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Comment 08 Sep 2014

Why are our coaches paid so much?

this loss hurt more than any other because it was so unnecessary.  We should have recognized the gimmick and obliterated them for using it by immediately dropping the game plan.

i am so angry.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

I watched the game twice.  The 2nd time I mostly watched the linebackers and O-line but some of the camera angles started out perpendicular to the line of scrimmage.

Every snap I can remember seeing in this format had OSU's Dlineman going UNDER Navy's Olineman for leverage & often against a double team.  This does not match what you are saying.  Navy usually had 6 men on the line (with one a half yard off) to take on OSU's 4 & the fullback was coming up quickly every play making it 7 on 4.  Often one of the LB's had the FB so call it 7 on 5.

I did see Bennet get pushed out of the play a couple of times & that does match with what you say - I didn't see Bosa or Washington doing that.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Barrett - 59

(if the forward flip to Wilson wasn't counted as a pass I'd easily pick him to be the leading rusher).

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Navy was cut blocking the LB responsible for the pitch man.

it wasn't taking out the LB but it was slowing him down.  I think in the 4th there may have been players getting to the pitch man who weren't assigned to him.

Plus I think Bosa started knocking his man into the backfield routinely.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

"I'm sorry, you misunderstand equipment man.  I said I'm number 6."

Comment 29 Aug 2014

His arms are bigger than the other 4 guys legs in the photo.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

BTN had the 2009 OSU v Navy game on last night.  We hurt them with the TE's and the outside pitch option.  We had great difficulty running up the middle and probably should not have.  Our defense struggled badly on their first drive and seemed to adjust and tighten up after that.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I forgot he probably grew up playing rugby or AFL football.  I was confused as to why they'd put a punter as a holder.  A rugby style 2 point play w/ a couple of pitches to speed guys would crack me up.  Provided it worked.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I think that's generally the technique but you have to keep your legs back and it completely kills forward momentum for a second.  Hurdling a player you've just pushed into the ground to get into the backfield involves a certain amount of risk that they'll be able to sweep your legs before you get over them.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I agree - thanks for the great article, Ramzy.  I had no idea who he was.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

"Keenan Reynolds?" he asked.

Meyer paused, then reiterated the name as he thought out loud for a second.

Is that intentional gamesmanship maybe trying to get Reynolds to make incorrect reads from a desire to make a statement to Urban Meyer about what his name is?