Change Ohio's Perception 1st

Changing perception starts with Buckeye sportswriters and fans. Once bitten, twice shy sportswriters are reluctant to look foolish after last year, and vote accordingly, unlike their brethren in the South East, who are unabashed homers for local and other southern teams. There are too many Nega...
19 Nov 2014
by ibuck

The Rundown: Indiana at No. 6 Ohio State

THE RUNNING START TV: Saturday, Noon BTN Ohio State leads the series 70-12-5 and is 45-9-5 when the game is in Columbus. The Buckeyes defeated Indiana 42-14 last year in the Horseshoe. Ohio State has won 18 straight games against Indiana. Indiana is 3-7 and is on a five-game losing streak. Th...
18 Nov 2014
by Remy

The Ohio State Effect: The First Ten Games

I've been doing the Ohio State Effect for the past two seasons, but have not completed a breakdown during, or after, a season. I figured ten games into the 2014 season would be a good time to dive into the numbers of The Ohio State Effect. That and DJ asked for something like this about...
17 Nov 2014
by Remy

The Ohio State Effect: Minnesota

Another week and another opponent gets its stats stuffed.  Ohio State went to blustery and cold Minneapolis and left with a 31-24 victory. Despite losing the turnover margin, again, the Buckeyes kept their B1G Championship and playoff hopes alive. How did Ohio St...
16 Nov 2014
by Remy

Barrett, Miller, Pryor and Smith Through Ten Starts

To state the obvious, J.T. Barrett is pretty good. But, how good is he? How does J.T. Barrett compare to the best quarterbacks Ohio State has had the past ten seasons?Below I will share Barrett's stats next to Braxton Miller's, Terrelle Pryor's and Troy Smith's through 10 starts. ...
15 Nov 2014
by Remy

Can the SEC be shut out of the playoff?

Last week during the MSU\OSU game, as the Bucks were putting a pretty bow on the evening, Fowler and Herbie started talking about who is in, who is out, and who really helped their cause last Saturday amidst all of the chaos. Not surprisingly both guys thought Ohio State and Arizona State were the b...

Ohio State on Nov. 15th

The Buckeyes defeated Minnesota 38-6 on Nov. 15, 1975 and went on to win the Big Ten Title. Three Things November 15th: 1947 was the last time Ohio State lost on November 15th. The Buckeyes are 1-0 against Minnesota on Nov. 15. Ohio State has won nine-straight games p...
14 Nov 2014
by Remy

Mike & Mike on OSU

This morning, Mike Greenberg pointed out some very interesting Buckeye/ESPN information.  When I turned on my car I heard him saying that the guy hadnt taken a meaningful snap in 2 years so I knew right away who they were talking about.  He started by stating some nice facts that since the...
13 Nov 2014
by THE

The Series History: Ohio State/Minnesota

Ohio State leads the overall series 43-7 and is 21-4 against the Gophers in Minneapolis. The Buckeyes have won eight straight in the series and 23 of the last 24 games. The Series History Crib Notes Ohio State has won 12 consecutive games in Minnesota. Ohio State is 4-0 agains...
12 Nov 2014
by Remy

Don't forget #5

By all accounts, JT Barrett is having an amazing season leading the scarlet and grey. Records are going to fall, baring injury, and there is still a chance at a run at some post season hardware. It seems like the entire state of Ohio is clamoring for all things JT. However, I can't help but wonder i...
12 Nov 2014
by osugreg04

The Rundown: No. 8 Ohio State at No. 25 Minnesota

THE RUNNING START TV: Saturday, Noon ABC Ohio State leads the series 43-7 and is 20-4 when visiting Minneapolis. Minnesota is coming into this contest with a 7-2 record and an impressive 51-14 win over Iowa. Throughout the history of the series, the Buckeyes win by an average score of 31-13. ...
11 Nov 2014
by Remy

A Veteran's Day Story

Amid all the dual quarterback talk and playoff hoopla, it's good to stop and think about more important things.  My Dad, 84 years old and a huge Buckeye fan, is also a veteran of the Korean War--a thankless war, similar to Vietnam without protests and flower children.  He recently was...
11 Nov 2014
by Jonnferrell

Blind Pick 'Em: Buckeye QBs

So, I've been listening to a lot of talk about J.T. Barrett. Several pundits have criticized him for "not being Braxton" and so forth. But, in truth he's been having a pretty great year (even including the VT loss and PSU game). Last night the narrative started to shift t...
09 Nov 2014
by Myc24

TBDBITL forced to stand on the sideline at MSU?

Hi everyone.  My dad, my father-in-law and I went the the OSU/MSU game last night.  I took the picture in the YouTube video above.  It shows the Michigan State band seated in the stands beyond the far endzone and the OSU Marching Band standing on the sideline with the team.  ...
09 Nov 2014
by Menexenus

The Ohio State Effect: Michigan State

Another week and another weak opponent gets its stats stuffed.  Ohio State went to East Lansing and defeated the Spartans 49-37. Despite losing the turnover margin by two, the Buckeyes still won by double digits. How did Ohio State fare on the statistical scoreboard? Total dominatio...
09 Nov 2014
by Remy

Nov. 8th...

Ohio State was Wisconsin's Daddy on 11-8-1969 when the Buckeyes won 62-7 Three Things November 8th: Ohio State is 1-0 against Michigan State on Nov. 8. Ohio State has won seven-straight games played on November 8th. The Buckeyes won those games by an average score of 41-14. 200...
07 Nov 2014
by Remy

The Series History: Ohio State/Michigan State

Time to play like it's 2012 Ohio State leads the series 28-14 and is 14-5 against Michigan State in East Lansing.  The Buckeyes have won 8 of the last 10 in the series and have out-scored the Spartans 282-170 in those games. That is an average of 28-17. Las...
06 Nov 2014
by Remy