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Comment 7 hours ago

I felt so much shame in not being able to perform at catcher that I gave up on the tryouts.

my 5 year younger sister - I taught her to go from fearing being at bat to the other team fearing her being at bat - mostly mechanics - how you hold the bat, where you hold the bat, & how you step during a pitch.. 

Comment 7 hours ago

His dunk made me happy.  I wish I could take off 5 feet away and still be half a foot above the rim.

the way he threw it down was exactly how I would if I could.

ive only dunked on a short rim (3" short? before & can not do it against live defense - though I used to block the hell out of any near rim shots in live games.

Comment 8 hours ago

I read a book / Kentucky Ham, I think was the name.

it was William S Burrough's son.

he talked about being on an an Alaskan fishing boat to help him sober up & finding frozen hamburger that looked black.

the whole crew joked about how they'd better eat that soon or it might go bad.

the Captain actually fried it up that day.

Comment 10 Dec 2016

Near 35 years old in the back yard playing soccer with my twins.  Watch this! (Hold my beer)

i lifted the ball up & bicycle kicked the ball towards the inside of the swing set .  It went through, but it was slow.  It was not the impression I was intending.

Attempt #2 I lofted the ball and nailed the hell out of it making a very satisfying smack on our neighbor's fence.  Then I landed & broke my collar bone into at least 3 pieces.

i drive a standard transmission car so I had to wait 3 hours for my wife to get home to get X-rays 

Comment 10 Dec 2016

I had 2 bad concussions in HS football but no one knew it was a problem then.

i lost consiousness both times.  The first time I regained consiousness after trying to block 2 people on a kickoff return as upman & I remember blocking the first guy to the ground - I saw there was a second guy coming & knew the return man was right behind me.  I got blasted by the 2nd guy but I know he could not have made the tackle.

i was pissed off when I came to and saw the return guy got tackled behind in the middle of the field 5 yards behind my getting blown out block.

i made it halfway to the sidelines before my legs turned to spaghetti & stumbled trying to grab on to a player's jersey to hold me up.

i finally grabbed enough of a jersey to pull myself up & rebalance - but it wasn't a jersey - it was the HC's shirt.

A few weeks later I, at corner, diagnosed a fake pitch to the TB, then an outside handoff to the FB, who oughtweighed me significantly.

i met the FB about at the LOS & thought I'd take his knees out.  He thought he'd lower himself & plow through me - which he did after our helmets cracked (several seconds elapsed after that which I have no memory of) - I think I made the tackle, my left arm was wrapped around his lower legs.

i lined up at corner for the next play & realized that I could not see color anymore.

that really weirded me out & I was horrified that I was about to get burned but before the snap the whistle blew & it was the end of the game.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

I tried out for HS baseball as well.  I was a an all star catcher in youth leagues but took a couple of years off to do paper route & other things.

i still practiced hitting often - measuring out Yankee's center field (411', I think) which on a great swing I could clear throwing the ball up left handed to myself.

my tryout at catcher had me catching a guy who threw underarm / sidearm - I just could not adjust in 10 minutes to fast rising pitches.