Eleven Dubcast: Ed Warinner Out, Kevin Wilson In as the Ohio State Coaching Carousel Keeps Spinning

By Johnny Ginter on January 11, 2017 at 3:05 pm
The recently fired Ed Warinner, former offensive coordinator at Ohio State.

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Firing people sucks. There's pretty much no way to fire someone amicably, and to do so in a highly competitive job when all of your successes and failures are as incredibly public as they are when you're an Ohio State football coach just amplifies everything by about a billion.

You could (and we do in this week's Dubcast) argue that Urban did Ed dirty. By playing coy with his situation and not fully admitting what his status was, he left Warinner in an employment limbo where he was all but fired by the persistent rumors about Kevin Wilson coming on as the offensive coordinator.

But such is life! If you want to compete with the Alabamas and, yeah, the Clemsons of the world, it's not always going to be pretty. The choice is for Ohio State fans to determine just how far down the dark side we're willing to watch the football program go.

0:00- Goodbye Edmund/ It's been nice/ Hope you find your/ Paradise

15:20- Urban Meyer may be on the precipice of either something great or something out of his control. Let's see which it is.

33:32- DABO! DABO! DABO!!!

40:30- Thad Matta is on the hot seat. It sucks to say, but he's there.

And that'll do it for the Dubcast this week! Please keep sending in those Ask Us Anything questions, thanks as always to Travis for the Dubcast logo, and thanks to you for listening!

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