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Comment 6 hours ago

Yep, CC.  If this Coker kid finally plays up to his potential, they could be set at QB.  Then their only glaring weakness would be their defensive backfield again.  And even that won't bite 'em too bad in the SEC West - it's a good division, but it's not exactly loaded with great passers. 

Good point about Georgia.  They do alway seem to find a way to screw things up -

Comment 12 hours ago

I don't know how anyone could manage to 'quietly' lead a national championship team in tackles, but Joshua Perry somehow managed to do it.  I can think of at least four or five guys on the defense that are getting more 'buzz'.

Just look at that series of photos showing his physical development.  The guy is the very image of a "grinder".  One of my favorite players on the team - and that's saying something.  I love this team  -

Comment 12 hours ago

I agree with much of the sentiment above.  I don't really care that much about the SEC.  I have noticed though, that a lot of the national gurus like Phil Steele, for example, have 'Bama as their pre-season favorite to win the SEC again.

I suppose, as long as Indiana stays in the B1G, Missouri has as good a chance as anybody to win the SEC East again -

Comment 12 hours ago

". . . wanted to take this chance to remind all not to be a moron when being a fan."

We can still be a moron the rest of the time, though.  Right?

Comment 14 hours ago

Remy did a piece on kickers several months ago.  Nuernberger was 100% on PATs.  I think he missed 7 field goal attempts, though.  And while that's not horrible, he missed them at very inopportune times.  He may have seemed to have been a little worse than he actually was. 

In fact, as I recall - if he could have cut his misses in half, he would have cracked the top ten seasons for a Buckeye kicker.  In other words, he won't have to improve that much to become an asset -

Comment 14 hours ago

Most of the money the B1G receives comes from television revenues, be it directly or indirectly - particularly, from football.  From that standpoint, both Maryland and Rutgers were at least, potentially huge additions. 

Those are some major television markets that were added to the mix - now the B1G just needs to develop some ratings there.  If Maryland becomes relevant in football, that'll help. 

It'll be interesting to see what happens next.  I think there's still a chance the Big-12 could disintegrate down the road.  Especially, if they continue to be shut out of the play-off.  The B1G might be able to pluck a plum or two out of that mess eventually, too

Comment 14 hours ago

You make a good point, Maka.  I read an article a while ago in which Bud Foster said they were worried about our tight end the whole night.  With those fine corners in man coverage and so many guys in the box, the opportunity for a big play to the tight end was almost always there, according to the man himself. 

He also knew we had a brand new redshirt freshman quarterback and a raw offensive line - so as we all witnessed, it was a smart gamble on his part.

I think Foster is going to try something different than the 'Bear' this time around.  He knows we'll be ready for it.  But he's still going to need to crowd the box somehow, or we'll just run it down their throats.  The Hokies' defensive front is small-ish by B1G standards. 

So, I think there will still be an oppotunity for a big game from Nick Vannett.  I see a big game for Jalin Marshall as well, by the way -

Comment 15 hours ago

Good point, Deacon.  He is very good at all of those things - and that's a rare combination.  I suppose, that's what makes him the best. 

And you're also right about a player needing to fit in and buy in.  I have a feeling Urbz is very honest with recruits about the kind of effort and selflessness he's going to expect (Ginders).  That's why I don't sweat it too much when an elite prospect sometimes indicates his visit didn't go well and chooses another program. 

Somebody here at 11W has picture of Jameis Winston shirtless that he contrasts with shots of Braxton and JT.  It's a dramatic example of what we're talking about.  I've seen the same thing done with the linebacker from Alabama, DePriest, and Joshua Perry.  The Grind isn't for everyone -

Comment 15 hours ago

Those odds for TCU might change a little when they lose to Minnesota in their opener.  At least, I'm hoping that will happen. 

I never paid too much attention to Baylor or TCU prior to last year - they never gave me much reason to.  But the incessant whining out of the Big-12 at the end of the season became very tiresome.  So now I'm rooting against them -

Comment 16 hours ago

Thanks, Kyle.  I know I must say it every time, but these film studies are among my favorite features on 11W.  And this is my favorite site, so that's really saying something. 

I love the way Urbz will set a defense up for a play by going a little against tendency and/or through the use of misdirection.  You've illustrated this very well in several of your previous pieces, also. 

On that fourth down play in the UM game, you can tell there was just enough hesitation throughout the defense to help set up the blocks and give our guys the advantage of a split second of time.  And sometimes, that's all it takes.  Plus, that safety flat-out vacating the hole where the play was going as he mirrored Vannett was a great visual. 

Another thing you pointed out that I think is often overlooked is our defensive play-calling.  I believe we picked up a real gem when Urbz hired Chris Ash.  The improvement of our pass defense over the course of his first year with the team was quite dramatic. 

It's going to be very interesting to see what he's able to do in his second season with a very talented bunch of players who, for the most part, already understand his system -

Comment 17 hours ago

It seems many fans have a tendency to think changing positions at the NFL level is easier than it really is.  As Mike points out in the article, there's a reason there are so few players who have done it successfully so far in to their careers. 

I'm not saying he can't do it by any means, but there are a lot of nuances to the position that have become second nature to guys like Brian Hartline or Dwayne Bowe, for example, who've been playing wide receiver their entire careers.  Things the average fan, apparently, doesn't think of.

For instance, how many open field blocks do you figure TP has made over the last four years?  Hartline and Bowe each undoubtedly made a whole lot more in their last game, alone.  And if you think that's an easy skill to master against NFL caliber defensive backs and/or linebackers, I can't help you.  That would be especially true for a guy who's been playing quarterback - where the coaches would have desperately tried to limit his contact throughout his career.

And that's just one critical skill he'll need that he's, by definition, years behind practically every other NFL receiver in developing. 

Back to college football for a second - - look at our situation.  We have a couple of young receivers who are just as fast - or faster - than Devin Smith.  Yet, we're still unsure who our next 'deep threat' will be.  There's just so much more to it than simply being a great athlete.

I really, really hope TP can do it.  It'll be amazing if he does.  But it isn't going to be easy -

Comment 19 hours ago

If we have a big early lead in a game, Urbz is going to pull Zeke - along with as many key players as he can. 

If we're as good offensively and defensively (and on special teams) as I think we're going to be, I think big early leads are not just possible, but even likely in more than half of our regular season games. 

Remember, this is the same coach who came up with the 2,000 Rep Club - and we're hoping for another fifteen game season.  Zeke may not get enough reps to compete with guys that are regularly playing entire games. 

Now, if we could convince Heisman voters to consider average yards per touch, that could make a dfference.  But that seems unlikely.  Unless something really weird happens, I think his chances of winning the Heisman may not be too good. 

I like his chances of winning another national championship, however, along with the rest of the team -

Comment 20 hours ago

We must have literally crossed paths back then, 3.  I didn't know Steve Myers extremely well, but he and I had several mutual friends.  One of them was a back-up tight end, John Smurda, who was a very close friend of mine at the time.  John didn't see a whole lot of action, but you may have heard the name.

Check that.  John didn't see a whole lot of action on the field, but he did date the homecoming queen for quite a while -


Comment 20 hours ago

Yes, 11B.  It'll be interesting to see if Urbz is willing to stick with those changes, which do take part of his offense away, in order to keep Cardale's ridiculouly strong arm in the game. 

That's also part of what will make the decision so difficult if Braxton does come back all the way.  When he's 100%, he also has a very strong arm.  It's not quite 'Cardale strong', but it's stronger than JTs. 

Let's also keep in mind, when they did the long ball competition during the spring game, Cardale threw it 74 yards - JT threw it 59.  None of these guys have a 'weak' arm -