Skull Session: Zach Harrison is Among the Best, Woody Hayes Athletic Center Gets New Turf, and TBDBITL Goes to the Movies

By Kevin Harrish on May 18, 2022 at 6:15 am
Zach Harrison is smiling in today's skull session.

Well folks, sure it looks like we have our celebrity picker for the season opener.

Of course, there's always a chance this just means that he'll be hanging out on the sidelines like last time. In which case, he should uh... bring his son.

Word of the Day: Denouement.

 DON'T SLEEP ON ZACH HARRISON. It seems like folks are writing off Zach Harrison these days in favor of the fresher five-stars, and I get it.

When you compare his production to the Bosa Brothers and Chase Young's of the world, it ain't quite there (meaning, he hasn't been literally the best defensive end in the country, which is the standard).

But he's still been pretty damn good, and extremely consistent.

I'm not going to say he's going to be the best pass rusher on the roster this year, but I'm sure not mad about having him back for another season.

Another weapon to throw at an opposing quarterback in the fourth quarter is never a bad thing.

 NEW LOOK WHAC. We're going still going to have to wait a few months to see the new turf laid down in the 'Shoe, but it looks like the Buckeyes are going to get to enjoy it within the walls of the Woody a little early – and Michael Hall Jr. gave us a little sneak peek. 

I must say, I was a little underwhelmed when the first design rolled out, but seeing this little look makes me pretty stoked to see what it looks like in the 'Shoe under the lights in a few months.

At the very least, that paint is decidedly Scarlet instead of faded pink, so that's a win.

 TBDBITL GOES TO THE MOVIES. A few months ago, Tom Cruise was so titillated by The Best Damn Band in the Land's Top Gun halftime show performance that he invited the whole band to have a special sneak peek at the new Top Gun movie.

This week, he's making good on his promise.

Friday’s screening was the result of the marching band’s 2021 halftime performance dedicated to the original 1986 “Top Gun” film which starred Cruise, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards and Kelly McGillis. After seeing the halftime show, Cruise was so impressed that he decided to give the band a sneak preview of the Top Gun sequel. The band was surprised with Cruise’s gift in December during preparations for the band’s trip to the Rose Bowl.

“The Top Gun tribute was fantastic. What a phenomenal performance – thank you!” Cruise wrote in a letter. “I’d love for you all to be my guests for a special screening of Top Gun: Maverick in Columbus this Spring.”

Cruise also provided T-shirts for all the band students at the time, and Paramount Pictures will be providing other promotional materials on Friday night. All 2021 marching band members were invited to attend the screening, and more than 200 band students and staff are expected to be in attendance.

In most worlds, "be my guests" would imply that Mr. Cruise would be in attendance as well, but the press release was suspiciously ambiguous to that point.

In any case, this rules and is an awesome move from Maverick.

 GET HYPE. If y'all thought you were stoked to see a primetime kick for the Notre Dame game instead of the nooner I'd already resigned myself to, just think of the team.

It's almost like the team prefers playing in primetime under the lights. Weird.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Turn My Swag On" by Soulja Boy.

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