Eleven Dubcast: Considering the Social Ramifications of Nationwide Sports Betting is Tough When We're All Stinking Rich

By Johnny Ginter on May 16, 2018 at 3:05 pm
Very fancy Ohio State fans, being rich and fancy.

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Oh! I see that one of my absolute all-time favorite Eleven Warriors article series is making the rounds again:

Yes, that's right boys and girls, the Supreme Court wants us all to #GetRich, and as 11W has scientifically proven, fading the hell out of Clay Travis is a pretty solid approach to the whole enterprise. And as someone who has never placed an official bet in his entire life, I'm content with watching the rest of humanity put that dude on perma-blast, so this whole thing works out pretty well for me.

But, speaking as someone who has never placed an official bet in his entire life, I also know that there are probably thousands of unseen ramifications to all of this, which is why we brought in Teddy Greenstein from the Chicago Tribune to talk to us about the view from Big Ten headquarters. Plus we get some pretty excellent takes from him about Harbaugh and Urban. Always fun.

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0:00 J.T. Barrett is a Saint, Sean Payton seems to like the guy, but who cares because we're all going to be stinking rich! Rich!!!

12:02 Teddy is probably right about Urban staying put in Columbus until he's just done with football in general, but I still get the shakes thinking about anything resembling a coaching search at Ohio State.

28:55 Beau is a walking ad for Montana and I respect the hell out of that. I really need to hang out in Billings sometime.

And that is the Dubcast for this week, thanks for listening and checking out our Dry Goods store, thanks to Travis for our logo, and we'll see you guys next time!