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Comment 6 minutes ago

Consider the vaunted rushing attacks Penn State's shut down this year:

- I did not know the teams they faced were ranked so low.  I guess that explains why on one of Penn St's fan sites 68% of them voted that we would blow them off the field next week.

Comment 11 hours ago

Ok, I'm re-watching the game for the 2nd time now.  (I should admit I didn't remember any of the 4th quarter the next day).

JT didn't take the big hit until the first play of the 4th quarter.

i have odd recollections of yelling at the TV to put in Jones at that point, but who knows what really went down live.

Comment 19 hours ago

I thought his throwing accuracy changed during the game.  I was worried that it was after a hit he took after pitching on the option.  I saw Barrett rubbing his arm and his fingers right after that & remember the announcer saying that the ball was not coming out of his hand the same way later in the game.  The rain was a bit harder late as well.

JT may have gotten a muscle bruise on his throwing arm - or maybe not - I'm guessing.

Comment 21 hours ago

Penn St retained only 1 coach from the Joe Pa era. (RB's & Special teams)  I wasn't expecting that.  I thought Johnson might give us an edge on what their O-line & D-line weaknesses were schematically but it seems like the entire Vanderbilt coaching staff was moved to Penn St.

Comment 24 hours ago

Did anyone else think - 'whoa!  That looks like Braxton when he spun out of the tackle?'

He had Wilson jumping in the back of the end zone waving his hands but I think J.T. made the right decision by pulling it down and running as I'm not sure Wilson would have still been open by the time the ball got there - he was running out of end zone to run in.

Comment 20 Oct 2014

Penn State is a top 10 defense in yards per game surrendered (#6).  We'll likely get their best game of their entire season due to last years score.

They are the #1 rushing defense in the country.  Something's gotta give.  Hopefully Penn St.

Comment 20 Oct 2014

Rutgers is probably about the 35th best team in the country.  They're a solid "B" level team - as is Virginia Tech.  We could have scored 70 on Rutgers if we wanted to.

Comment 20 Oct 2014

A sub-2hr marathon would be about 4 1/2 min miles the entire way.

It almost seems inhuman, but I but someone does it eventually.

Comment 17 Oct 2014

(I similarly scrubbed the word ‘pop’ from my vocabulary in reference to soda. I firmly stand by that decision.) Some reasoning behind this was due to embarrassment, some of it due to an almost adolescent need to be living my own life, and some of it was due to being 22 years old. These things are all inter-related.

LOL.  I think it took me about 2 months to abandon the word 'pop' after leaving Ohio at 18.  I do miss Ohio Summers & Falls - especially when it's over 100 & seemingly 100% humidity during the summers in Houston.

Comment 17 Oct 2014

Rutgers will commit completely to cover zero,

Oh, I hope so.  That will last all of half a quarter.  The weird thing is - effectively blitzing the hell out of us is probably their only chance to stop us & I think we'll torch them for trying it.

OSU 24 Rugters 12

Comment 16 Oct 2014

They're not even in the "others receiving votes" part.

Harvard 47; Stanford 47; Kansas State 37; Pittsburgh 36; Utah 26; Memphis 25; Minnesota 18; UCLA 15; New Mexico 11; Oregon 9; Louisiana Tech 8; Colorado 8; Arkansas 8; Dayton 6; Providence 5; Notre Dame 5; Massachusetts 4; Georgetown 4; Illinois 4; Texas-El Paso 4; Florida State 3; Baylor 2; George Washington 1; Miami (Fla.) 1; Toledo 1; Saint Mary?s 1.

They were 17-15 (9-9) last year & no post season tourney after losing to FSU in the ACC first round.  Hmm.