OSU's Other Big Sport Would Like Your Attention

By Jason Priestas on March 28, 2007 at 7:45 am
Welcome to Michigan!

With all of the ruckus being made over the success of the hoops team, it's easy to forget about that other Buckeye powerhouse. You know.. the one that plays fall Saturdays in front of 100,000 rabid fans. Those guys. Anyway, spring practice kicks off tomorrow and the first depth-chart of 2007 is out.

Todd Boeckman is listed as the starting quarterback but the Vest was sure to stress that the competition is still open:

"If there were a game today, Todd would line up as the starter, but there's not a game today," Tressel said.

Boeckman, a junior, is big (6'5"-235) and can evidently move, with Tressel mentioning that he ran the fastest 40 time of any of the quarterbacks last season. That group would include that slippery fella that went on to win the Heisman Trophy. Boeckman is also older and has some time in the system. Granted, he didn't see the field a lot with Troy Smith directing the show, but as John Harold Cooper would say: "He looks good on paper."

Boeckman will see competition from sophomore Robbie Schoenhoft (6'6"-240) and freshman Antonio Henton (6'2"-210), who line up second and third, respectively, on the depth chart. Whoever wins the position won't be asked to perform miracles like Smith was as the offense should be based on a steady diet of Beanie Wells at running back.

The team is young, with twice as many redshirt freshmen on the two deep as seniors, and it could be a tough season for fans accustomed to dominance (save for 1/8/07). They'll have 15 practices to knock some rust off before the Spring Game in Ohio Stadium on April 21.

To help get the juices flowing a little, here's some state-sponsored propoganda: