Eleven Dubcast: Grading The NFL Draft and Dishing On Another Wild Week of NIL and the Transfer Portal

By Andy Vance on May 3, 2022 at 6:06 pm
Garrett Wilson
Anne-Marie Caruso/NorthJersey.com / USA TODAY NETWORK

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The NFL Draft once again served its primary purpose: as a recruiting pitch for Ohio State football. With three Buckeye alumni wide receivers going among the first 12 names off the board, it was a great night for Brian Hartline, Ryan Day and the entire Ohio State player personnel operation.

This week The Dubcast grades the Draft and dishes on the new homes for the Buckeyes who heard their name called over the weekend.

Last week we talked about the chaos of modern college basketball, from NIL to the transfer portal. Well, things got even crazier over the weekend in college sports as a pair of big-name players in basketball and football made it known that they'd transfer if they didn't get a bigger slice of the NIL pie.

We'll take an extended detour through the majesty of Will Smith's greatest film – Wild Wild West – to talk about the sustainability of the current situation and why this is entirely the NCAA's fault for basically being terrible at the key function of sensibly regulating college sports.

Plus, Ask Us Anything, which you can do at dubcast@elevenwarriors.com, fields a bevy of bangers. Don't miss these dandies!


0:00 The NFL Draft didn't disappoint. Well, it would have been better if an Ohio State player had been the first receiver off the board, but having three alumni among the Top 12 is fine.

11:28 A handful of Buckeyes will have their chances in The League, along with the aforementioned first-rounders. Let's talk about their situations, and about a couple of guys who came back for a senior season and cost themselves some money in the process.

15:58 Let's get straight to the Wild Wild West. No, not that one, or that one (we'll accept this one), but the crazy landscape that is modern college sports (okay, we'll take an extended discussion about the Will Smith classic first). Editor's Note: I was totally wrong about this one - UB40 did not do the song "Wild Wild West," it was a band called Escape Club, which I had honestly never heard of.

47:45 Ask Us Anything! Let's talk about our strangest jobs, separating the art from the artist, the cultural importance of Marvel characters, and things from our youth that we had to unlearn.

And that'll do it! Thanks as always to you for listening, Travis for our cool logo, and to the Dry Goods store for existing and having all sorts of cool things for you to buy. See you next week!