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Comment 1 hour ago

Agreed.  Navy proved nothing because they didn't pass much and Kent state proved nothing because - well - they're Kent State.

Virginia Tech had waaaay too much success, especially in critical third down situations, for there to be a whole lotta confidence that the Buckeye pass defense has improved all that much.

The Cincinnati game should be a good indicator of where things stand.

Based on the Toledo score, the OSU offense should score frequently but after last season, everyone knows how problematic a poor pass defense can be as the competition gets tougher.

Besides - anytime the other team has a quarterback named Gunner, there's good reason to be a little nervous.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

It was touched on briefly - and with all due respect to Joe Germaine - wouldn't it be even better if he ends up being compared to Rex Kern or Craig Krenzel?

The players and coaches all talk about his natural leadership abilities.  It seems that kind of talent may be more likely to bring another national championship to Columbus.

J.T. Barrett may or may not wind up with tremendous stats.  Who's gonna care about that when he leads the Buckeyes to a championship.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Once upon a time - before freshmen were eligible to play (what was then called) Division1 football - there was a Buckeye team featuring a roster full of sophomores.  They were very talented - but being only sophomores, they had never played a single down of college ball.

Many of the comments above are eerily reminiscent of what was being said of that squad. Comments like: "Can't wait until next year - when these guys get a little experience under their belts", etc.

The sophomore quarterback of that team didn't have a cannon for an arm - nor was he the fastest man on the field.  But he was a natural leader, he was cool under pressure, he was intelligent, he was an accurate passer, and he was an elusive runner.

The team was coached by a fellow who had won some national championships a few years earlier.

Sound familiar?

This year's team may not achieve the same level of success as the 1968 "Super Sophs" - they can't go undefeated - but it's way too early to give up on this season.

Ohio State has an intrigueing history in a similar situation.

Oh - and speaking of "Youts" - - - That team up north is playing Utah this saturday.  Go Utes!

Comment 17 Sep 2014

"Fix the problem - not the blame" - - - Confucius

The summit of the learning curve for these youngsters may be realized more quickly than many think.  Urban Meyer has a great track record of getting his young players up-to-speed quickly - especially quarterbacks.

While it's agreed the pieces are all in place for great success over the next few years - there's no need to lose hope for this season, yet.

The B1G is quite winnable for this squad.  And who knows - this could be one of those seasons in which many of the early national favorites stub their toes here and there.  Hey it happened to us - it happened to Georgia - you never know - this is college football, after all.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Yes!  What is wrong with winning as a team?  Besides, if this Buckeye squad doesn't have a particular "identity" - but is pretty darn good at everything - won't that make it more difficult for opponents to game plan against them?

An offense that can score in a variety of ways - and a defense that can shut down the opposition's running and passing game - that would be a nice identity to have, indeed.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Gotta get that offensive line up to speed so he can realize that potential. 

But that goes for all the guys with "skill at the skilled positions where guys have great skill sets". 

By the way, as Buckeyes, everyone should hope Brady Hoke does just well enough to keep his job.  What an idiot.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Instead of comparing J.T. Barrett to Braxton Miller or any of the other former Buckeye quarterbacks mentioned - wouldn't it be nice if he ends up being compared to Craig Krenzel or Rex Kern - Ohio State's last two national championship winning quarterbacks?

As with those championship qbs, the coaches and players are all raving about Barrett's natural leadership abilities - something BM had to work on, incidentally.  Also like Krenzel and Kern, he's apparently very cool under pressure - and extemely smart. 

Ok, he doesn't run a 4.3 forty like Miller did - he's really not a bad runner - he's just not the same threat to take it to the house.  And while he doesn't have the arm strength BM had, he's already showing signs of being a much more accurate passer.  Which is more important?

With the loss to Virginia Tech, a scenario in which the Buckeyes wind up back in the play-off discussion seems highly unlikely at this point.  Nobody outside of Columbus was expecting the 1968 or the 2002 squads to be championship material three games in to those seasons either.

This could be the kind of year in which most of the early favorites endure a loss or two before it's all said and done.  If the offensive line can get it's act together - and the pass defense plays better against quality opponents (especially on third down) than it did against the Hokies - everything else is in place for a potentially great season.

And that begins with J.T. Barrett's promising development.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

After all the build-up surrounding Chris Ash's new press coverage schemes, nobody could be blamed for being disappointed by saturday's performance.

Giving up a third and seventeen conversion deep in VT territory was a particular heartbreaker.

But as it's been pointed out, there are alot of young players in the defensive backfield - so a little patience is warranted.

Also, keep in mind this defense has been playing without one of it's top players.  With the return of Noah Spence, opposing quarterbacks will have a liitle less time to pick apart that inexperienced secondary.

This coaching staff should be able to turn things around - both defensively and offensively.  Let's just hope they can do it in time to salvage the season.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

That was a nice, informative piece.  Thank you!

The bottom line remains the same, though.  The o-line has to really step up this week and the new coverage schemes need to be effective.

Barrett looked pretty good in the opener.  Everything else seems to be in place for success.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Leading rusher:

Barrett - 127

All the other rushers will be sharing reps.  VT will try to force J.T. to carry the load - and they'll regret it.


