Skull Session: SEC Commissioner Subtweets Kevin Warren, Harry Miller Addresses Hate Mail, and Ohio State is Ready For Kayvon Thibodeaux

By Kevin Harrish on August 11, 2021 at 5:04 am
We're doing some practicing in today's skull session.

It looks like Parris Campbell is the new poster child for the NFL's new enhanced taunting penalty enforcement campaign.

The wars between BIA and Zone 6 in the Woody help produce some undeniably talented players with that Iron Sharpens Iron mentality. But it's also developed some absolutely ELITE trash talkers, as well.

Word of the Day: Bulwark.

 SUBTWEET OF THE YEAR. I did not know this because I do not generally keep track of cursed dates, but it turns out that yesterday was the anniversary of the Big Ten's decision to cancel the fall athletic season.

And SEC commissioner Greg Sankey celebrated by subtweeting the hell out of Kevin Warren.

I love how my guy rattled off one of the most self-congratulatory Tweets I've ever seen and somehow, all it does is make me think of how much of an asshole someone else is.

 NO WORRIES. When Oregon comes ot down, the Buckeyes are going to have to deal with Kayvon Thibodeaux, who Pro Football Focus rates as the top defensive lineman in the 2021 NFL Draft and No. 6 player overall.

The dude is a legit gameplan wrecker who absolutely dominates games and wreaks havoc on quarterbacks. But Greg Studrawa is absolutely unconcerned.

The old me would have been concerned about Studrawa needlessly giving Oregon some bulletin board material, but I've come around to pregame trashtalk because there's nothing more hilarious than telling somebody you're going to dominate them and then doing just that for 60 minutes when the whistle blows.

Have that swagger, Greg. Just make sure your squad can back it up when it's game time.

 “A GREAT GIFT.” I'm not sure I'll ever be mature enough to call it "a great gift" and quote Mahjar poetry when strangers are telling me to kill myself online, but I'm also not Harry Miller.

Miller was asked about some of the harsh criticism he got from fans for his performance last year, and it was simultaneously an absolutely stunning response and also completely on brand for him.

Side note: praise God that Ohio State just happens to have somebody on the coaching staff that can sit and discuss stoic philosophy with Harry Miller and quote Bernard Baruch off the cuff. I assume he's talking about assistant strength coach Niko Palazeti.

 HERBY'S MEMOIR. For the readers among us, we've got a little giveaway today. Kirk Herbstreit has penned a memoir title Out of the Pocket about "fathers and sons, fortitude, and football" and we've got two advanced copies to send out.

If you're interested, give us your best Michigan joke in the comments section below. The two with the highest number of upvotes will be our winners, so don't forget to vote.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Montezuma" by Fleet Foxes.

 NOT STICKING TO SPORTS. A Mexican drug cartel threatens to kill a news anchor for ‘unfair coverage’... Cops bust a ‘24-hour open-air bazaar’ for crack cocaine in Times Square... A teacher accused of killing and eating a mechanic goes on trial in Germany... Two basketball coaches are charged with murder after a teen dies at practice... Amazon plans to avoid lawsuits by paying customers $1,000 when products injure people... Bottled water is 3,500 times more harmful to the environment than tap water... Google says it has created a time crystal in a quantum computer...

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