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Comment 10 hours ago

Facilities upgrades are crucial to recruiting.  I wouldn't think that arms race is coming to an end anytime soon. 

It's not likely to happen in the near future, by any means - but I have long been of the opinion the 4 most viable Power-5 conferences should split off.  They could bring along the better programs from the Big-12 - and shave off a few of the programs currently in the B1G, the ACC, the SEC and the Pac-12 that clearly wouldn't belong.   

Four 16-team conferences - each split in to 2 divisions would make a lot of sense.  Smaller - if the dollars aren't there.  But that would split the current FBS in half. 

Anyone who takes a serious look at the finances knows that paying the players wouldn't work in the present system.  Assuming there would be enough money (which is quite the assumption) - would every athlete in every sport be paid exactly the same amount?.  If not - who would decide who gets paid what?  And then, Title 9 could always be a factor -  

Comment 11 hours ago

When UFM has been the head coach for over twenty years - and has won five national championships.  Maybe we can talk about it then.  /s

Actually, there are a lot of parallels.  For instance, both were considered to be offensive innovators in some ways.  Just the other day, Kyle did a great Film Study on Woody's "T formation", incidentally. 

Obviously, UFM is already nearly as revered by the fans as Woody was at his peak.  And he is building a similarly elite program.  As fond as I am of the coaches we've had in the interim, we haven't seen anything quite like this since Woody.  No program is held in higher regard than ours is right now.  Just like the Buckeyes in Woody's prime.   

Also - there were many similarities between the '14 team and the Super Sophs.   Except of course, the more recent group failed to win a second NC - unfortunately -  

Comment 11 hours ago

Yes.  The joke at the time was that if he wanted to, he could run for governor and win in a landslide.  Might not have actually been that much of a joke, for that matter. 

There was another joke in those days that finished with the notorious punchline:  "That's not Woody Hayes.  That's God.  He just thinks he's Woody Hayes!"  

I was a student athlete (not football) at OSU during the Archie era..  I would occasionally bump in to coach Hayes - along with everyone else in the athletic facilities in those days.  He was always very pleasant to me - but then again - I wasn't one of his players.  Most of the love from those guys generally came along later -

Comment 11 hours ago

I love Fick, too.  But let's be honest.  He was a co-coordinator of the defensive mess in '13 that Ash was brought in to clean-up in '14.  I pin much more of the nation's 110th ranked passing defense on Withers, of course (as UFM obviously did).  But Fick can't be held entirely blameless for that. 

He did a great job of adjusting to Ash's philosophy, though.  But make no mistake - it was Ash's scheme (and coaching of the DBs) that turned things around (with Fick's support). 

However, since Ash is coaching against us in the B1G East - and Fick will be coaching against Michigan this year - I'm pulling more for Fick right now -

Comment 12 hours ago

I recall very few, if ANY, fans that are saying this

About a month ago, I was absolutely lambasted in a Mailbag piece by fans (and even an 11W writer, to a degree) for even suggesting the QB competition should be open.  They're out there, alright. 

However, I agree with your point about some fans jumping to the conclusion that Burrow or Haskins would necessarily be better at this point in their development. 

I'm of the opinion, JT should rightfully be the odds-on favorite at QB.  And I'm sincerely pulling for his timing and accuracy to improve under Wilson and Day.  I'm just saying that if that doesn't happen - and somebody else gives us a better chance to win verses play-off caliber competition - all options should remain open -  . 

Comment 13 hours ago

Great point, Allinosu.  You almost never hear complaints about an open competition anywhere else. 

For instance - much like JT - Isaiah Prince struggled with one major aspect of his game last year - pass protection (he actually graded out very well as a run blocker, as I recall).  But I'd bet many of the same fans calling for no competition at QB whatsoever, are all for a vigorous competition at right tackle.   

You could probably make a similar point with Damon Webb on defense. 

However, that shouldn't be taken to mean I think JT wouldn't win that competition.  But even when who will start is pretty much a lock - the competition should always technically be "open" in my opinion -

Comment 13 hours ago

They already have Kiffin - along with some Ol' Miss influence - and a Briles, to boot!  That coach who didn't qualify must be a real piece of work if he was too shady to join that bunch -

Comment 13 hours ago

Is everybody already forgetting what Chris Ash did for this program?.  Sure - there are a handful of other B1G coaches who have proven themselves more-or-less as head coaches at at this level. 

But forget the mess he inherited at Rutgers for a moment.  Ash came in to Ohio State and turned a defensive disaster around in one season.  That has to count for something - doesn't it? -

Comment 14 hours ago

Good point.  Also keep in mind - '14 was Chris Ash's first year with the program.  Players were still adjusting to the new scheme early in the year.  We were coming off one of the worst passing defenses in school history (in '13).  That had to be in the back of his mind.  It must have put more pressure on the offense to come up big.

Contrast that with last year.  JT would have had every reason to play to the team's strength - the defense.  He had one of the top defenses in the nation on his side.  If he could consistently give the opposing offense a long field - his team would have a better chance of winning most games. 

I'm not suggesting he did not have his issues last season - but in that regard, he was just playing smart -

Comment 14 hours ago

Yeah, Buck68.  I read something recently in which Wilson and Day were saying how impressed they were by Joe Burrow.  However, according to everything else I've read, the competition for the starting QB job is definitely not open. 

I think at this time of year, the competition should always be open - at every position - no matter what.  But that's another story.  .

In a best-case scenario, Coach Day will be able to coach JT up enough to overcome the issues he's had with timing and accuracy.  And as I've said many times before:  It's not as if we'll need to go from 81st in passing offense to 1st overnight. 

