Skull Session: Pro Day Through Garrett Wilson's Perspective, Tanner McCalister Ponders Number Change, and Ohio State No. 3 in Director's Cup Rankings

By Kevin Harrish on April 22, 2022 at 5:35 am
Garrett Wilson celebrates in today's skull session.


Word of the Day: Emanate.

 VIP LOOK. I've finally resigned myself to the fact that I will never be a first-round pick in the NFL Draft. It's a tough pill to swallow, for sure, but thankfully, Garrett Wilson is here to soften the blow a bit by giving me a VIP look at what Ohio State Pro Day looks like from the eyes of a future first-rounder.

Honestly, this is so well done that I think Garrett just needs to have a film crew with him for the foreseeable future to document his entire life and NFL journey in one Kardashian-style reality show – but probably with less drama and fewer lip fillers (or not – I don't judge).

 NEW NUMBER? Tanner McCalister spent spring camp rocking the No. 15 jersey, but it seems he could be pondering a number switch – and he's got things narrowed down.

My biggest takeaway here is that it's absolutely nuts that no current player on either side of the ball is wearing No. 5, which is a historically legendary number around these parts. But if that's the number T-Mac chooses, he's got Garrett Wilson's blessing.

It's also hilarious to me that a guy with "Dos2" in his Twitter handle is currently choosing between No. 15, 5 and 4, but I respect him for not just stealing Kourt Williams' number away.

 NOT JUST FOOTBALL. I know damn well that a solid 75 percent of you only really care about Buckeye football with a splash of men's basketball. Y'all might pretend that's not true, but the numbers don't lie.

Regardless, I'm here to remind you that the rest of Ohio State's athletic teams are kicking ass this year. The Buckeyes currently sit at No. 3 in the director's cup standings (given to the best athletic program across all sports).

 The final winter sports have been completed and, with the addition of men’s and women’s gymnastics’ team points from NCAA championship competition, the Ohio State Department of Athletics continues its fine 2022-23 athletics season by holding on to third place in the LEARFIELD Directors’ Cup standings.

Ohio State has 828.0 points to trail only Michigan (1,000.25) and Stanford (851.25). The Top 5 also includes Notre Dame (814.0) and North Carolina (702.0) with Texas, Wisconsin, Kentucky, North Carolina State and Arkansas rounding out the Top 10 teams.

I'm honestly not sure if the Buckeyes can realistically win at this point, but I'm pretty sure it's entirely possible to at least pass Stanford for the first time in the history of this competition, so that would be cool.

And as much as I hate Michigan having nice things, a second-place finish in the director's cup standings with at least seven top-10 finishes across all NCAA sports is absolutely something to celebrate.

And this doesn't even include Ohio State's national titles in synchronized swimming and pistol, because they're not NCAA sports.

 BLACK MAGIC. I like to think that I generally have a pretty good grasp on the physics of our universe, and then I see shit like this:

I'm quite certain there's a very natural explanation for this, but I also feel like if he actually were just using the force, it would look no different.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Hotel" by Claire Rosinkranz.

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