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Comment 13 hours ago

Thanks, Ramzy.  Just when I was beginning to wonder if maybe I was getting a little too wrapped up in this stuff - you set my mind at ease.

Plus, pretty much any reference to We're the Millers will make me chuckle -

Comment 13 hours ago

I forget who it was - who after having his name dragged through the mud over what was eventually proven to be a false accusation - famously asked:  "Where do I go to get my reputation back?"

Comment 15 hours ago

With any luck at all, we're looking at another fifteen games season.  And as we build early leads on teams, we'll play a lot of nickel.  They'll both get plenty of playing time - no matter who starts -

Comment 16 hours ago

Great comment, ChicagoBuckeye.  The coaches are going to start the players they feel give the team the best chance to win

Comment 16 hours ago

I really don't like vague accusations like this.  Even if it ends up being true - which it probably won't (if it's like most posts of this nature).  If it isn't true, they're dragging these young men's names initials through the mud for no reason.

Name a source - or preferrably, two.  And name names.  If they can't do that then it's probably not worthy of creating a post about it -

Comment 17 hours ago

That's a very good observation, Bigbuckeyes.  Braxton had to watch his classmates go out with a NC - and then off to the NFL.  That had to be tough.

But at the same time, that's just that much more motivation for this season -

Comment 17 hours ago

Agreed, Wojodta.  If they're going to base the countdown only on the finish, then they should replay only the finish -

Comment 28 Jul 2015

The first couple of things are the same for every season (every game, too).  Injuries and turnovers,  No team can survive too much of either if they're at the wrong place and at the wrong time. 

Connected to the injuries issue is depth.  This team is extremely deep at most positions, but not everywhere.  There are concerns regarding depth at corner, defensive tackle and tight end.

I'm not terribly worried about Coach Beck.  He was the guy Ed Warriner wanted - and that's good enough for me.  Besides, it's still really UFM's offense, in any case. 

I know everybody's probably tired of hearing it - but overconfidence could easily become a factor if our guys perform as well as I'm expecting right out of the blocks this season.

Sometimes, plain ol' dumb luck is another factor.  It seems nearly every national championship team has a tight game in which a lucky bounce (or something) comes their way and saves the season -

Comment 28 Jul 2015

You got it.  And you're right about the skill position talent.  This would be one way to get more of our super-versatile players in to the mix.  I look back at what the coaches were doing during spring practice - and I'm wondering if something like this isn't being considered -

Comment 28 Jul 2015

Yeah - that's why I mentioned that there's a semantics aspect to this.  The most important thing being, that from the opposing defense's point of view, we would, indeed, have two H-backs on the field at once.  By splitting them both wide, pre-snap, the defense would have no way of knowing, however, which one is going to actually fulfill that role on a given play until the very last second.

We could call it whatever we want.  But the bottom line is, we have to have players who are just as threatening from H or z.  If we're taking a step down at either position by doing this - it's not going to work. 

That's what makes our position this season so unique.  We may have several players who could pull it off -