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Comment 02 Sep 2015

As a former taxi cab driver, I can say it was inevitable that Uber/Lyfft or something similar was going to happen.  Taxi companies are their own worst enemies.  

Here's the real advantages/disadvantages between the two. (Using Cleveland where I'm from)

background checks only go so far.  In Cleveland, background checks are done twice a year for taxi drivers.  3 moving violations within the year?  You lose your hack license.  So there is a certain assurance that the driver is capable.

Insurance.  Regular car insurance doesn't cover an Uber driver.  While he has a fare, Uber has insurance.  But if the car is empty, the Uber insurance doesn't apply and the Allstates and State Farms won't cover commercial usage.  All taxi companies are required to have insurance.

Taxi's are only allowed on the road for a maximum of five years and are inspected twice a year.  Every dent must be fixed and every stain removed.  All safety systems must be intact and in working order.  Rules, although selectively enforced, are stringent about picking up and delivering riders.

That said, customer service isn't close.  Dispatching is incompetent and downright corrupt.  

Comment 01 Sep 2015

Yawn.  Once you survive Happy Valley and the Big Outhouse; Enter the Sandman is cute.

Why do we always have to denigrate our opponent?  If you beat the crap out of them, that should be enough.  Virginia Polytechnic is an excellent school.  Save denigating schools for arrogant idiots who put silly stripes on their helmet.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

NB.  Ask and ye shall receive......

       TEAM                                          Y/g avg for 2014              tOSU yds

Navy  (31st in py/g given up)                            205                            226

VaTech  (25)                                                   199                           219

Kent State (45)                                                216                           344  JT 23/30 312y  CJ 2/4 32y

Cincinnati  (97)                                                255                           330  along with 380 rushing for 710yds total off!!!!!!

Maryland  (78)                                                 234                           264  jt barrett 276y  CJ -3yds

Rutgers  (69)                                                   230                           261

Penn State   (9)                                               178                           74       12/19  3 sacks for -19y off of  94 y rushing

Illinois  (47)                                                     217                            249  JT 15/24 167y 2td  CJ 5/9 82y 2td

Michigan State (60)                                         227                            300

Minnesota  (18)                                               193                            200

Indiana  (94)                                                    251                            302  2 interceptions

The Weasels  (19)                                           194                             183   JT 13/21 176y 1 td   CJ 2/3 7y

Comment 31 Aug 2015

A 79 yard pass for a TD to Michael Thomas and a 44yard td pass to Devin Smith both against the toughest D tOSU faced all 2014 weren't long passes to force the safties deep?  <roll eyes>  Add to that a 7 yard pass to Dontre Wilson?  Yeah, lord knows JT Barrett didn't help tOSU beat Sparty.  <rolleyes>

Comment 30 Aug 2015

You're making an assumption that tOSU's offense would not have been just as effective if JT started.  The narrative last year was how amazing it was that the THIRD QB was able to come in and win in that situation.  THere was nothing in that narrative that said how lucky tOSU was that JT got hurt, because they would not have won anything with him.  

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Being a belligerent, know nothing blowhard who makes things up out of thin air doesn't impress me either.  WTF is the "inside Option"? THere is no INSIDE OPTION.  There IS the Read Option which includes an initial motion to the inside before the QB pulls the ball out and moves to the boundary.  But thats usually in the 5 hole, not inside.  When EE runs inside, its not an option run, its a direct call.  As in "21 Blast" or whatever the latest nomenclenture is in the playbook.  I don't have a copy of Urban's tOSU playbook, although I DO have a copy of his Utah playbook.  There is NO inside option in it.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Not my point.  My point was that you think you know more than Kyle.  Not an ESPN sportswriter, the 11W Xs and Os expert.


[hyoo-bris, hoo-] 
Spell Syllables

Word Origin

excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Now who is the hater?  Based on what praytell  are you assuming that tOSU would not have won the NC with JT at QB?  You are so far out in left field, I keep getting mad at myself for feeding you the Purina Troll Chow you seem to love.  You do write some pretty good fiction though.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

Buckeye Jack is Cardale's long lost Dad apparently.  Ever hear of a play action or a ball fake?  They're done usually with the same body language as another base play to cause hesitation in the D.  So if the "action" includes some semblance of a read doesn't mean the result of the play IS based on Cardale making a decision (i.e.  A read); it could be and in fact likely is scripted.

Comment 21 Aug 2015

Don't tell me that Wisconsin was better than Michigan State.  Don't tell me that by halftime, Wisconsin hadn't quit.

16/26 300yds 3 tds ZERO int AND 14 rushes for 86 yds and 2 more TDs against the best Defense Ohio State saw all year.

There's some stats for you.

Now take the 12 rushes (that weren't the 2 sacks) for 108 yards and 2 tds and give them to EE.  He ends up with 35 carries for 267 yards and 4 tds.  Those stats look pretty similar to the end of the year ones for Zeke.  But this was against THE BEST D Ohio State faced all year.  So much for the Ohio State ran better with CJ at QB argument.