Skull Session: E.J. Liddell Has Impressive Vertical, Miyan Williams Has Big Ten Best Numbers, and Men's Tennis Beats Michigan

By Kevin Harrish on May 20, 2022 at 6:50 am
Miyan Williams is counting in today's skull session.

Hail to the Victors.

There ain't much in life that beats a simple win over Michigan, but I think beating Michigan to punch your ticket to the Final Four probably does it.

Now, go get that natty.

Word of the Day: Indemnify.

 E.J. GOT UPS. Turns out, E.J. Liddell can jump a little bit. And the NBA folks are just finding out.

I love how many people are extremely surprised by this as if all those completely automatic chase down blocks happen with his feet flat on the ground. Dude is extremely, extremely athletic, and has been since before he even arrived at Ohio State.

 THE OTHER BACK. It probably wouldn't surprise you even a little bit to learn that Ohio State had the running back with the highest yards per carry average in the Big Ten last season.

HOWEVER, it probably would surprise you to learn that said running back was not named TreVeyon Henderson.

Dude averaged 7.1 yards per carry throughout the entire damn season and created more missed tackles per carry than any other back in the conference, yet he's still decidedly RB2 on the roster with another back right behind him pushing for touches, too.

For extremely obvious reasons, Ohio State's passing game gets all the headlines, but damn, this Buckeye running back carousel is absolutely loaded.

 PRESIDENT SCHOLARSHIP. Kristina Johnson is already the good kind of notorious for genuinely caring about athletics (which feels like it should be a job requirement for the president of this university, but I digress...)

But now she's putting her money where her heart is, endowing a scholarship fund in field hockey and women's lacrosse.

The Kristina M. Johnson Endowed Scholarship Fund will be used to supplement the grant-in-aid costs of undergraduate student-athletes who are members of the Ohio State women’s field hockey team and the women’s lacrosse team. Johnson played both sports while attending Stanford.

Shoutout to President Johnson, who very much gets it and is quickly, quickly becoming One Of Us, if she ain't there already.

 'SHOE BUBBLE. The TBT basketball tournament will be holding a regional in the famed Rucker Park this year, which is extremely cool in itself. But the story also came with this nugget...

Mugar said the idea first came about after last summer’s event, when the organizers were looking for unique places to host games. They had never played outdoors before -- they came close during 2020's bubble environment, when the idea of putting a court in the middle of Ohio Stadium was heavily discussed -- and Rucker Park seemed like the perfect location to pursue.

I didn't know I needed to see an entire basketball tournament played inside Ohio Stadium, but apparently, I did and now I am bitterly disappointed that we didn't get to see it happen.

Maybe God can make it up to me by giving me an NHL Winter Classic game in the 'Shoe one day?

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Keep Driving" by Harry Styles.

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