bowl history
  • Miles is a Michigan man and enters the game angry at a Buckeye that is currently employed by ESPN
  • Miles turned down the Michigan job and if he manages to win this game, Wolverine fans will pine for the man until the end of time
  • The Tigers will enjoy home field advantage, but Buckeye fans will travel
Bup Shoutout

The Tigers now have a 3rd chance this season in which to prove themselves the best team in the nation, but they're taking on a Buckeye team with a giant chip on its shoulder.

Represent your school, conference and your fans, boys. Lord knows if we have a repeat of last season, we'll never hear the end of it.