Eleven Dubcast: Ohio State Men's Basketball Bounces Back After a Brutally Bad Bunch of Bids to Boost Their Bearings

By Johnny Ginter on January 29, 2019 at 2:50 pm
Ohio State basketball player C.J. Jackson

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The pain is still there, but a win against the Huskers and our good friend Luther taking it to the max helps us (as Ohio State men's basketball fans) get over the sting of the Buckeyes kind of sucking lately.

But things are looking up! Get past Michigan, catch a couple of breaks, and Chris Holtmann's squad is still a potential bubble team.

Overly optimistic? Okay, yes. Probably. But when you take the glory that is a single, unified national signing day, we'll look for any sports morsels to snack on while the football offseason trudges on. And hey, speaking of, isn't that handsome young man D'Angelo Russell kicking some serious ass in the NBA? Why, he is! Let's check in on him!

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0:00 Basketball was bad, and then it was good, and now we're thinking it'll be briefly bad again before getting good.

11:07 DAR is cool and good but maaaaybe it was for the best (for him) that he stuck around in Columbus for only one season.

27:51 Ask Us Anything! Please please PLEASE Giants, don't screw this up and get Dwayne to New York ASAP.

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