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I have multiple pro teams that are my favorites and players that are my favorites, but there is only one absolute favorite. That's the Buckeyes, Ohio is my home, and I'm a Buckeye forever.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: A tie between being at the Shoe at the end of an undefeated season in 2012 and watching Cie Grant seal the National Championship win in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Matt Wilhelm and Zach Boren
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Ron Lewis and Evan Turner
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals and anyone but the Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Detroit Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: None, I just root for the former Buckeyes
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 28 Jul 2014

El Guapo running over that team up north, those are some wonderful memories. It's scary how good Braxton could be this year, I really hope he does even more to distinguish his legacy. Maybe I'm on his bandwagon but I think 12-0, 24 straight, and 2 B1G MVPs is as much as any quarterback could ask for, everything else is just extra goods he delivers.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

That something about the Service Academies, they'll never beat themselves with penalties, they will never be out worked, they will never get tired, and they will never quit, those basic principals that those guys live and die by on the field and in defending our nation is what makes them so good at both.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

One of my favorites had to be 2010 Penn State. I was in the south stands surrounded mostly by students or at least people under 30 and that game started off awfully. Pryor had Posey open down the sideline and underthrew him early and it was big gain but then inside the 15 Shugarts false started (surprising I know) and Tress was Tress and settled for a FG. Then Penn State picked apart the defense on two very long time consuming drives, and they picked on Devon Torrence especially. The offense couldn't get out of their own way and when the team trotted into the tunnel at half it was 14-3 and they were getting booed (Some people said on TV later that Buckeye fans were spoiled, Boom Herron said something along the lines of 'I'd have booed us too'.) Then the offense came out and finally got some traction and Boom scored and it was 14-10. Penn State's offense gets the ball and is going down the field and Matt McGloin throws it toward Devon Torrence again this time Torrence was waiting for it and got a pick six. Penn State didn't score again and Pryor tossed 3 TDs to go with Herron's career day of 175 yards and a TD. As I drove back to Cincy I was happy Torrence got some immediate redemption and was wondering what on earth Tressel and or the staff or the players had said to each other in that locker room at half time. It was a great experience.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

I agree with you Hove about the 05 Buckeyes, had there been a four team playoff that year we would have one it all, I think at the very end we were playing better than PSU, Texas, and USC and could've taken either of the first two in a rematch. Alas though that's why they played in the regular season and that's what I point to when I say every game is a playoff because in December/January of 05/06 the Buckeyes were the best team in college football.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Excluding victories over TTUN. 2010 Penn State win was awesome, our guys stunk up that first half and then exploded in the second half to win 45-14. 2009 against Iowa in the default B1G Championship game with Devin Barclay nailing a field goal in overtime to end it was awesome. 2012 Purdue was great for me cause I was sitting next to their band and they were annoying me to death and if it had not been for smooth jazz Kenny G I probably would've started a fight with the Purdue marching band.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

I think the night game will be too much for UC. The Horseshoe is a special kind of insane at night. The crowd was awesome last year in a 63-14 route of PSU, and the worst team I've see OSU field in my lifetime upset a Super Bowl winning QB at night. The crowd will be huge.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

They were so awful under Gary Crowton that as BYU fan I can appreciate Urban for hastening Crowton's departure. To be honest I had trouble accepting Urban cause of the lingering pain of the debacle in the desert. And really I always kind of scoff at that rivalry because it's third rate compared to The War. Losing or winning that game doesn't seem to make or break their season like the results of fighting that team up north do for us so it's not even in the same class, and realistically few are.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

My understanding is that BYU fans don't like Urban cause he brought a real rivalry mentality to the Holy War and that they *blame* him for Utah's success in two undefeated BCS busting seasons and for going to the PAC-12. I as a bit of a BYU fan am just glad he was only at Utah for 2 years haha

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Did he call BYU that team down south??? That's awesome! I like BYU despite many of their super annoying fans.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

"One for you, and two for me." -Hoke. Still, I gotta give him credit for cutting back a little ;)

Comment 22 Jul 2014

Bad things follow bad people, and Taylor Lewan is a bad person.

Easiest way to spot a bad person is that they are probably wearing urine yellow and tears blue.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

I think that's rat poison, or at least that's my theory because tiny fury animals die a paw clutching their chests every it time looks directly at one

Comment 20 Jul 2014

This guy? The same one who led his final year of Buckeye football to one of its worst all time records? Adams only looked good compared to Shugarts, but I blame Bollman for that, those guys spent four years in college never getting coached.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Just going by the games I remember seeing

1) 2002 because ALL I heard was crap that we were gonna choke again, that it'd be like 93,95,and 96 all over again, and then after we did win it was how bad Miami was gonna crush us and then when we won that I made sure every TUN fan in southwest Ohio was aware of how they could suck it and eat crow!

2) 2012 because I was there, we were perfect, no one else was perfect that year except us and while people could try to talk crap the only response necessary was to point to that goose egg in the loss column. It felt like 2002 all over again except this time I was there in person.

3) 2006 because Troy Smith specialized in lighting them up.

4) 2004 because it was living proof how a win in The War could save a season. That year sucked. The only thing about it that didn't suck up until that game was Ted Ginn. And just like that, the year was saved.

5) EVERY WIN over blue in my lifetime, 2005 because of the comeback, 2007 was sweet cause of Mike 0-4 Hart, 2008 cause we beat em by 35, 2009 cause we got back to the Rose Bowl, 2010 cause it was the version of The War I saw in person. Each victory over blue has a special place in the Scarlet and Gray heart of this Buckeye.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Hey having a mascot is better than not, now I can only think of one team that doesn't have a mascot and they're up north.