Don't Forget To Set Your DVRs

By Jason Priestas on November 12, 2007 at 1:30 pm
Oh, it’s onOh, it's on.

We touched on this a little in the summer, but Tuesday night (10:30) is the premiere of The Rivalry, HBO's first college sports documentary.

The documentary will feature the last on-camera footage of Bo (he passed one day after sitting down for the interview last season) and should be television orgasm to any die-hard Buckeye or Wolverine fan.

Evidently, it explores the differences between the two fan communities as well:

The age-old clash between the perceived arrogance of Michigan and crudeness of Ohio State is played up. Early narration describes “an aura of elitism among Michiganites” that came from the school’s status as a top-notch learning institution. 60 Minutes star Mike Wallace, a Michigan grad, drew jeers from the Mershon crowd by noting, “Michigan was superior to Ohio State and remains superior.”

Michigan elitism? No... Excuse me while I go shot-gun a beer and flip a car.

THE RIVALRY, HBO - TUESDAY 11/13 10:30 PM ET | Full Listings