Skull Session: Luke Combs Trolls Michigan, Actor Richard Lewis Hates Wolverines, and Noah Ruggles Debuts Mullet

By Kevin Harrish on July 25, 2022 at 6:05 am
Noah Ruggles kicks some balls in today's skull session.

Y'all wanna see a couple of Bucks making some money?

I, too would frolic on The Oval for an endorsement deal. Hit a blogger up, American Eagle.

Word of the Day: Unscrupulous.

 THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY... Country music legend Luke Combs took the stage at Buckeye Country Superfest in the 'Shoe this weekend, and while he ain't a Buckeye himself, he earned the favor of the crowd by revealing that he's the next best thing: a Michigan hater and slayer.

It's safe to say his alma mater brought me multiple decades of joy with that win, so I'm cool with this partnership. He can perform in the 'Shoe and shit talk Michigan until his dying day if he desires. The stage is always open.

 RICHARD LEWIS, MICHIGAN HATER. Turns out, famous people hating Michigan is all the rage these days. Actor and comedian Richard Lewis is a notorious Buckeye fan (and Ohio State alum, to be clear).

And as you are all well aware, that means he's also a notorious Wolverine hater.

Richard Lewis, an iconic staple of the American comedy scene as a stand-up and late-night show fixture starting in the early 1970s through his regular appearances on best friend Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” since 2000, is a 1969 Ohio State grad. And he’s fiercely proud of it.

He’s also unafraid to talk trash about Michigan — on Twitter, in person, on the phone, on his couch in front of the TV.

“I have such a hatred for that institution. I have never missed an (OSU-UM) game since I was 17,” Lewis said. “People who go to Ohio State have such a disdain for the Wolverines. Is this like a cult? No, there’s a big history involved with these two teams. Until the day I die, I will want to crush that team up north. I never put the letter M on anything.”


“If I’m flipping channels, if the Wolverines are playing badminton against Rice, I start screaming for Rice,” Lewis said. “It’s lengthened my life, this fear of missing out on Buckeye football.”

We're on the same page until that last sentence, because I'm fairly certain that Buckeye football – and frankly, this career – has taken several years off of my life at this point. But y'all know I wouldn't have it any other way.

 JIM TRESSEL'S FAVORITE TRICK PLAY. Despite Jim Tressel's notorious passion for punts, he never dialed up a punt on third down in his career (as far as I know, at least).

But after watching this clip, maybe he should have.

I'm generally team "go for it on fourth down even in the most egregious of circumstances" and I would probably coach most football games like I was playing Madden. So I was very prepared to hate this decision.

... but then I watched the clip.

They caught them totally off guard and completely flipped the field by using a punt as a trick play. I'm stunned to admit that it was... kind of genius?

 MULLET TIME. Important news: Ohio State's kicker is in the process of growing out an absolutely incredible mullet.

Who needs Quinn Ewers?

 SONG OF THE DAY. "A.M." by One Direction.

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