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Comment 41 minutes ago

I agree with those who are saying he probably would have been drafted higher in '17 after another year of development with our coaches and of course, more game experience.  Assuming he would have stayed healthy (which is a big assumption) he stood to make considerably more money by waiting.  The difference between late round money and early round money is incredible. 

But I also appreciated his honesty when he said he didn't like school - and that it wouldn't have been fair for him to stay and take a spot a kid who wanted to be in school might have.  It's not for everybody.

Personally, I would have loved to see him in the S&G for another year and probably improve his draft stock in the process.  But I respect his decision -

Comment 8 hours ago

It's true - a lot of players say the biggest adjustment from college to pro ball is the speed.  But that's not new - they've been saying that for years. 

In fact, whenever the SEC types here, used to talk about how slow Ohio State was (ya don't hear it so much these days, incidentally) - I would always point out all the Buckeyes who were playing in the NFL.  They had to admit - you can't be slow and play most positions at that level. 

Unless something serious comes out with their latest recruiting violation issues, Alabama isn't going anywhere.  Like it or not - right now it's Ohio State and Alabama at one level - and everybody else looking up -

Comment 9 hours ago

I agree with that completely.  I was merely saying that the recruits in question are considered to be legit prospects by the 11W staff at this time.  Not a "wish list" -

Comment 10 hours ago

Looked like there was a sudden epidemic of "Tunsilitis" among NFL executives for a while last night. 

Hey, it's not like Tunsil actually traded awards he had legitimately won for tatoos or anything.  That would have been really serious. 

UFM was hitting (and missing) high fives with his first rounders the same night Ole Miss and 'Bama were having trouble.  I wonder if Cam Akers was watching? 

Johnny Manziel looks like just another bar-fly.  And not a Wolverine in sight. 

An interesting evening -

Comment 23 hours ago

I hate being so optimistic about the future of this team. 

Embrace the hate, Koz. 

Actually, I like to go with cautious optimism - when I'm able to -

Comment 23 hours ago

Thanks - and agreed, Mron.  In fact, I'm double-checking some facts now.  I'm sure you'd catch it if I was wrong about anything Michigan. 

And fair warning.  I haven't changed my view on the coaches moving Peppers to linebacker.  Based on your comments the other day, I think you might actually agree.  They should move him around in the secondary - as you were suggesting. 

But the more I read, the more I keep seeing "linebacker" next to his name.  That's great against pass-heavy offenses, but I just can't imagine they'll stick with that when they face power teams.  If I have time, I'll try to watch a little BC footage to see how Brown handled that last year.  The kid he had at that spot last season wasn't exactly a giant, either.

I know you're a UM guy - but Brown is your new coordinator.  You may have checked him out.  Can you think of a team BC played that ran a lot of power? 

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Again - I'd agree that it sure looks like a wish list at first glance.  But the 11W recruiting gurus are not usually so overly optimistic with their projections. 

I suppose we'll see -

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Same thing with Urban Meyer, he just finds guys to fit his system and develops them into great players (Smith, Leak, Tebow, Miller, Barrett)

That looked like a comparison to me.  But it's true, you only listed quarterbacks.  Limited only to that, I might agree.  Although it still should make and good Buckeye's skin crawl to see UFM and Coach Kardashian mentioned in the same sentence. 

Both Andrew Luck and Alex Smith are still starting NFL quarterbacks, by the way.  Or in Jimmy world is that only because of the lingering effects of his divine influence? 

All kidding aside - this is where you lose me. 

He doesn't have Urban's college resume yet, but he's every bit the coach Urban is, he's just a lot younger in his coaching career.

He may end up being a great college coach like Urban Meyer.  You're confident he will - and I have my doubts.  But he is definitely not there yet. 

Urban Meyer won his first two national championships while he was in his 40s.  A few conference championships before that.  I know Jimmy got a later start - but the clock is really ticking if you want to make that comparison.

By the way, you know Brady Hoke went 11-1 his first season at Michigan, right? -

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Agreed, Ardyb.  Or at least the expectations have been lowered about as much as we could reasonably think for this program.  Did you notice - The Sporting News has us as their pre-season #4 -

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Actually, I have to admit - I may have sold Harbaugh a little short on that one.  But I did give him credit for helping Kaepernick and Rudock. 

Although, I think the jury is still out on whether he is really "one of the best developers of quarterbacks at any level".  I strongly suspect Luck and Smith would be fine quarterbacks if they had never met Harbaugh.

