Under the Fedora - Couldn't Stand the Weather

Welcome back Under the Fedora, where now more than ever, Saturday can't get here sooner enough. Here I am... All it took was a monsoon to drown the apparently non-ironically named Golden Hurricane of Tulsa on Saturday at the Shoe.  Despite an opening quarter and a half that surel...
14 Sep 2016
by Earle

A blog about nothing - 9/12/16

It's Monday, September 12th, after a full weekend of sports(football). I'm here to bring you a blog about nothing. It can be slow on Monday and do you really want to work? Australia: 2 elderly persons driving meet on a single-lane bridge and refuse to give way.

Welcome to the world, baby Buckeyes. (I'm a nana!)

Full disclosure. I've got (ahem) a few miles under the hood, but my brain still longs to be thirty. So you might imagine my shock when reality collided with illusion. Not only am I old enough to be a grandma, I AM one. And I am completely, totally, whole-heartedly in love. We didn't know whether ...
10 Sep 2016
by Scarlet

College Football Three & Out: Week 2

First and 4: Recapping week 1 Top-10 Bold Prediction: Alabama starts 0-1 for the first time in 15 years USC came in with some swagger, and actually looked decent early in the game, particularly on defense.  But eventually it became clear that they were over-matched, as ...

Under the Fedora - Are You Falcon Kidding Me?

Welcome to the much anticipated 2016 regular season debut of Under the Fedora. sure to be almost as spectacular as the Buckeyes' season opener. Green With Envy I'd like to think that Ohio State is at good as it looked against the Falcons, but since old coaches never die, they just write st...
07 Sep 2016
by Earle

The Ohio State Effect: Bowling Green

In the 127th season-opener, Bowling Green has its stats stuffed. BOWLING GREEN'S OFFENSIVE NUMBERS In 2015, Bowling Green finished the season as the nation's fourth-ranked offense in total yards (546.8) and averaged 42.2 points per game (6th). With a new c...

Time Traveler's Take: Ancient History

 >poof< Time Traveler here. Ah, my friends in the midst of my history!  Greetings and Sanitation to you all! Hey, I found these ancient history pods in the basement of the old monument building, and I just had to portal back and share this incredible find.  Yeah, I know...

CFB Three & Out: Week 1

First and 10: Off-season recap Some things happened.   Second and 15: Predicting the future! Top-10 Bold Prediction: Alabama starts 0-1 for the first time in 15 years USC rolls the Tide: 27 - 24.   B1G Bold Prediction: Eastern Kentucky upsets Purdue in op...

CFB Three & Out: 2016 Season

It's a new season, and with it comes a new format for my college football coverage. All the bold predictions, recaps, analysis, tongue-in-cheek commentary, and more jammed into one weekly post (except for this first week, which will have two). This is College Football Three and Out.   Fir...

Is the college football bubble about to burst ?

Good write-up in Sunday's Columbus Dispatch by Todd Jones titled "Games are about wins, losses, big money"  Jones begins "Like the universe, college football keeps expanding. More teams. More games. More money. The sport stretches on and on, year after year." The editorial ends by asking thi...
29 Aug 2016
by Woody16111

Under the Fedora - Can't Keep Haiku'd Man Down

Due to the overwhelming response I have received from the the offseason haikupalooza, I have prepared a very special Fedora for fans of the ancient art of haiku.  Enjoy! On the Browns: Hope springs eternal Another season begins Browns still in first place   Josh Gordon is...
25 Aug 2016
by Earle

North until you smell it

Was watching the BTN Network's BTN Live this morning. The highlights and interviews from TTUN make my skin crawl.  My deep seated animosity envelops everything about the program.  It hasn’t always been this rooted into the fabric of my being, rather it has grown over the years as...

3 OSU/M*chigan Must-See Matchups in 2016

Not sure about you, but I've reached that point in my summer where I can officially focus on almost nothing but Buckeye football. Sure, I have a wife and kid, but they understand. As such, when I think about Buckeye football, I also keep an eye on That School Up North to try and gauge what ...
12 Aug 2016
by AJBor41

My Second Marathon: Pain and Beauty

We sat on the bus in silence as it traveled through the darkness.  All of us felt the weight of what was coming in the hours ahead.  It was a nervousness filled with anticipation.  It was a foreboding quiet.  It was a void that would later be filled with an explosion of sounds an...

Under the Fedora - Customer Disservice

This edition of Under the Fedora will be a bit of a departure.  There will be no Ohio State Football talk, no general sports blathering, no hot Browns takes (sorry, CWRU).  This Fedora is a tale of incompetence, rage, and incomprehensibility.  It is long, but hopefully written in a wa...
22 Jul 2016
by Earle

My take on Chicago Pizza

First, a little background. I was born and raised in the Akron/Canton area (a long time ago). My parents were quite frugal when it came to food, so we rarely ate out or ordered pizza. My extended family lived in Columbus (my father had been transferred to Canton just before I was born) and when we v...
20 Jul 2016
by Thedrw

Mike and Mike interview with Darryl Strawberry

While taking my daughter to her physical therapy appointment this morning, I was listening to Mike and Mike. They were talking with Darryl Strawberry about his time with the Mets and his struggle with addiction that nearly ruined his life. One thing that he discussed at length was the fact that...
14 Jul 2016
by polarbuck