VT - 16   ---   OSU - 24

Beamer, Foster, etc. will slow the Buckeyes down a bit.  Ohio State will slow the Hokies down more - three field goals and one TD

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Good to see the "OR" removed from all the offensive line positions this week.  Gotta give those guys a chance to "gel" together.  They have to play well against that always tough, well coached Virginia Tech defense - or iot could be a long night..

Comment 02 Sep 2014

The future is bright at linebacker. 

Lee had a nice first start - his back-up, Chris Worley isn't far behind.  Perry's going to be scary-good this year and McMillan's still waiting for his turn.  Hearing good things about Booker, too.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

It would be great to see him finally live up to all that potential on a consistent basis. He still could become a star player.

Perhaps, pairing up with J.T. Barrett will help him get there.  Last saturday may have been the beginning of something big.

Hopefully, the o-line will play well enough to allow that to happen

Comment 02 Sep 2014

It's not like the polls don't matter at all any more.  Members of the new selection committee will probably consider the polls when they make their choices for the final four. 

It wouldn't be good if Ohio State falls much further.  After all, sitting at number five at the end of the season could be a problem.

Having said that - it is awfully early - and if the Buckeyes keep winning these things should take care of themselves.

Besides, if this team has the kind of character they appear to have, a bit of disrespect in the polls may provide a little extra psychological edge.

Not to worry -

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Realistically, it's hard to argue with being ranked behind Michigan Sate right now.  The last time the two teams met - at a neutral site - Sparty won by ten points.  OSU had a veteran offensive line, a bruising NFL calibur running back and the B1G Player of the Year at quarterback.  As everyone knows they're all gone, now.  This year's new bunch didn't do much in week one to impress the voters.

An argument can be made, though, that none of that really matters.  First of all - this year's team will have an entirely different look.  There will be no speed demon with a cannon for an arm at quarterback - but the Buckeye faithful had to like what they saw from J.T. Barrett in the opener - calm, cool and collected - only one glaring error.

The new o-line started out rather shakily as many expected it would, but seemed to play better as the second half progressed.  Because of the inconsistent line play, Barrett was not able to put the speed he's surrounded by on full display - but there were flashes of it.

The major weakness of last year's team - that awful pass defense - has, hopefully, been addressed.  If so, this team could be very special - because it seems to truly be a team.  The players' reaction to Miller's injury was quite impressive.  It appears to have helped them pull together.

In that regard, perhaps the lower the expectations are from the pollsters - the better - at least, in the early going.  They still have to be in the top four at the end of the season, after all.

But if Michigan State beats Oregon saturday - and if both MSU and OSU keep winning - the Buckeye's will have the opportunity to impress the voters when it really counts - in November.

Let 'em disrespect us now.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Everyone has known all along that the offensive line could be a source of concern this season.  While a better performance against Navy might have been expected, they did seem to improve as the game progressed.  The coaches may be able to build on that this week.

On the other hand, considering the circumstances, J.T. Barrett's debut was impressive. If he's as intelligent as they say, it should be no problem opening up the playbook a bit more now that he has a game under his belt.

Virginia Tech boasts two of the best cornerbacks in college football.  OSU's wide-outs may have a tough night. 

Look for more production from the H-backs, the tight ends and, of course, the running backs.  That is assuming the o-line holds up their end of the deal.

If they're able to get the ball to the skill position players in space, the Buckeyes' team speed should overwhelm the Hokies.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

It only makes sense that Dontre Wilson must be effective in order to have very many chances to be spectacular.  Hey - if he's not effective, Jalin Marshall may end up playing H-back.  He looked pretty good with his limited opportunities, too. 

This team is absolutely loaded with speed.  There are several Buckeyes who could have spectacular seasons.

Nobody's going to look very spectacular, however, if that youthful offensive line doesn't play better against the Hokies.  Virginia Tech always plays tough defense and the Beamer/Foster braintrust must be licking their chops watching saturday's game film - especially the first half.

Fortunately for Ohio State, the line play seemed to improve as the game progressed.  They should be able to build on that momentum.

That would be welcome news for Dontre, J.T., Ezekial, Jeff, Devin, Evan, etc

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Early on, the inexperienced offensive line lived down to expectations.  The Buckeye faithful who were hoping for the best from those youngsters, had their worst fears realized - until the second half.  It was evident that things were starting to click more and more as the game progressed.

They're going to need to build on that momentum - quickly.  Defensively, Virginia Tech is always tough.  Beamer and Foster must be licking their chops watching this game footage.

The bad news is they're going to blitz alot - hoping to capitalize on the situation.

The good news is they're going to blitz alot - giving the Buckeyes opportunities to break big plays.  That is, provided the o-line picks up those blitzes well enough for Barrett and company to take advantage of them.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

It's good to hear the Buckeyes are well prepared for the Midshipmen's unorthodox system but injuries may be the greater concern.  As badly as Ohio State has been bitten by the injury bug already, it's particularly unfortunate that Navy is on the schedule this year. 

All that cut blocking has a tendency to take a toll on opposing defenses.  And since any kind of a championship run is likely to be led by the defense this season, getting dinged up right off the bat could really hurt - in more ways than one.

The Middies shouldn't catch OSU napping this time around - its the following weeks the Buckeyes may need to worry about.