However, I'm not one of those saying he isn't a good coach.  I'm not even saying those players didn't benefit from their time with him.  I'm sure they did. 

But to compare him to Urban Meyer?  I have to draw the line with that.  Not as a major college football coach.  At least, not yet.  It's three national championships and several power-5 conference chamionships to zip -

Comment 28 Apr 2016

I seriously doubt there's an Elway or a Marino in this class.  Maybe not even a Kelly -

Besides, there's only one quarterback in this draft I care about - and he probably won't go in the first two rounds -

Comment 28 Apr 2016

The problem is he's not that big and he's not that fast.  But he's very shifty and he has great hands.  I think he'll find a coach who can make the most of him. In fact, even though he'll probably be drafted late - he may be one of those guys who'd benefit more by not being drafted at all - going free-agent - and picking his shots.

No matter what, he'll always be a Buckeye - and I wish him well -

Comment 28 Apr 2016

You're making the case for Jim Harbaugh.  I'm making the case for Urban Meyer.  In terms of their achievements as college football coaches, do you really believe Harbaugh compares favorably? 

Who's delusional?

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Off the top of my head, I'd say UFM's offense has had a very positive influence on the average yards per carry for our running backs.  I'm thinking prior to his arrival, as a program, we've only had a handful of backs average over 6 yards per carry for a season - and of course, even fewer over the course of their career.

However, I believe both Carlos Hyde and Zeke surpassed that threshold.  I think Zeke did it for two seasons and, of course, for his career.  El Guapo for one season - and for his career.  That's some rarified air.  Especially in Zeke's case, we're talking a higher career average yards per carry than the likes of Robert Smith and even Archie, if I have my facts straight.

I think UFM is watching his running backs' live reps rather carefully - so that could continue to have a bit of an affect on season and career totals.  Unlike some coaches, he tries to keep a little tread on his rb's tires.

Since it's a team sport, I prefer to look at team averages though.  Contrary to some offenses we've run in the past, as you might suspect, in a read option attack the quarterbacks add considerably to the team's rushing totals rather than affecting them adversely.  Remember, in college football, sacks are counted against the team's rushing totals. 

As a quarterback, Braxton Miller actually led the team in rushing in 2012.  And JT is, of course, a fine runner in his own right.

I think the interesting thing to note here is that we may be seeing a little less read option moving forward.  UFM's been dropping some not-so-subtle hints to that effect.  That should help give us more offensive balance.  Plus, it might mitigate the risk of injury to JT a bit.

By the way, I believe Matt may have done some research on our top running backs when he did a series on all time statistical leaders - perhaps, within the last couple of years -

Comment 28 Apr 2016

GV92 is right, Brutus. 

According to 11W's Andrew Ellis, those are projections.  Not wishes.  I realize that seems incredible - but apparently, according to the recruiting folks on this site, those are their best guesses at this point. 

By the way, I also believe the recruiting writers here at 11W are well connected with the program.

That article was just posted earlier today, incidentally.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Great point GV92.  We were probably only that one last-second loss from playing in the CFP again last season.  And based on how we were playing in those last two games - who knows what might have happened then? 

I wonder what the record is for 5-stars in one class?

And if a player isn't prepping for a starting position (and the NFL) after two years in the program they will probably be shown the door.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a bit of an up-tick in transfers the next few years.  In fact, that might explain how, with only six scholarship seniors on this year's roster, some people are figuring on a 20-plus member class in 2017.  We're probably not going to have 14 guys declare early for the '17 draft, after all -

Comment 28 Apr 2016

An interesting trip down memory lane.  Thanks, Chris. 

I'm going to guess it'll be running-back-by-committee for the first couple of games - until things sort themselves out.  After that, based on everything I've heard/read, I'll be a little surprised if Mike Weber hasn't emerged as that "workhorse" kinda back. 

But I'll also take UFM at his word and look for Curtis Samuel and/or Dontre Wilson to take a few snaps as a change-up at running back now and then.  Not just at H.  That'd help keep Weber's reps down a bit, too -

Comment 28 Apr 2016

11W's Andrew Ellis just did an article on who he's projecting to be in the '17 class on offense.  As I recall, you're pretty much spot on with him. 

It might look like more of a "wish list" - but those were his projections - not wishes.

Is the future bright at Ohio State, or what?