Eleven Dubcast: Ohio State Has Some Kinks to Work Out, But Are Developing a Method to Take Down Alabama

By Johnny Ginter on October 9, 2018 at 2:50 pm
Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State quarterback

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The Indiana game was painful to watch for several reasons, but one of the things that it showed us was that in college football in 2018, maybe the best thing that you can be as a football team is "tenacious."

Tenacious in the sense that despite maybe being deficient in part of your game, you can still land enough longshots to maybe win the damn thing. Indiana was within a score of Ohio State all the way through the third quarter on Saturday, but the Buckeyes were able to persevere and get the win despite the bombs the Hoosiers were able to complete.

And maybe that's the way forward. Ralph Russo of the Associated Press joins the show this week to explain why, in a sea of flawed teams, Ohio State's badass offense might make them the best equipped team to take down the Crimson Tide, and what to look out for in late November (hint hint). Plus, Ask Us Anything (which you can do via e-mail or Twitter) gets a great question from a kidney donor, and uhhhh... Minnesota? Eh.

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0:00 Indiana was meh, but man you can't deny that Dwayne Haskins looked pretty great. I'm still salty about the missed record, and salty I shall remain.

17:21 Ralph Russo is one of the most informed dudes about college football out there, and his faith in the Buckeyes remains pretty strong. You get two guesses about why that is.

35:41 Ask Us Anything goes to the movies! Well, one of us goes to the movies.

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