Skull Session: Marcus Freeman Compares Ohio State and Notre Dame, Ohio State Stuffs the Stat Sheet, and Chris Holtmann Watches From Home

By Kevin Harrish on January 10, 2022 at 5:10 am
Brian Hartline is coaching them up in today's skull session.

Go Dawgs.

That is my official stance on tonight's festivities.

Word of the Day: Adumbrate.

 STAT SHEET STUFFERS. In case you missed it, E.J. Liddell had himself a GAME last night.

Five blocks and five threes in the same damn game feels borderline unrealistic, especially at the college level. But my eyes saw it, so I know it's true.

And then there's the fellow holding down the backcourt:

And then there's Malaki Branham, who put up an extremely quiet 24 points thanks to a 13-for-14 free-throw shooting performance. He also had four rebounds and five assists.

When you've got that many guys who can do that much consistently, it's gonna be tough to beat.

Oh, and the guy Ohio State was banking on to be one of their primary scorers and shot creators this season? He hasn't even returned from injury yet.

Folks, I think this team might be dangerous.

 HOMEWARD BOUND. If you've ever thought your screaming at the television during Buckeye games was a little extreme, let it be known that Chris Holtmann almost surely put you to shame last night.

Hey, at least it was a relatively low-stress game with an easy finish. Unlike... *gestures at Ohio State's entire schedule up to this point*

 “NOWHERE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY CAN GIVE YOU.” Since he made his ill-advised "same mistake twice" comments (which, by the way, he said on two separate occasions), Marcus Freeman has tried to clarify his words.

It's not going well.

In his first attempt to soften the blow, he neglected to really even walk back the quote or suggest that he misspoke, nor did he say anything to suggest that he didn't mean what he said or that he was actually glad he attended Ohio State.

Here is his second attempt.

"I love my time at Ohio State and wouldn't be here if I didn't spend that time there. But the reality is that we believe Notre Dame offers you something that nowhere else in the country can give you. And that's the opportunity to win a national championship, to be developed to be an NFL Draft pick, and to join a network from this degree that you can earn from this place that will set you up for the rest of your life."

Listen, I know where he works now. I know where his loyalty lies. It's not exactly surprising that he would say these words.

But still, Freeman attempting to even put Notre Dame football in the same galaxy as Ohio State football – much less suggesting that Notre Dame's program is better – is infinitely more disrespectful than simply suggesting he would have preferred to go to Notre Dame.

 IN THE NBA, TOO. With the sheer number of former Ohio State players in the NFL these days, Buckeyes trading jerseys after games has become so commonplace in the league that I barely blink when I see one of the photos flash across my timeline.

But I can't say I'm used to seeing it in the NBA quite yet.

Judging from the way a certain few current Buckeyes are playing, this might be becoming a more regular occurrence in the not-so-distant future.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "All My Fault" by Fenix TX.

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