Skull Session: Buckeyes Still Support Jameson Williams, Jaxon Smith-Njigba is Ohio State's Best, and Buckeyes Pursue Transfer Tight End

By Kevin Harrish on December 7, 2021 at 5:35 am
Two good receivers in today's skull session

Never forget what happened on this day back in 1941.

Word of the Day: Austere.

 FOREVER FAMILY. Chris Olave has been pretty explicit all season about how close he and Jameson Williams have stayed even despite his transfer to Alabama.

Still, it was unique to see Olave and Gee Scott Jr. in Atlanta to support Jamo as he won the SEC title game over Georgia. And they weren't just there, they were in the front row – close enough to party and celebrate together.

And then there's Jamo's former position coach, who's openly campaigning for him to win the Biletnikoff.

Nothing about this feels normal, in the best possible way. It's gotta feel good to know that everyone in that room has your back for life – even if you find yourself wearing a different jersey.

Also, that sure doesn't look like being "disowned," but I guess he must have just been talking about the fans.

 BEST OF THE BEST. Ohio State entered the season with the two best returning receivers in the country and in a wild turn of events, neither of them is Ohio State's most productive or highest-graded receiver at the end of the season.

That honor goes to Jaxon Smith-Njigba.

I'm absolutely stoked to see what absurd numbers JSN puts up next season, but I'm probably equally stoked to see what other Buckeye receivers also emerge as the best receivers in the country.

Julian Fleming? Marvin Harrison Jr.? Emeka Egbuka? Jayden Ballard? Who's to say! Time will tell!

 TRANSFER TIGHT END? With Jeremy Ruckert and Mitch Rossi gone after this season, Ohio State is suddenly going to be extremely, extremely green at the tight end position.

For some quick context here, Ruckert has played 646 offensive snaps this season and Rossi played 125. The only other player who saw more than 55 offensive snaps is Cade Stover, who played 223.

Ohio State might have a fix to that problem.

Ryan Day made a point this week to express that the transfer portal isn't always just a magic fix to all of your team's problems – you have to balance team chemistry and such too. But if it's a fit, Stogner is pretty damn good, especially last season.

In eight games last season, Stogner caught 26 passes for 422 yards and three touchdowns. For context, n his last *15* games, Ruckert has 36 catches for 435 yards and eight touchdowns. So, he nearly matched Ruckert's yardage on fewer catches in almost half the games.

I'll be stoked to see him block.

 RUN IT BACK? Outside of Seth Towns' initial commitment date, I have never so much as attempted to figure out what the hell his eligibility situation is looking like.

I was thinking this would probably be his last season considering this is his sixth season, but between the COVID year and the two full seasons his missed at Harvard with his injury, he's got another full season of eligibility remaining after this one.

Hey, I'm always down for a good seventh-year senior.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Hark The Herald Angels Sing" by Phil Wickham.

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