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Comment 8 hours ago

Steele certainly has a different point of view than a lot of other preseason prognosticators when it comes to Clemson and Florida State.  And look at Washington up there ahead of Stanford in the Pac-12. 

Interestingly enough, he has two pairs of teams in his top 5 who'll play eachother in late October/early November.  Clemson-FSU and Alabama-LSU.  Of course, we'll be playing his #3 team, Oklahoma, in September, as well. 

I don't know if he's more accurate than any of the others - but I like the way Steele goes about things.  Always a great deal of detail.  His is one of the preseason mags I usually pick-up. 

Having said that, I'll believe a Jones-coached Tennessee team belongs in the top-7 when I see it.  I believe Smart will get everything he can out of Georgia in his first year and win the SEC East - only to get spanked by 'Bama in the SEC championship game. 

I'm OK with where Steele has us.  And it looks like I'm in good company in thinking the excessive preseason hype over Michigan is largely unwarranted. 

By the way - if you subscribe to the theory that the play-off will continue to consist of only Power-5 conference champions, we should make it in this season according to his projected order of finish (by conference). 

I look forward to reading how he came to his conclusions.  Thanks for posting, Benwin -

Comment 9 hours ago

As much as Peppers has been over-hyped the last three offseasons - it seems to me, the same fan-base has under-hyped Lewis in comparison.  We're not just talking about "potential" with Lewis.  He already is one of the very best at what he does -

Comment 9 hours ago

Agreed, Rkylet.  Hard to just keep calling the same running plays over and over when we're getting manhandled at the LOS.  But it's also agreed - that's when the play-calling has to be at it's best. 

We paid a heavy price for becoming so one-dimensional in that game.  That's why UFM keeps talking about regaining some balance offensively this year -

Comment 9 hours ago

I believe the coaches are thinking it is indeed a lock he'll be 100% in plenty of time.  He may be already.  Plus, UFM said "He's going to play" when questioned on the subject.  Speaking of UFM - he's always going to play whoever he feels is the best player. 

I've heard Sam Hubbard is taking Nick under his wing as his back-up much like Joey did wiith Sam.  Holmes will back up Lewis - but he could play either position.  And I agree - Cooper's probably going to play some WDE, too. 

We're so deep at DE, it's insane.  IMO, that's why some of those redshirt freshmen you mentioned are looking at playing more DT than DE -

Comment 9 hours ago

I don't recall ever having a QB commit quite this actively involved in recruiting the rest of the class.  It was already a top class before he joined - but I have to think his presence is having an additional effect.

Of course, it helps that he's the top dual threat QB in his class - so a lot of the other elite recruits want to be on his team - but his efforts in this regard are remarkable. Keeping his own board, etc.  I kinda doubt leadership is going to be an issue with this kid -

Comment 25 Jun 2016

Great analysis, Allinosu.  They're breaking in a new quarterback, too - aren't they? 

I've had my eye on this one as well.  It's at Camp Randal.  There's the bye week - and revenge for 59-0 could indeed be a major motivator for them.

Plus, if we have an issue with talent this year, it's with big, run-stoppers at DT -

Comment 25 Jun 2016

While disparity is certainly not as great between us and UM as it would have been between Clemson and BC - it is appreciable.  For instance, UM's '15 class was ranked around 37th as I recall.  And Hoke was notorious for failing to properly develop the talent he did recruit. 

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but unless you know something everyone else who covers this sport doesn't, I don't find it very practical or objective.

Who is "everyone else"?  I am far from alone in this view.  The proof of that is in the approach most coaches take (including our own).  Again - there's a reason most hybrid SLBs are more like ours than Peppers (if a team has the personnel) -

Comment 25 Jun 2016

I believe the B1G is more likely to be adding schools than expelling them.  We should probably be thinking more of which schools we might be adding. 

And as Harley points out - we'd be kicking a traditional member of the conference to the curb if we got rid of Purdue.  There was a time when they were decent.  Who knows?  it could happen again.  Stranger things have happened -

Comment 25 Jun 2016

Only "borderline" creepy? -

Comment 25 Jun 2016

The only 3-star recruit in our '17 class is the kicker, Blake Haubeil (and from what I've seen of him, he's awesome).  Since they've been issuing "stars" - I don't believe I've ever seen a class comprised of nothing but 4 star recruits and above. 

