Skull Session: COVID-19 Has Players Getting Creative With Home Workouts and Has Us Imagining a Social-Distanced Script O-H-I-O While Fox Sports Plans Artificial Noise and Virtual Fans

By Kevin Harrish on May 14, 2020 at 4:59 am
Justin Hilliard is a five-star player in today's skull session.

As someone who spent more time playing NCAA14 in the RPAC than working out during my college days, I have not once lamented the fact that gyms across the country are closed during this pandemic.

My Gap Kids body is unbothered by the recent events. However, I can see how that would be problematic for a Division I athlete – and their mothers.

If Small-Brother's online classes didn't already include a home maintenance course, it does now.

Song of the Day: "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" by The Human League.

Word of the Day: Glissade.

 BEST IN AMERICA. COVID-19's basically stopped Hollywood in its tracks, but Ohio State's video department just continues to crank out theatre-quality masterpieces for our quarantined consumption.

Behold, your new favorite 60-second movie:

If quarantine stretches much longer, I'm going to have to request a feature film. Zach Swartz, if you're reading this, I've got pitches.

 SOCIAL-DISTANCED INCOMPARABLE. Buckeye football ain't Buckeye football without The Best Damn Band in the Land, and The Best Damn Band in the Land ain't the Best Damn Band in the Land without The Incomparable.

Needless to say, football is important, but also we're gonna have to figure out how the "i" is going to get dotted this fall. It's kind of a package deal.

As some state governments begin loosening restrictions on public activities amid the coronavirus pandemic, college athletics officials are starting to look at how they can stage football games in ways that maintain safety but keep fans as connected to their teams and traditions.

In some ways, the considerations aren’t much different than those facing NFL teams as they try to deal with player, staff, fan and public health. But college-campus life, college stadiums and what college fans love about their Saturdays present their own challenges.

“Part of what makes college football is the pageantry,” said Georgia deputy athletics director Josh Brooks.

But, even if fans and bands and cheerleaders are allowed, how much pageantry can be provided in this new era of social distancing?

“If we have to maintain social distancing, maybe Script Ohio has to be twice as big,” