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Comment 14 hours ago

My dad bought me a high end case for my best guitar after he heard me picking my way through Tears In Heaven - I think.

probabably the best validation for being someone with a chance of being significant I know.

i had to quit playing - I have a part of a shatterd bone floating around in a finger that REALLY hurts on a finger bend

my best guitar was a Gibson acoustic / electric that I traded in 2 other acoustics for.

i wish it were for a dobro

Comment 14 hours ago

Ramzy, I'm pretty sure I blew parts of my soul out during the Juice Williams game.

i think there were massive pick plays that happened.

it was the first time I contacted The Big 10 and I ranted about player safety and how downfield picks can ruin an athlete

Comment 19 hours ago

On the bright side at least his name isn't both a verb and an adjective in the article.  The same can't be said for the mythical Ferentzian COTY.

Comment 29 Mar 2017

Mucking about with a living species DNA to try to recreate an extinct one seems risky.

'comrad Sergei, there's been a development with one of the mammoth calves.  It's footpad is deformed.  Some sort of mutation - it has ... hands!  6 fingered hands.  It grabbed me by the shirt and was trying to talk to me.  You know those things have brains three times the size of ours?  I got the distinct feeling it regarded me as an idiot after a few minutes.'