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Comment 29 Jun 2015

Bo's a good coach.  Selfishly, I'll be glad to see him go.

i wonder if this has anything to do with the $300 million in cuts made to the university.  I joked with Wisconsin fans that if they kept that up they would likely be the next Purdue in sports.

also - I hate Wisconsin's style of basketball.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

I went at it with some guy for a few minutes on Friday reminding him that our team doctors would not medically clear Dean while their team doctors cleared Pinkey or whatever his name was and Harbaugh still tried to force him into a medical hardship a a scholarship.

the dude told me Harbaugh knew better than the doctors so I laughed & went back to work.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

I wouldn't be surprised if Braxton isn't near perfect on QB reads now.  I thought he made the wrong read too frequently in 2012 and was much improved in 2013.

i wouldn't be surprised if he can see an alignment in the secondary and know where it's weaknesses are.

he's had an awful long time to look at film.

i'm hoping he comes out like Manning and starts audibling into the perfect play and has us so far up that he can put on headphones midway through the 2nd quarter to let JT knock them out & Cardale make them say "ain't gonna be no rematch".

Comment 26 Jun 2015

Why is anybody in Mt. Vernon, Blake? 

Mt. Vernon has a BW's?  Huh.  Go Yellowjackets!  (Who is Blake?)

Comment 26 Jun 2015

My wife & I would sometimes make our sons run after practice was over if we thought they were being lazy or goofing off.

We didn't ask them to be the best players on the team or be little future pro players - we just wanted them to know we want them to do their personal best for themselves and the team.

I think it ended up paying off later in athletics.  They're not the star athletes on the team but they play hard and sometimes make big plays because of it.

We've been trying a similar thing with academics.  They do OK, but we always push for effort.

i wish there were some sort of field manual on this stuff, though.

Comment 24 Jun 2015

Technically he did strike it rich.  He has a net worth far in excess of what I have & I've worked 20 years longer than him.

Comment 23 Jun 2015

It was briefly a sport, I believe.  They put up bleachers and everything.


Comment 23 Jun 2015

I was watching the game where they burned his redshirt.  I thought he had potential.

Comment 23 Jun 2015

I've helped as an assistant coach in youth football and noticed some things about effort.  One of the best teams I scouted had every kid playing the full game.  Most teams had the best players play both ways.  Special teams were where the kids they didn't want to play got most of their minimum 6 plays a half.

these kids (that knew they weren't going to play except in a blowout) mentally checked out in both games and practices.

the really good team had undersized players that most of the other teams would sit starting.  They never had to scramble to figure out who didn't go on the field when they were supposed to & they played as a team.  I so wished that my kids had been on that team.  I ended up as baby sitter for the bench kids all too often.

i suspect that there was a lot of player peer pressure on that team for everyone to do their best.  Their best players didn't wear down from having to play both ways and special teams either.

Comment 23 Jun 2015

I wonder if people having smaller yards effects the number playing.  My yard as a kid was big enough to play real baseball.  My kid's yard is too small for even whiffle ball.

Comment 23 Jun 2015

That happened to me in a playoff game in youth baseball.  I think I only got one hit that game.

the screwed up thing is you have to look right at the ball to tell if it's a curve so there's no way to avoid the illusion.

Comment 23 Jun 2015

Now I'll probably think of Gary Busey running their practices every time I see Harbaugh.

I found him wearing blue, guess where?  If you guessed mgoblog you guessed right.

Comment 21 Jun 2015

I don't know the exact rule.  I saw a punter coffin corner kick one into the end zone & out of bounds.

-just missed, I thought.  But fans were cheering & the announcers commented on it being a nice kick.  Then I noticed they gave his team 1 point & for a few seconds wondered how they got a point for messing up a punt.


apparently if you miss a FG but kick it untouched out of the end zone you get 1 point also.