Top 10: Ohio State's Single Season Total Offense Leaders

Dual Threat Barrett. Yesterday you read that J.T. Barrett passed for the third highest total in a single season as a redshirt freshman. When it comes to total offense no other Ohio State player racked up more yards in a single season than J.T. Barrett. He gained 2,834 passing and 938 on the g...
23 Jan 2015
by Remy

Top 10: Ohio State's Single Season Passing Leaders

Barrett had the best freshman season in Ohio State history. We all know that J.T. Barrett became Ohio State's starting quarterback when Braxton Miller unexpectedly re-injured his shoulder shortly before the start of the season. How did the red-shirt freshman respond after not taking a li...
22 Jan 2015
by Remy

Top 10: Ohio State's Single Season Receiving Leaders

Deep Threat Devin. Devin Smith came close to making Ohio State's top 10 for receiving yards in a single season. In the end he came up 15 yards short. I'm sure we will see Devin Smith's name appear in future articles that focus on single season and career touchdown receptions in the futur...
21 Jan 2015
by Remy

The Advantage of Versatility in Today's Game

I was responding to a comment recently about one of our incoming recruits, Alex Stump, when it occurred to me how important versatility has become in today's game.  Of course, it's always been a big plus - but now it's becoming practically essential. At 6' 3-4", Stump may have the frame to b...
21 Jan 2015
by buckeye phi

Ohio State's Single Season Rushing Leaderboard

Ezekiel Elliott's 2014 season will be in the Ohio State record books for a long time. At least for another nine seasons. Ohio State's record book has changed after Ezekiel Elliott's phenomenal season and late season march through the south. Below you will see where Elliott's name is curr...
20 Jan 2015
by Remy

The Power of 3

Now that the dust has settled on the amazing 2014 Championship season, a little reflection shows some interesting patterns that emerged over the course of the season.  The number 3 repeatedly makes an appearance in the recounting of the season that was. Let's look at the situations that br...
18 Jan 2015
by bakerjon

Ohio State Versus Teams Ranked No. 1 or No. 2

Below you will find the all-time results when Ohio State played teams ranked No. 1 or No. 2.   5 Things The Buckeyes are 5-9 against teams ranked No. 1 and 10-5 against teams ranked No. 2. 1952 was the first time Ohio State defeated a team ranked No. 1 (Wisconsin). O...
18 Jan 2015
by Remy

Wrestling: Buckeyes Primed to Take Out Wolverines

Preview by Curt Heinrichs The Buckeyes were successful in the first leg of their road trip up north, taking the match against Michigan State by the score of 25-13. With four starters out of the lineup against the Spartans, the Buckeyes will need to have everyone back at full-strength if they hope...

Buckeye Wrestling on BTN tonight.

The Ohio State Buckeye wrestlers travel to Spartyland for a televised match on The Big Ten Network tonight at 7:00.  The Buckeyes stay in that state up north to visit TTUN on Sunday.  The grapplers are coming off their BIG win over the 7th ranked Penn State Nittany Lions las...
16 Jan 2015
by DeuceOSU78

Wrestling: Michigan State Preview

By Curt Heinrichs   Coming off of a big victory over Penn State, the Buckeyes return to action this coming weekend with a trip to The State Up North for a pair of Big Ten matches. On Friday, the Buckeyes will square off against Michigan State and they’ll lock horns with Michigan on Sund...

I'm in awe.

Two nights have gone by, and the smile cannot be removed from my ugly face. i am now in Chicago, and everyone around me is a hater. I don't have a care in the world, and I am high.  High on the victory that I have not earned, yet am just as proud of. not really sure how long this will ...

Top 6 Rushers in the Power 5 Conferences

As suggested by Buckeye4life050233. Below you will find many totals and averages from the top 6 rushers in the power 5 conferences. 5 THINGS RUSHING YARDS PER GAME AVERAGE The B1G's top 6 rushers averaged 141.0 yards per game. That is 34.0 more yards per game than th...
14 Jan 2015
by Remy

Was OSU's Last TD Necessary?

Immediately after the game I ran into an Oregon fan that was ticked off about the Buckeyes last TD.  Then I read a OP-ED by Steve Greenberg of the Chicago Suntimes that brought up the same question, indicating that it was less than sportsmanlike.
14 Jan 2015
by DeuceOSU78

Clearing up the National Titles

I did some research on this whole national title question.  ESPN says tOSU has 6 while we claim 8.  So what gives?  Lets take a look at history.  For those that don't know, there are a large number of national title selectors which make it confusing and they still exist today. &n...

College Football: The Power of 4

Fact: The Big 12 has been a chaotic mess since it lost Missouri, Nebraska and Texas A&M.  The subtext of the inaugural College Football Playoff is clear: Through its mouthpiece (the so-called and fundamentally superfluous, “Selection Committee) the Power 4 and its powerful partner, ESP...
14 Jan 2015
by Hoody Wayes


WE WON THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. It is a great feeling walking around knowing that your team took down some of the experts' picks. Also it can finally shut up the crap about O State not belonging in the championship game. freaking bs. And now it is annoying because people are still saying that TCU ...
13 Jan 2015
by Drewbuckeye