Eleven Dubcast: Discussing Quinn Ewers' Major Move with Recruiting Analyst Andrew Ellis, and the Decommitment of Jaheim Singletary

By Andy Vance on August 3, 2021 at 2:50 pm
Quinn Ewers

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Quinn Ewers has changed the game of football forever. By skipping his senior season of high school football and reclassifying to the Class of 2021, he enters and already racked and stacked Ohio State quarterback room, flipping the script on what elite college prospects can and will do in the NIL era.

Oh, and while Ohio State will welcome one of the most-talented recruits in college football history a year early, the program also saw the decommitment of one of the highest-rated defensive recruits of all time in Jaheim Singletary.

So yeah, busy week in college football news!

To dissect the implications of both men's massive decisions, we brought in recruiting legend Andrew Ellis to talk about what Ryan Day has to do now in terms of managing the talent in the room, the implications for quarterback recruiting in the next two cycles, and how the team moves on from Singletary.

We'll take a look at how Oklahoma and Texas joining the SEC impacts college football recruiting, and as always we'll tackle your questions in Ask Us Anything (which you should totally do, by emailing your questions to dubcast@elevenwarriors.com).


0:00 Quinn Ewers and his magnificent mullet are bringing their talents to the Buckeye State well ahead of schedule. NIL, baby!

12:16 To discuss the implications of the Ewers decision, we welcome Andrew Ellis to the Dubcast for his first-ever appearance on the program. Ellis discusses what it means for the quarterback room and roster management, as well as for the next couple of recruiting cycles at the quarterback position.

24:28 How has NIL changed the recruiting landscape in general? Ellis gives his impressions on how the new reality has changed the game for teams like Ohio State.

26:47 Jaheim Singletary announced he will reopen his commitment. Where does that leave the Buckeyes? Ellis explains what's next for the Buckeyes in the wake of Singletary's departure.

32:48 With Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC, we talk with Ellis about how conference realignment affects Ohio State's recruiting pitch in the state of Texas... if changes things at all. We'll also discuss Bob Bowlsby's shots at ESPN for tortious interference.

42:45 Ask Us Anything! Questions this week include what Buckeye legends of yesteryear we'd add to this year's football roster, how athletics can support the university's academic mission, and our favorite terrible coaching hires. We also spend a few minutes celebrating Bobby Bonilla Day.

60:53 Quick Cals: Checking in on Buckeyes in the Olympics, player ratings for Buckeyes in the latest installment of the Madden franchise, and Duane Washington Jr. joins the Indiana Pacers.

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