Eleven Dubcast: With Their Seasons Complete, Basketball and Wrestling Look to Reload in 2019

By Johnny Ginter on March 26, 2019 at 2:50 pm
Chris Holtmann and Kaleb Wesson

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It's a little weird that in terms of overall success, the expectations for the wrestling team are higher right now than the expectations for the men's basketball team.

A lot of that is recency bias; Tom Ryan and his wrestlers have been national champions within recent memory (plus all those national runners-up), but I still found it a little odd that I was cheering Chris Holtmann and company getting into the round of 32 while I was simultaneously pissed that the wrestling team wasn't able to get any national champions on the board.

Oh, and Joey McKenna got screwed. Andy is here to help us commiserate about it though (he put in a huge amount of work this past weekend covering wrestling for us), which is fun! Plus Ask Us Anything (which you can do via e-mail and Twitter), and some other goodies.

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0:00 A win is a win is a win. And then a loss. But still a win! It's kind of nuts that Ohio State got to the round of 32 again without KBD, but there you go.

16:05 Wrestling! Penn State is still dominant, but Ohio State continues to be the best of the rest. Let's see how next year goes!

48:30 Ask Us Anything wants to know what we think the equivalent of eating lead paint is.

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