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Comment 4 hours ago

I was ok with Penn State years ago.  Not so much since the Sandusky business.  They should be crushed without mercy -

Comment 6 hours ago

Gotta remember to stop calling it ''Free Shoes University'' - and start calling it ''Forced Sex University''.  I'd better get with the times.  We can still call them the Criminoles, I trust?

Leave it to good ol' Harley to make a knowledgeable, well-reasoned analysis.  Spot on as usual.  I wonder - if the play-off system had started in 2013 - would the participants in the final have been Auburn and FSU?

I never really thought the quarterback situation was the three headed monster some have suggested.  You're right.  We needed three to get through the season - and post season - last year.  Who's to say that wouldn't be the case again?

I would only add to your comments about complacency - that in addition to Urbz and the regular coaches, Tim Kight's group seems to have been helpful so far.  Perhaps they'll be able to contribute in this regard as well.  (And that's a big admission coming from one who normally agrees with the classic description of a consultant:  "A consultant is a fellow who knows a hundred different ways to make love.  But he doesn't know any women")

I figured that if Ed Warriner and Urbz are ok with Beck, he must be a decent coach.  But thanks for the extra detail.

Finally, good catch on the Agnew quote.  It's rare for me to quote the former VP.  On second thought - check that - I have been known to say, "I didn't do it " -

Comment 7 hours ago

If it had still been the the old BCS - system apparently, Alabama would have played Florida State in the national championship game.  Ohio State would have played Oregon in a relatively meaningless Rose Bowl.  So yes - we should be happy with the play-off system.

Comment 7 hours ago

I thought the same thing about Lee and Powell.  It even crossed my mind that may have been a Kight/Meyer/Marotti-inspired thing.  Kind of symbolizing a return to the grind -

Comment 7 hours ago

I don't know about you, Cinserious - but in a strange way, I'm kind of glad ESPiN has TCU ranked ahead of us already.  Being disrespected by a major media outlet like them could be used as motivation for a team that just won it all -

Comment 8 hours ago

Having lived in Cocoa Beach for a while, I'm familiar with Cocoa HS athletics.  Most of the Cocoa Beach athletes are Kelly Slater wannabes - so their interscholastic sports suffer.  If you want to see decent HS football - you make the short drive to Cocoa.

Jamel is the epitome of what we're looking for in a student athlete.  Hopefully, he can open up a pipeline to a fine high school program.  There is a great deal of talent floating around central Florida -

Comment 8 hours ago

Braxton has never suggested he's transferring.  He left that to others.  He did say that he has to get his shoulder right, first.  I see no reason to doubt him.  And let's all hope he is able to eventually get his shoulder right.  But it may take a while -

Comment 22 hours ago

Well put, Hovenaut.  I felt every reason we would not repeat was seriously flawed.  I  think I  may have been concerned that it was because of a Buckeye bias on my part -

That's why I wanted to see what some 11Wers like you thought -

Comment 22 hours ago

Yes, S.L.  I pointed out where I thought the logic was flawed, too.  On a positive note, I like some of the reasons I'm already seeing for why we will repeat -