Teams of Destiny

As we approach the kickoff for the first championship of the College Football Playoff, the thought has crossed my mind that we are witnessing a true "team of destiny." Every season has a champion, but not every season has a team of destiny. Look at UConn this past season in basketball -- entering Ma...
12 Jan 2015
by Buckeye Chuck

The Ohio State Effect: Tom Herman

Tom Herman did not have Ohio State like numbers at Iowa State. With the reported hiring of Tim Beck, I posted the offensive stats from Nebraska during Beck's tenure (2010-2014). Some bring up the relevant point that Tom Herman's numbers at Iowa State weren't that impressive and we should ...
11 Jan 2015
by Remy

The Cutting Edge

My dad wasn’t around.  Pretty common these days when half of all marriages end in divorce, or even more common, the kids come along before the wedding that never happens.  But back in the 1960’s it was a bit of a disgrace that the marriage didn’t work out.  It didn’t matter th...
11 Jan 2015
by Jonnferrell

Results When Ohio State is No. 4 and Opponent is No. 2

Ohio State has a winning percentage of .809 when ranked No. 4 In the Seattle open thread, this question was asked "What is Ohio State's record against teams No. 1 ranked teams?" That answer is 5-9.  However, that question made me wonder what the Buckeyes' record is when...
10 Jan 2015
by Remy


While I think Eleven Warriors did a fine job summarizing the program options ESPN will be offering Monday night, I urge all Buckeye fans to watch only, the broadcast of the game on ESPN. O.W.N. ESPN means, watch ESPN "only when necessary." After years of relentless bashing and disrespect of Bu...
09 Jan 2015
by Hoody Wayes

The Series History: Ohio State/Oregon

Ohio State leads the overall series 8-0 and has outscored Oregon 190-69 (24-9). The Buckeyes are the only team to win at least eight games against the Ducks without losing a game. The Series History Crib Notes Ohio State is 2-0 against Oregon in neutral site games and has outsco...
08 Jan 2015
by Remy

What are the rules around 20 hours of practice, anyway?

Since Bruce Feldman reported that Ohio State is not bound my the 20-hours of practice rules, there have been questions here at about what that means. The rules are spelled out in NCAA Bylaw 17.1.5 (Daily and Weekly Hour Limitations). During the playing season (when not a vac...
07 Jan 2015
by huber57

Is the CFP Good for Meyer's Tenure at OSU?

Urban Meyer's stay at Florida was one of tremendous success, which we, Buckeye fans, know all too well. However, it came at great cost to Urban and his family. We now know all of the stories about the damage that he did to himself, physically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as the separation...
07 Jan 2015
by AJBor41

The Rundown: No. 4 Ohio State vs. No. 2 Oregon

THE RUNNING START TV: Monday, 8:30 on ESPN Ohio State is 8-0 against Oregon. The Buckeyes are 1-2 in Championship Games and are 4-0 when playing football in the state of Texas. Below you will find some interesting facts about the teams, key offensive player stats, coach information, team stat...
07 Jan 2015
by Remy

Points Scored: The Ohio State Effect

Sad Duck fan. Oregon enters the National Championship Game with several statistical strengths. The Ducks are ranked in the top 20 in the following 10 statistical categories. Rushing Offense (17th) Offensive 4th Down Conversions (17th)* Punt Returns (12th) Passing Offense (11th) ...
06 Jan 2015
by Remy

Points Allowed: The Ohio State Effect

Hopefully Ducks' fans will be leaving disappointed Monday night. Oregon enters the National Championship Game with several statistical strengths. The Ducks are ranked in the top 20 in the following 10 statistical categories. Rushing Offense (17th) Offensive 4th Down Conversions (17th)...
05 Jan 2015
by Remy

The Losing Effect: Alabama

This is a few days late, but I needed some time to celebrate the Sugar Bowl win. I have posted some of the gems from so you don't have to read all 250+ posts. To their credit, the reactions from Alabama fans after a loss are nowhere near the level of That Team's fa...
04 Jan 2015
by Remy

The Shift - 1/1/2015 - Alabama

Oh hi there. This is something I've wanted to do for quite some time, but in my own busy life I've not had the time or something has kept me busy. I've decided that as apart of my New Year's Resolutions I will finally start doing a Buckeye Blog dedicated to football. It will be a weekly thing once n...
03 Jan 2015
by Travis

Ari Wasserman

I have never posted a blog on here before so I can't be sure that this is good form, but I have a gripe. Did anyone else spend the better part of this football season cussing user their breath at Ari Wasserman's coverage of the Buckeyes. I have the Bleacher Report app on my phone and throughout the ...

Bama Nation Mourns

Poor BamaReed and BamaNation. Shocked by those inferior Buckeyes. Nick Saban now has two strikes as he has caused the collapse of the Alabama football machine. Sounds as if he may be on the Jimmy Hoffa watch list by Urban Meyer no less. This is inexcusable for those great and knowledgible f...
02 Jan 2015
by Osurrt

The Alabama Effect: Ohio State

Ezekiel Elliott rushed for a Sugar Bowl record 230 yards. As requested by BHT. Below you will be able to compare Ohio State's stats before playing and after playing Alabama. Ohio State was able to improve its numbers in seven statistical categories. Most impressive are the rushing ...
02 Jan 2015
by Remy