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  • SPORTS MOMENT: My children jumping on my back and knocking me off the front porch into the snow and then making snow angels with them while singing The Buckeye battle Cry at the top of our lungs after beating Miami for the National Championship
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Comment 22 hours ago

I didn't leave early.  We stood out in the rain in the Chemical Abstracts lot for an hour singing Across the Field, The Buckeye Battle Cry and of course We Don't Give a Damn For the Whole State of Michigan.  Then we went to the Jai Lai and pissed off the Piano Player by asking for OSU songs over and over until we drowned him out one time by getting the whole place to sing the Buckeye Battle Cry.

Comment 30 Dec 2015

Just because its Christmas time.  In my not so humble opinion this is the finest ORIGINAL rock n roll Christmas song ever written.

Saw The Band at the Front Row Theatre just six days before Richard Manuel committed suicide (I finally had to look it up because I couldn't remember how close it was).  The crowd wouldn't leave.  It was like they sensed it was the end of something.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

This is the finest original tune Rock n Roll Christmas song ever written, In my humble arrogant opinion.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

He's not a villain 364 days of the year.  But January 1st he will be Darth Vader, Blofeld, and Voldemort Sauron all rolled into one.  


Comment 22 Nov 2015

Double standard?  On what team did you ever play that the players owed anything other than 100% effort to their coaches.  On what team do players get to question their coach's authority?  Hell the greatest QB of our generation; winner of multiple super bowls would never dare question Bill Belichek.

Zeke, God love him, cuz I do, is not a coach.  So its no double standard.  Players have no business jeopardizing the coach's authority.  Its self serving, selfish and not conducive to getting better AS A TEAM.  Cuz its ALWAYS, ALWAYS about the team.

If Zeke was coming back next year, do you think Urban would let him get away with that?

Comment 11 Nov 2015

The Allmans, along with The Band are my to favorites all time.  Just read the authorized biography of the Allman's this summer.  Berry was one of the greats.  IMHO, his genius was in his approach...He had Jaimoe and Butch to hold the rhythm section together, so he played the bass like a lower tuned guitar.  The Allmans in general played by feel and ear.  No two performances of a song were ever the same.  Berry and Duane would feed off of each other and Berry would fill in Duane's gaps.  Genius.  Just pure genius.

Comment 08 Nov 2015

Oklahoma's number of consecutive conference wins is 44.  This is per the College Football Data Warehouse.  Please note, Oklahoma State did not join the Big Seven to make it the Big Eight until 1960, so you can't count those wins.  Streak went from a tie versus Colorado in 1952 in the opening game of the season through a loss to Nebraska on Holloween in 1959 in the 4th conference game of the year.

Comment 08 Nov 2015

I'm not going to type this for the 4th &^*&@#%^$$ time.  Apparently, this site only lets you edit a post for 10 minutes.  Switching back and forth from the college Football data warehouse to get the info exactly right took longer than that, and when I hit save it just went away.  grrrrrrr.    Summary:

From a tie at the start of the 1951 season versus Colorado until a loss versus Nebraska in the 4th conference game of 1959, Oklahoma won EVERY Big Seven game.  (Oklahoma State didn't join the conference until 1960 to make it the Big Eight.)  That adds up to a 44 game conference winning streak.

I apologize for inaccurate stats before this post.  Trying to switch back and forth between sites on an iphone is darn near impossible.

Comment 08 Nov 2015

Worthy Buck, 

Counting only regular season games, Ohio State has won 29 consecutive Big Ten games dating back to Luke Fickell's loss to the weasels.  This is what the announcers were talking about and this is what my OP was addressing, not the overall consecutive streak.  I think we all remember the Va Tech game last year.  ;)  

Now back to Oklahoma:

On 1946, they belonged to the Big Six; an NCAA recognized conference consisting at that time of Oklahoma, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa State.  That year, they went 8-3 overall and 4-1 in the B6.  In 1947, they were 7-2-1 overall and 4-0-1 in the B6.  They tied Kansas in their conference opener and then won 4 in a row.  In 1948, Colorado joined the conference and it became the Big Seven.  (apparently back then, they didn't use common core math to name conferences).  Their conference records the following years:


Comment 08 Nov 2015

Except Colorado didn't join the Big 6 until 1947 and T Boone State didn't join until 1958.  The first time I posted on Twitter , I missed the Colorado tie and had the number bigger.

Comment 03 Nov 2015

In 1940, #2 Cornell was about to go down to defeat against Ivy League rival Dartmouth, when; due to the benefit of a 5th down, they snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat.  After some controversy in the papers, a full investigation of the game was done by the President of Cornell and he summarily forfeited the game to Dartmouth.  

So, there is a precident out there.  Not sure the new President of "The U" was the cojones to do this.  But he'd sure earn my respect if he did.  Canyou imagine the shitstorm it would cause when all 15 Miami fans learned the President of their fine institution gave away that hard fought win?  Of course, being a long time Duke hater, there is a part of me that does this:

Comment 25 Oct 2015

That'll teach you to listen to butt-hurt fans, because thats the only place that narrative was coming from.  Otherwise, there was no reason to doubt the health story.

I said in 2007, when the story came out that both he and Shelly carried lucky buckeyes in their pockets not only during the BCS game but during every game, that he would replace Tressel.  I just didn't think it would be so suddenly. Afterall, the tOSU job, despite what SEC honks might say is a way bigger job.

Comment 20 Oct 2015

I was doing a night time college radio show 38 years ago.  I had just put on a record and had left the studio to go to the library to pull another record when I heard the AP teletype ringing ten bells which is a bulletin signal.  So, I went into the newsroom to see what was happening and saw the news of the crash and that five (at that time unknown) members of the band had died.  I immediately ran and pulled their live album One More From The Road  and played the entire album, breaking in with the news every two songs.