Eleven Dubcast: Ohio State's Destruction of Michigan Was Unprecedented, Insane, and Maybe Even Predictable

By Johnny Ginter on November 27, 2018 at 2:50 pm
Brutus Buckeye

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This is piece of content number five that I've written in the past couple of days about the Michigan game, and while you'd think at this point I might've come close to figuring out some grand unified theory as to how in the hell all of that happened, you would be wrong. I'm still pretty dumbfounded.

Still, Beau and I have some theories. For one, it turns out that Urban Meyer is really, really, really good at hyping his team up for Michigan, and it shows. Second, Jim Harbaugh choked (as we figured he would) in the most important game of the season. Third, there may be a totally insurmountable gulf between these two teams in terms of talent and coaching philosophy which doesn't seem to be capable of being bridged anytime soon.

But those are just guesses. Maybe it was the curse of an old crone or a wish on a monkey's paw or aliens. All equally valid theories. Either way, 62-39 sounds really kickass right now and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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0:00 So! That was something, and we spend a decent amount of time trying to figure out exactly how it all went down.

18:25 Nationally, how much does this beatdown matter? Can it propel the Buckeyes into the playoff?

30:05 Ask Us Anything wants to know how to soothe the soul of a wounded Wolverine.

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