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Comment 1 hour ago

Yeah, Koz.  It's conceivable that may have had something to do with Gibson's move to wide receiver.  Accuracy was not his strongest suit - but the same could be said of Wallace at this point in his career. 

Based on our qb recruiting targets, I'm wondering how committed UFM really is to the change in offensive philosophy long term.  Even our current "pro-style" guys (Cardale and Joe Burrow) are capable runners.  And as you point out - Collier and Clark look like dual threat guys who may be better passers than most kids in that category -

Comment 2 hours ago

Interesting stuff.  There's certainly more than enough blame to go around for our offense's lackluster performances.  I believe the quarterback often gets too much credit when things are going right - so it would be somewhat hypocritical of me to say our problems can be laid entirely at Cardale's feet now.

However, it would be also be foolish to suggest he's been playing well.  Most of those missed opportunities with wide open receivers were on him and nobody else.  There's really no other way to realistically look at those particular plays. 

So, when we add those missed opportunities to all of the other mistakes being made by the rest of the offense - that's how you end up with narrow escapes from teams with weak defenses - like Indiana.

If it was such an easy fix, UFM would have fixed it by now -

Comment 3 hours ago

Danny Clark is an interesting kid.  At first, I wasn't too crazy about the self-proclaimed "prototype" business.  But everything else about him seems so level-headed and positive, I've become a fan.  I love to hear how much he's working on improving his skills - as a Junior in high school.

As it becomes more evident UFM is making some significant adjustments to our offense this season, it's going to become more and more interesting to follow Danny's progress with his passing game. 

After all, if we're going to proceed with more of a pro-style approach, we're going to need more pro-style quarterbacks to run it -

Comment 3 hours ago

Good point, Dublin68.  In fact, this comment stood out to me: 

With the addition of Chris Ash to Fickell's defensive staff, the two helped the unit improve immensely last season

I was under the impression Ash and Fickell were co-coordinators.  The biggest difference between our miserable pass defense in 2013 and what we're seeing now was the introduction of Ash's scheme. 

Don't get me wrong - Fickell and the rest of the defensive coaches have done a tremendous job of adjusting to Ash's defensive philosophy.  But it seems to me, this is at least as much Ash's defense as it is Fickell's -

Comment 3 hours ago

Interesting observations, Koz.  I'm not sure how much of the difference can be attributed exclusively to the difference between Cardale vs JT, though. 

A lot of fans like to think defenses back off the line of scrimmage when Cardale is at QB - that sounds sensible enough - but the actual play on the field doesn't really back that up.  Most of Zeke's biggest runs were as big as they were because so many defenders were playing close to the line of scrimmage - not further back. 

Think about it:  If the safeties had been playing further back, one or both of them would have had a better angle on Zeke - potentially keeping those plays from being quite as big as they were.  Until Cardale starts connecting with the deep ball more consistently, we're going to keep seeing this.  We have to throw them out of it - and so far, we haven't been able to do that.

I'd agree with your basic premise, however.  We have become somewhat dependent on the big play.  Sure, some of that is due to the break-but-don't-bend philosophy d-coordinators like Bud Foster are using against us.  Who can blame them?  It's kind of a pick your poison thing - and sometimes it works. 

But 370 of our 570 yards verses Virginia Tech were from those 10 plays of 20 yards or more that you pointed out.  No matter how you look at it, that's living dangerously.  Especially, when you factor in all the penalties and turnovers -

Comment 5 hours ago

I agree with that comment Nutty - except for one part.  Jalin does not have quite what you'd call "game-changing speed".  Sure - he's a tremendous athlete and he's very quick - but he is not one of our fastest wide receivers. 

On his first fumble Saturday - while he was looking for a few extra yards (as he should) - an IU player stripped the ball from behind.  You could kinda see it coming.  Members of my little group were screaming at the TV for him to put the ball away before it happened.

Certainly, that could have happened to anybody (no matter how fast they are) who wasn't being careful with the ball - but the fastest guys obviously don't have to worry about it happening from behind quite as much.  "High and tight" should be the rule of thumb in any case -

Comment 5 hours ago

Good point about the improvements.  Two in key areas come to mind immediately:  The interior line play on both sides of the ball has improved quite a bit. 

However, after the Maryland game, we'll be half-way through the regular season.  And if we don't clean up these self-inflicted wounds - there may not be a post-season -

Comment 5 hours ago

I see your point Chuck.  I believe UFM is doing what he's doing for a couple of reasons.  First of all, teams were getting better at defending against the zone read.  Secondly, our quarterbacks were taking a lot of hits. 

The problem I see is that we take even the threat of a truly dangerous option out of the game by not playing JT.  And we are obviously having some understandable issues with the transition -

Comment 6 hours ago

Campbell has been injured.  He missed most of the Western Michigan game and all of the Indiana game.  Prior to that, UFM said he was quite pleased with his blocking.  We really shouldn't let a drop in the opener cloud our judgement. 

It's not exactly like Cardale was hitting him in the numbers and he wasn't performing vs Hawaii and Northern Illinois.  He's a very good blocker and he's our fastest wide receiver.  When he returns, I think he is still our best hope to fill a key need -

Comment 21 hours ago

Well - at least the UT fans aren't talking quite as much smack now as they were before the season began.  They were starting so sound somewhat Michigan-like with their pre-season boasts -

Comment 22 hours ago

If we continue to struggle with turnovers and penalties this week, a little panic would be understandable.  At that point, we'd be half-way through the regular season - and still looking nothing like a play-off team, offensively -

Comment 22 hours ago

Pretty sure Marshall has moved predominantly to wide receiver now.  Miller is still playing H-back.  Wilson is playing a little of both, though - but I think the coaches still like Marshall a bit better at wr than him.  When Campbell returns, that could change if Marshall continues to struggle with ball security -

Comment 23 hours ago

How many times have you heard coaches say it?  Turnovers and penalties! 

On any given play, it only takes one mistake by one player for it to result in disaster.  That's part of what makes college football so frustrating.  But it's also part of what makes it such a great team sport.

Nobody expects a mistake-free game.  But if we can just cut those critical errors in half, for instance - we're looking at blow-outs as opposed to squeakers.

We weren't beaten physically at all at Indiana.  It wasn't even a lack of focus by the team as a whole.  UFM seems optimistic about our chances of putting a smoother effort together.  I thought that would have happened by now - but there's still no reason to give up hope -

Comment 24 hours ago

Last season Kyle (I think) did an article on "constraint plays".  Plays that keep defenses ftom keying in too much to what you do well offensively. 

But really - that's just another way of saying the same thing.  The constraint play won't work terribly well unless you catch them over-compensating.  It's still taking what the defense is giving you -

Comment 05 Oct 2015

As I'm sure you're aware - it only takes one player to commit a turnover or a penalty.  A great effort by the remaining ten players can be nullified in an instant.  I am very encouraged by the way the coaches are grading so many of the other players out -

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Will Campbell be ready to play this week?  Did I miss somebody saying that?  I agree - we really need him asap -