Updated BlogPoll Ballot: Week 1P

By Jason Priestas on August 22, 2007 at 1:00 pm

We heard your feedback and made some updates to our ballot for the 1st preseason BlogPoll. Keep the feedback coming -- this is exactly what makes this thing so awesome.

I anticipate the inaugural preseason poll will be out sometime today, but as always, check BlogPoll Central for more information.
1 USC The machine is so well-oiled, that we half expect to see Pete guest-starring on Entourage while his team reels off 7 straight.
2 Michigan Stacked with veteran skill players, but who will blow it first - Lloyd or the defense?
3 LSU Stout defense will help break in a new quarterback and a favorable schedule could give Miles his put-up or shut-up moment with USC.
4 West Virginia Loaded backfield, Devine and a great young coach with only Rutgers and Louisville standing in the way of a perfect season.
5 Texas Wooderson's boys have a young Colt on offense, but concerns about the secondary may come back to bite them.
6 Florida Herban's team speed continues to light up the scoreboard and police blotter. #5 out of respect and repeating is tough, but don't count out Meyer.
7 Wisconsin Under the radar, as usual. Fact is, if they run the table in the Big Ten, they'll be a NC candidate.
8 Oklahoma Another team loaded with talent, but Big Game Bobby is on a skid of sorts. Texas is also over the hump mentally.
9 Virginia Tech Never been a huge Beamer fan, but there's no way you can't root for these guys this season. Still, you gotta wonder how a team gathering in Michael Vick Hall will do.
10 Ohio State We're cautious, but there's too much talent on this squad to keep it out of the top ten.
11 Louisville Brohm's a stud, but you never know how things will go when a veteran QB gets a brand new coach.
12 Cal Cal - that team you root for to beat USC each season, so your squad can rise in the rankings.
13 Tennessee Little known fact: Phil Fulmer's blood type is Gravy+. Despite that, Ainge could have a monster year. The Coker situation hurts, though.
14 Georgia Only 11 returning starters, but friendly schedule could help the cause. Is this the season that it all comes together for Stafford?
15 Auburn Click-Clack. Tubberville knows how to win in the tough SEC.
16 Rutgers Schiano is building something special out east and will own NJ shortly (ouch, Joe Pa). Rice will get about 1800 and the Scarlet Knights could easily be staring at a BCS bid when the dust settles.
17 UCLA Big win over USC last season is wonderful for the program's confidence and 20 returning starters helps. Your WR coach a cat burglar.. not so much.
18 Penn State Joe Poo's boys get OSU and Wisconsin at home, but until they can prove that they're capable of beating the Wolverines, we gotta keep them down.
19 Arkansas The talent is most definitely there. How many other schools could Felix Jones start for right now? The real question is to the (mental) state of the program.
20 Boise State The Ian Johnson feel-good fest is alive and well for year 2. A tough season-ending ame at Hawaii may prevent them from repeating last season's heroics.
21 Nebraska We still have grave doubts about Callahan's abilities as a coach, but the program is back on the up and the addition of Keller helps.
22 Hawaii Jones is an underrated coach and Brennan should pass for .. oh.. about 75,000 yards and 200 TDs this season. A very favorable schedule could have them becoming the Boise State of 2007.
23 Florida State New coaches, new ideas, and the venerable Bobby Bowden. The program is a little down, but don't be surprised to see a slight resurgance heading into the Alabama game on 9/29.
24 South Carolina It just wouldn't feel right leaving the Ol' Ball Coach out of the rankings, would it?
25 Alabama Steele likes Bama as a darkhorse national title contender, but Saban's karma may check those plans.