A somewhat modest improvement may be all that's really required in order for our defense (and our rushing offense) to bring us right back in to championship contention -

Comment 14 hours ago

I like everything I'm hearing about Coach Davis - so much so, that I'm thinking Fick's departure may not hurt too much.  Fick has a lot of fans among 11Wers - but he's had some detractors, too. 

Fick's critics will be quick to point out that he was a co-coordinator for that awful defense in '13.   But while that passing defense didn't even crack the nation's top 100 - the rushing defense was actually rather good.  I'm not suggesting Fick should be held blameless - he was a co-coordinator, after all - but his linebackers actually played fairly well that year.  

There are two main areas in which I thought Fick excelled.  First - nobody could spot that "diamond in the rough" kind of recruit better than him. 

Second is adaptability.  He was able to adapt to Ash's scheme in '14 very well.  There wasn't even a ripple when Schiano came in and tweaked things a little more last year. 

I'll bet Davis brings a little more to the table when it comes to the finer points of linebacker play, though - through his experience at the next level.  I think it's gonna be OK -

Comment 15 hours ago

What I don't get though, is that it is not that unusual to use a slot receiver in this way, so why all the sudden is it considered a "hybrid" position when coaches have been doing it forever?

Another good point, Michibuck.  I can only assume it's because UFM ran his H-back much more often that other coaches would typically run their slot receiver. 

But I agree - the concept is nothing new at all.  For that matter, even Woody's great "flanker", Brian Basnagle, served as both a runner and a receiver - 

Comment 15 hours ago

I like the idea that things are starting from "square one" between Day and Barrett.  I noticed -in the first footage I've seen of them together - Day was looking down at JT's footwork throughout the entire clip. 

With a passing game as inept as ours was last season, getting back to the most rudimentary fundamentals - and building back up from there is the only way to proceed, in my opinion.  I'm assuming the same approach is being taken with the slobs and zone-6 - for the same reasons. 

I don't know if this is what UFM meant by "enhancing" the offense.  Seems like more of a fundamental rebuild to me - at least, as far as the passing offense is concerned (the rushing offense wasn't really broken, in my view). 

Although many of the actual plays could remain unchanged for the most part, I suppose.  I'm thinking the sequencing and pace will probably be vastly different, though.- 

Gonna be an interesting Spring -

Comment 17 hours ago

Good point, Michibuck.  I've noticed this before, too.  The only time we have an H-back and another slot receiver on the field at the same time is when we get out of our base formation - and go with four wide receivers.  Perhaps that's where some of the confusion is coming from.  

By the way, Campbell was attributed with two drops in 2016.  Someone posted the source fairly recently - but I can't recall it off the top of my head.  Of course, zero would be better, but this notion that he "can't catch" isn't entirely accurate. 

i think Kevin Wilson will find ways to capitalize on what Campbell brings to the table.  Could be a major breakout season for the kid.-

Comment 21 Mar 2017

An "OR" on the depth chart has never bothered me either, AG.  But I've noticed it has bugged some fans. 

I don't think the coaches are shy about getting the better players more reps - even when there is an "OR" on the depth chart.  For instance, Lattimore got the lion's share of the reps last year - even though he shared an "OR" with Ward. 

I completely agree that a rotation is not necessarily what you want at every position.  I don't see it much at MLB or safety this year.  And there are several positions on offense where I don't care for it at all - hurry-up or no hurry-up - .

Comment 21 Mar 2017

It's not as if our passing game was particularly good last year.  I'm counting on not only replacing those receiving numbers - but increasing the team totals rather significantly.  If we don't - it's bound to be a problem - again. 

While I expect the passing game to perk up a bit under Wilson and Day, I think that will also only help our running game.  Teams won't be able to overplay the run and our short passing game if they are forced to respect our intermediate to deep stuff this year.. 

Plus, perhaps with Wilson, we'll finally capitalize on Parris Campbell's potential.  I'm looking for a huge season from him

Defense is another story, though.  I believe 'Kwon was underappreciated by most fans as the block-shedding, tackling machine he was in the running game.  I love the move of Worley to MLB - and I think he may be a little better in coverage.  But when we play stronger rushing offenses, we may miss 'Kwon -   

We could really miss Hooker, too.  Especially, in the early going -  

Comment 21 Mar 2017

True, MMM.  But my question wasn't really so much about whether something along those lines has ever been done before.  It was more about whether that is something we are likely to see under Wilson. 

Even though Campbell has played wide receiver for us - he played running back in high school.  Plus, he has the size to take the additional beating. 

Contrary to some previous situations, if Wilson wants to play Campbell more in the H-back role we're accustomed to seeing, he can.  .In this instance, he'll have a viable option to go either way with it -

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Better get used to seeing "OR" on the depth charts a lot this year. 

As noted, we will be at least two deep at defensive end (probably three).  Assuming Sprinkle is 100% by fall camp, the 3 technique tackle spot should be at least two deep as well.  I have some concerns about the depth at 1, however.  I like Landers (Hill's back-up) a lot - but he is really a 3 playing 1 - due to need.

Looking at a good two-deep at both outside linebacker positions.  Not sure who will eventually back-up Worley at MLB, though.  I suppose it'll almost have to be another converted OLB, in any case

I will be absolutely shocked if there is not at least a strong four man rotation at corner.  Of course, Ward is expected to be our top CB this year and Arnette's progress is very encouraging.  But by most accounts, Sheffield, Okudah and Wade all showed up for Spring drills ready to play, too.  Who are ya gonna to leave out? 

I've heard some talk of Okudah moving to safety.  Depending on how healthy and developed our safeties really are - that may be a consideration.  I'm not sure we're as deep at safety as we are at most other positions on defense.  

Talk about nitpicking.  There are only a couple of positions where I have concerns - and even then it's only in terms of depth!  We're losing our leading tackler and (probably) three first round DBs to the NFL draft.  Yet we may not take a step back at all -