Ohio State Lives Up to Its Potential On Sunday, and the Dubcast is Here to Celebrate

By Johnny Ginter on February 20, 2024 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State head coach Jake Diebler and company

Sometimes all it takes is a change.

And look: nobody on the Eleven Dubcast wishes Chris Holtmann any ill will. Yes, he underperformed and deserved to be fired, and yes, it was crappy that he threw his own players under the bus, and also yes, it was poetic justice that a supposedly "soft" group of players beat one of the best teams in the country by playing a nervy, collected second half in a season littered with collapses in the last few minutes, and, uh... well, I forget where I was going with this.

Anyway, good luck to Holtmann, wherever he ends up. He's not a terrible coach, but clearly wasn't the one for Ohio State anymore. Jake Diebler, on the other hand? Maybe! If the Buckeyes make a run, he deserves at least some consideration. But that's a conversation for a month from now.

Until then, it's celebrating the Purdue win, talking about coaching hires and extensions, answering some of your questions, and hockey!

  • See ya, Holt! And, in all seriousness, props to Gene Smith for having the guts to make the right decision at this point in the season (and his tenure)
  • Also: interesting game! Purdue was frustrated by high defensive effort, and Ohio State's midrange approach was kind of crazy
  • 33 is officially on the staff! How might James Laurinaitis impact this year's football team?
  • Ask Us Anything - which you can do by sending us questions to dubcast@elevenwarriors.com - wants to know what we sing in the shower
  • Hockey night in the Shoe! Plus, women's hockey continues kicking ass
  • As has a lot of other sports, which is awesome

And that's it for the Dubcast this week, thanks as always for listening and checking out the Dry Goods store, and we'll see you next time!

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