BlogPoll Ballot: Week 1

By Jason Priestas on September 3, 2007 at 11:00 am

The first weekend of the 2007 college football season is finally in the books, and oh what a weekend it was. Of course everyone knows what happened to the Wolverines and much of the nation is grateful for the thorough spanking Georgia Tech gave to Notre Dame but what's really significant is that we finally have some film to back our BlogPoll ballot. There was a lot of movement between the final preseason rankings released last week and what we came up for this week and it starts with Michigan.

We're not sure where the Wolverines will skid to in the AP or Coaches poll, but they're completely off of our ballot. They'll get a chance to get back in, but they also have just as much of a chance to go 1-2 over their next 3 unless Lloyd rights the ship. In the meantime, H20-3 needs a nickname for Armanti Edwards and fast. That guy is sick. Speaking of Appalachian State, we did want to vote them in -- perhaps even in the top 15, but were unable to find them on our ballot.

There are quite a few quality teams that are just on the cusp of getting on the ballot. Georgia Tech embarrased Notre Dame, but then again who doesn't these days. THC summed up the game pretty well: "Charlie Weis made Chan Gailey look like Vince Lombardi". Michigan State looked very un-Michigan State-like lighting up the scoreboard with 45 first half points on the way to a 55-18 victory over UAB and TCU could be a sleeper upset at Texas this week.

As always, you can check the ballots of every voter and the final version is due Wednesday morning, so get your thoughts in by Tuesday night if you think we got it wrong.

1 USC You know you're good when a 38-10 win is considered sluggish. --
2 LSU 6 INTs helped carry the offense against the overmatched Croomers. --
3 West Virginia 542 yards of offense on the way to 62 points -- most since 2001. --
4 Florida Tebow can't throw? 13/17 for 300 and 3 TDs says differently. UP2
5 Oklahoma 79 points and the new skill players are on a roll. UP3
6 Wisconsin Donovan leads the way (3 pass TD, 1 rush TD) to quality win over WSU. UP1
7 Louisville An overmatched opponent, but boy does Brohm and company look good. UP4
8 Ohio State The biggest question coming in was answered with Boeckman's performance. UP2
9 Cal Cal had to employ rocket-powered shoes to stay on the field with an SEC club. UP3
10 Texas You needed an onside kick recovery against Arkansas State. For that, you drop. DOWN5
11 Virginia Tech ECU was game, but Va Tech came through on an emotional day. DOWN2
12 Georgia Solid opening win and props for playing a BCS team when most of the elites looked to the FCS. UP2
13 UCLA Bell had a monster game and Harbough's team got blitzed, but Mike Hart has to be feeling worse today. UP4
14 Rutgers It was Buffalo, but Rice's Heisman campaign is off to a good start (184, 3 TD) UP2
15 Penn State A home shutout is a wonderful way to start a season. UP3
16 Auburn Two late scores bailed Coach Click-Clack's squad out against a mediocre K-State team. DOWN1
17 Boise State I don't care who you are playing. 49 points in the first half is pretty fresh. UP3
18 Tennessee Fulmer has a good football team and will bounce back. Props to the Vols for scheduling this series. DOWN5
19 Nebraska The Huskers beat Nevada the way you're supposed to beat a Nevada. UP2
20 Arkansas McFadden's off to a rip-roaring start, including a 42-yard touchdown toss. DOWN1
21 Alabama Bear Saban is off to a fine start after demolishing Western Carolina 52-6. UP4
22 Florida State Waiting to see the Noles for the first time tonight. UP1
23 Hawaii Northern Colorado is not as bad as some of the teams that faced the big programs opening week. DOWN1
24 South Carolina After beating Louisiana-Lafayette by only 14 points, the OBC is promising "a whole bunch of lineup changes". --
25 Missouri Thrilling win over Illinois could set the tone for a suprising season. NR

DROPPED OUT: Michigan (#4)