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Comment 4 hours ago

Hard to argue with that.  The really cool part was - it wasn't just Urbz - it was the whole staff. 

Coach Herman was a deserving winner of the Assistant Coach of the Year award.  Coach Marotti was named the top Strength and Conditioning Coach in the country.  And all Coach Ash did was take the nation's 110th-ranked pass defense (from 2013) and transform them in to the 16th best unit in that category last season. 

Not too shabby -

Comment 4 hours ago

I just realized how well named Landon Collins was.  Just watched him try to tackle Cardale and "Landon" his ass. 

Thanks, Eddie -

Comment 4 hours ago

Helga - I said the wobbly wheels won't start to fall off until after the loss at Utah.  I'd agree that the wheels probably won't be absolutely flying off the Hypebaugh express until a little later on.

Although, I've heard and read comments from some of the more delusional skunkweasels indicating they'll expect nothing less than a 10-11 win season and a shot at the play-off in Coach Whack-a-doodle's first season.  So, ya never know -

Comment 5 hours ago

Virginia Tech may have the best pair of starting corners in college footballt.  Their defensive ends are excellent, also.  And as we know all too well, they're very well coached.

It's the opener, so those crafty old coaches will have had all summer to gameplan against us.  They'll be at home on a Monday night on national television, playing the defending champions.  I'd be surprised if this isn't going to be the biggest game in the history of their program.

They are going to give us a fight.

Other than their defensive backs and those defensive ends, I don't think they have the talent to hang with us very long, though.  And we have a pretty darn good coaching staff of our own.

Defensively, I think they'll be able to disrupt our offense a bit.  But offensively, I think they're going to have big problems matching up with our defense, especially,  at the beginning of its second season under Coach Ash.  Other than something lucky - or a garbage time score, it could be a virtual shut-out.

I'm thinking something in the neighborhood of 28-10 -

Comment 5 hours ago

Agreed, 3M.  Gotta give the edge to the only 'healthy' candidate - until that situation changes.  Right now, it looks like J.T. will be 100% for fall camp, but the jury is obviously still out on Braxton.

I'm also good with Urbz' choice - no matter who it ends up being -

Comment 6 hours ago

Thanks Bigbuckeye.  A sensible comment on the situation.  Yesterday, Urbz mentioned that Braxton is throwing it thirty-five yards now.  Sure - that's progress from where he was, but that's a long, long way from competing for the starting quarterback position at this level.  And that competition begins in only two months. 

Even if he's feeling confident that he'll be fully recovered by the beginning of fall camp, why would he transfer?  The last time all three quarterbacks were healthy, Braxton was the clear favorite.  Of course, a lot has happened since then, but I doubt Braxton at 100% is afraid of even top tier competition.

Plus, I imagine he's lickin' his chops at the prospect of quarterbacking this offense.  Where else is he gonna go where he can play behind a line like the "Slobs", throw to receivers like Michael, Nick, Jalin, Dontre and Corey - and run the option wih a back like Zeke?  And - oh, by the way - he already knows this offense.

Plus, we're going to have a defense that'll keep giving the ball back to him.

Besides, he's a Buckeye.  He's not going anywhere -

Comment 7 hours ago

It's the "should never play a contact sport again", part of your comment that has me concerned, Itwasme.  You read all this stuff about him moving to H-back or something if he can't play quarterback. 

Urbz is adamant about his H-backs and wide receivers being fierce blockers.  They get tackled once in a while, too.

Unless you're a kicker, playing football with a bad shoulder is a real problem -

Comment 7 hours ago

I'm of the same school of thought, DJ.  If Braxton is 100% healthy in time to compete for the position in fall camp, he's the favorite.  But that's a huge "if". 

And if he isn't, the quarterback situation isn't the three-headed-monster everybody's been talking about.  Never really was -

Comment 7 hours ago

Fortunately, we don't play the same caliber of football they do, either

Comment 7 hours ago

As long as Tennessee keeps a strong connection with the Browns, we probably won't have to worry about seeing the Volunteers in the play-off -

Comment 29 May 2015

Good point, Devout.  The Hokies were hit hard by injuries after our game.  Who knows how their season might have gone otherwise. 

I expect a very hard fought game from them in the opener, at night, on their home field, against the defending national champions.  They are well-coached and they may have the best pair of starting cornerbacks in the country. Two very fine defensive ends, too.

I really like how our defense matches up with their offense, though.  Plus, this season, they won't be catching us in only our second game under a new defensive system.

I think they'll be good enough to disrupt our offense a bit.  But I also think our defense will practically shut them out.  Maybe something along the lines of 28-10 -

Comment 29 May 2015

I'd agree, Gobucks  That's probably a good guess, especially considering his size.  I'd have to see him start.  A forty is little more than a sprinter's start.  But he could be a guy who closes fast in the 100.  That might also explain his first in the 200 heat. 

But anybody running an 11.1 100 meters, has got to be capable of running an impressive 40, in any case -