Eleven Dubcast: With Justin Fields Officially Cleared to Play, Everything Seems to Be Falling Into Place for Ryan Day and Ohio State

By Johnny Ginter on February 12, 2019 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields

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In retrospect, we didn't really need to worry.

Justin Fields was probably always going to be granted his transfer request by the NCAA, for a whole host of reasons. Not that the NCAA always does the correct or predictable thing, but Fields had a pretty persuasive argument to begin with, and, in a macro sense, so do most players that seek to transfer. It appears that the powers-that-be are beginning to shift on this issue, which is a good thing.

Oh, and hey, look at that! Ohio State men's basketball has won three straight and is looking increasingly likely to have played themselves into the NCAA tournament. A few more wins and maybe a fortuitous upset of a ranked team and Chris Holtmann will have looked like a literal wizard (or forensics officer, I guess?) for what he was able to accomplish.

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0:00 Justin Fields! We discuss what this means for both Ohio State and the NCAA at large (good for both).

14:54 Chris Holtmann is a damn good coach and it's looking like once again Gene Smith found the diamond in the sack of... less... shiny... diamonds.

31:28 Here's the other part of the Justin Fields situation: the pressure. Who has the most?

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