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Comment 16 Oct 2016

I don't understand it.

I don't know what's going on

Two of the more accurate things you said.  You don't think Urban would change things if they would improve with the moves?

Comment 13 Oct 2016

Crap, I can't fix it.  Sorry folks. 

Comment 12 Oct 2016

I notice you skipped over my statement on his primary duty as a DB, his lack of cover skills.  Interesting.  

What NFL scouts have you spoken to about JP, Mr. tOSU grad?

Why the sudden attack on JT Barrett?  I haven't said one word about him, so to accuse ME of a double standard when I haven't said one thing about him is being intentionally misleading.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Saying he can't cover is not a generalization.  Its a very specific statement.  And based on his play last year and earlier this year when he tried, its proven to be true.  He's terrible at trying to come up in run support.  And after 76 quarters of playing defense, mostly in the defensive backfield, he has ZERO interceptions.  So credit Hairball for  finding a role for him.  He's fast enough to be a permanent blitzer..  But seeing as how the weasels have yet to play a team with an offensive pulse, lets see what happens to that scheme when this happens.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

I didn't graduate from tOSU.  

I am a Life Member of the President's Club.  I first was a full season (as opposed to the single game type that most alumni are unfortunate to qualify for) season ticket holder in 1978.  Woody Hayes was a family friend that visited our house growing up every year when I was a child.  I've played and coached football. But does that lack of a tOSU degree make me insufficient in your eyes to judge whether your idol is overrated or not?

Comment 12 Oct 2016

So, Peppers fan boy.  Again, I disagree with you and don't think Peppers is the second coming of Charles Wood%%^$$#^%&! 

Does that make me a t-shirt fan with no degree from Ohio State?  Am I less schooled in football knowledge than the almighty Smithston?

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Peppers is bad?  No But I think he is overrated.  He came in as a CB who can't cover.  So the weasels move him to safety, but tOSU still takes advantage of his lack of cover skills.  So they move him to LB, but he's too small for run support.  So they create a new position for him called blitzer.  His returning skills are very good.  his defensive skills not so much.  He's too small to play every snap on offense and too poor of a blocker to play every down at WR.  

So at the risk of opening me up to all the smartasses out there; DOES THIS POST MAKE ME A LOSER, Smithston?

BTW, Bruce Hooley is a tOSU grad too.  It doesn't make him any less of a radio troll.

Comment 09 Oct 2016

Well, if Urban cares about balance as much as you say he does; he's got an easy solution.  

Comment 08 Oct 2016

Memo to anyone complaining about JT:

You folks need to calm down.  Do you think JT just regressed, or could there be some other reason for the passing game struggling today?  Like maybe THE WIND?????????

The alleged fans complaining about balance:  Do you think Urban looks at the running totals for yards on the scoreboard and thinks, "Shit, we're too run heavy.  Throw the ball!!!!!!"

We beat a solid B10 team by three tds and took a knee to stop it from going to four tds.  Relax.

Comment 02 Oct 2016

If you put 9 in the box, I'm confident that Mike Weber and friends will be ripping long runs with regularity.  With 9 in the box and 2 Cbs on islands, there is no safety help if the slobs at the point of attack do their jobs.  

BTW, there's an old football caveat, that if you play to avoid injuries, you ought to change sports, because you're going to 

A) get hurt

B) Lose

C) Both

Comment 02 Oct 2016

Good Gawd Man.  tOSU won 58-0.  The largest total yardage gap in 25plus years!  Are you one of those guys who looks at the woman afterwards and says, "Yeah, but you didn't moan enough."?