That Trainwreck in Glendale

By Jason Priestas on January 9, 2007 at 1:02 am
ouch.jpgAP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Well, everything we said would happen happened. It just happened for the Gators instead of the Buckeyes. We, like the rest of Buckeye nation, are pretty numb right now. We're so conditioned for success under Jim Tressel, that we sometimes forget what it's like to lose.

In thoroughly dismantling the heavily favored Buckeyes, the Gators seemed to be a step faster, a tad stronger, hungrier and dare we say -- better prepared. The loss was the worst of Tressel's Buckeye career and were the most points hung on the Buckeyes since 1999. More significantly, the defeat put a sour aftertaste on the brilliant career of Troy Smith.

There were plenty of moments we can look back on and shake our heads in amazement over. The 4th and 1 gamble by Field Marshall Field Position that quickly lead to a 13 point Gator lead. The fact that the Ohio State receivers could not get open once Ginn left the game. The two useless personal fouls that kick-started Florida's first two drives. These points, and more, will be debated for months and years to come.

Todd Jones of the Dispatch wrote an especially prescient piece today about how Buckeye fans should realize all good times eventually come to an end. Indeed. The Buckeyes will be back. There will be other opportunities down the road. We salute the entire senior class on a wonderful career -- a career that brought many smiles to the faces of Buckeye nation.