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Comment 16 May 2017

I know my statement is counterintuitive, because they have televised the NCAA Tournament forever. But, just look at their studio show for those three weeks. 

They need to go get NBA studio teams and announcers to do their tournament games, because after their one broadcast team, they have a bunch of nothing. 

That's where the comparison to Fox is apt, they have no one that knows college football as well as the WWL, and they're struggling to find that talent, while taking whatever scraps they can from the ESPN dumpster. 

Comment 14 May 2017

If you rewind 29 years, the year is 1988. The B1G is like 20 years removed from its last national championship in football, if I'm recalling correctly, while Miami and Note Dame are ruling the CFB world. 

From then until now, more has changed than just Miami and Note Dame becoming has-beens who routinely fail to live up to the hype of the collective desire for them to return to their former glory. 

First, Delaney countered the SEC - CBS marriage with a sweetheart deal that guaranteed national coverage for the B1G in a regionally televised world. He did this by getting ESPN to agree that any B1G game in the 3:30 time slot had to be back aired on ESPN or ESPN2, if another game was regionally televised on ABC. At the time, this was a subtle nuance in the contract, but he got his conference a national audience for its biggest games, long before his most brilliant move, creating the Big Ten Network. 

He brought Penn State into the mix when Note Dame rebuffed the league, and he made a brand of the Big 11 - remember the hidden ones in the logo? And, while future expansion hasn't been as popular as he'd probably like, the ultimate additions of Nebraska, Rutgers, and Maryland undeniably improved the economic footprint of the conference for both television and academics. 

The decisions to hold the 2018 men's basketball tournament a week early (in order to play it in Rutgers' backyard) and rename every trophy in football, to include a guy who played in the Big 8, notwithstanding, Delaney had a shrewd vision, and he followed it. He's changed a lot more than just the B1G, he changed collegiate athletics. And, thanks in large part to him, Ohio State runs a self-sustaining athletic department with 36 Varsity sports. Now, that's a lot of scholarships. 

Comment 13 May 2017

Indeed, there's still contrast, just not much.