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Comment 17 hours ago

"MMan's pseudo-intellectualization couldn't cover up the essential truth":  You forgot a word, Harley -

Oh and isn't admission to Missedagain's spring game free?

Not much of a "deal" -

Comment 18 hours ago

In my experience with Ol' Miss fans they tend to have a pretty good handle on things.  Not much of a 'fair weather fan' thing going on with them.  The ones I know were true blue before their team became relevant.  Fun to tailgate with, too -

Comment 18 hours ago

Interesting comparisons, North.  I would only say that while Burrow may not be the bruising runner Tebow was coming out of high school, he looks like he may be a much better passer already.  It'll be intersting to see how he does at the next level -

Comment 19 hours ago

The 2016 class just keeps getting even more amazing.  Could Rashan Gary be next?

Comment 21 hours ago

Although I disagree with with the premise - (J.T. is smart enough to know that quarterbacks do better at the next level if they stay in college for four years - and he'll be a redshirt junior in 2016) - this is still an interesting topic.  Hey - there's gonna be a new starter eventually, so this would have worked as a topic if it was about 2017, as well. 

So in 2017, I think our quarterback will be Joe Burrow.  I keep going back and forth between Torrance Gibson and Burrow - but right now I'm thinking it'll be Burrow. 

It could be kind of like what we're experiencing with Barrett and Jalin Marshall now.  They both played quarterback in high school, but one is more athletic and the other is a better passer/decision maker.  I really like both Burrow and Gibson from a leadership perspective, by the way.

I think we'll see Jalin throwing the ball more often this season from his H-back spot, incidentally -

Comment 24 hours ago

I was going to say almost exactly the same thing, Birm.  But since I can't give your comment an up-vote - a hearty "Spot on!" will have to do -

Comment 24 hours ago

Great observation, Bama.  We may see the philosophy behind the 2,000 rep club play out in various ways throughout the year. 

Fortunately, our team is one of the few with the kind of depth necessary to accomodate such a club - and, of course, a coach savvy enough to recognize the need for it.

Individual stats and awards may take a bit of a hit in order for us to play at a high level all season - particularly toward the finish line.  I'll take championships over individual honors every time.  And I'm certain a team of full of "ginders" probably feels the same way -

Comment 28 Mar 2015

Nice work again, Remy.

It seems as though anyone who approaches Archie's record will probably be doing so just as they're about to bolt for the NFL.

However, if a guy like Kareem Walker could come in and take the position over as a true freshman - in Urbz' offense, it could happen.  I'm picking Kareem because he has impressed me so much already as an outstanding young man.

As everyone knows, Zeke is leaving after next season. 

By the time the 2016 season hits, Kareem should have the combination of size, power, speed and smarts that would be required to overtake such a record. 

Plus - if we're going to continue to (hopefully) play fifteen game seasons, over the course of three years, he could fall a little short of 100 yards in a game here or there and still break the record - before he leaves as a junior, too -

Comment 28 Mar 2015

Spot on, Chase.  I was surprised when I read that about Hubbard, too.  It was a good source, though - as in, one of the writers here (and no - I don't remember which one). 

The coaches don't sound like they're too sold on Baugh.  And with Noah Brown shedding nearly twenty pounds in the off-season (I'm assuming to work on his speed at wide receiver or H-back) - we could have a major need at tight end.

Don't get me wrong - I think we have one of the finest tight ends in the country with Nick Vannett.  But we ask a lot of our tight ends - and fifteen games (hopefully) is a long season.  Even if Baugh does step up, we still may have an issue with depth at that position -

Comment 28 Mar 2015

If I had to pick a guy who could come from 'out of nowhere' and blow-up that list, it would be Paris Campbell.  I'm not even sure where they're going to play him yet - but I hear he may be one of the most explosive guys on the roster. 

If that's true, Urbz will find a way to get him the ball -

Comment 28 Mar 2015

You have to give a lot of credit to the coaches, too.  Luke Fickell for spotting the the potential and persuading Urbz to bring him aboard - and Chris Ash - the Walk-out linebacker is evolving under his system to an almost hybrid kind of position.  In fact, I think a parallel could be made to the H-back on offense

I don't think it's an accident that both Lee and (his back-up) Worley started out as safeties.  And that reminds me - the strength and conditioning staff should get some credit for bulking these guys up without diminishing their speed, as well -

Comment 28 Mar 2015

Over a 15 game season, 60 carries is only four a game.  That's do-able.

Woodi brings up a good point, though.  I don't see Dontre Wilson mentioned in these predictions. 

Besides the injury, has there been some sort of change in his status?  He should be back to 100% by fall camp - right?