In fact, it appears nearly all of our remaining targets are 5-stars - or at the very least, very high 4s.  No wonder this class is a potential record setter -

Comment 25 Jun 2016

I had an idea the B1G West was a bit of a joke compared to the East.  But I didn't realize quite how much of a joke until reading this.  The team I saw getting shellacked in the Rose Bowl by Stanford is the favorite to repeat?  Wow! 

We've had our issues visiting Wisky in years past - even when we've come in with clearly superior teams.  Can never sleep on that one, though -

Comment 25 Jun 2016

How could we not be happy about Davis? 

I didn't bring Peppers up, by the way.  The funny thing about him is - I don't really have anything against him as a player.  He hasn't been over-hyping himself the last three off seasons, after all. 

I think if they had just played him at DB where he really belongs, he'd be outstanding.  Possibly, a Vonn Bell-like safety - with an outstanding return game.  That's not what they have now. 

With him at SLB, UM's D is essentially going to be a 4-2-5.  So the real issue in some ways is really more one of semantics.  (All the more reason he shouldn't be on anyone's AA list as a linebacker) 

A lot of teams are going that route as they try to combat the spread-out, no-huddle, hurry up offenses that have been springing up everywhere in recent years.  That's fine - against most spreads. 

But I believe you'll find it'll be disasterous against a "spread to run power" offense like ours.  We're somewhat unique in that respect.  I'd say you'll see how that'll work when we play Oklahoma (another 4-2-5 D) - but as I was suggesting, they have a viable plan B for an offense like ours.  They'll just sub in a bigger SLB for anything other than obvious passing downs. 

Michigan, uncharacteristically, doesn't really have that option this year.  And if they try to help Peppers out by crowding the line, that's a very high-risk approach - especially, vs an experienced QB like JT.  Watson burned BC's defense last year when Brown tried it with Clemson.  

Of course, you're right.  I should stop beating my head against the proverbial wall and just let it go every time I read something by someone who clearly doesn't see it - or is unwilling to see it -

Comment 25 Jun 2016

By the time UFM hangs it up, we will have seen how Ash is doing as a head coach.  I think the future of our program might be better in his hands - or someone like him (a super-sharp younger coach) - than Dantonio or Stoops.  What Ash did with our defense in two years left me very impressed with him. 

I almost never listen to Finebaum - but he agreed with one of his guests the other day who was saying if Sumlin doesn't win at least nine (maybe ten) games this year he's history at Texas A&M.  Then they went over this season's schedule.  He's probably a dead man walkin'.  Of course, that's one of the jobs with which Herman's name is often associated -

Comment 25 Jun 2016

I'm of much the same opinion, AAB614.  Seems to me, in his first season playing strictly his own recruits, he's just getting things exactly how he wants them right now. 

Plus, by his own admission, he's uber-competitive.  I doubt he's gonna hang it up until he surpasses Saban. 

By the way, Old Nick is at least 103.  That whole Beelzebub thing tends to keep one looking younger than he really is -

Comment 24 Jun 2016

For one thing - that kid isn't over 6 feet tall.  I don't care how they have him "listed".  Second - are you actually trying to say you believe 208lbs isn't at least a little small for a linebacker? 

Since we've been playing a hybrid LB (our walk-out) - they've been at least 6'2", 225lbs (Lee and Worley).  In Brown's own description of the position in his system  - the typical run responsibilities of a 4-3 SLB are included. 

While it is a multiple front scheme - it's still a one gap philosophy, either way.  That means if Peppers is in that position when we run in his direction, he'll be tasked with his gap responsibility and defeating blocks from much, much larger players.  Who do you think is going to defend the run to the strong side if it isn't the SLB?  His position.  There's a reason linebackers (even hybrid linebackers) are bigger than defensive backs. 

I'm "hellbent on this narrative" because I believe it's potentially a major weakness in their defense against an offense like ours. I also think it's rather silly to give a glorified nickel preseason All America consideration at linebacker. 

However, I've also been very clear in saying I think Brown's scheme will probably be quite effective against some of the other offenses they'll face - just like it was in the ACC. 

We'll face a few teams this year that are going with a base 4-2-5 defense.  Which is essentially what we're talking about here.  But most of them have a viable plan B when they line up against a sound rushing offense.  It doesn't look like Michigan has that option this year.  There's almost no depth at linebacker - which is highly unusual for that program, incidentally. 

Much like any other team, I'm really mainly concerned with how they'll match-up with Ohio State, in any case.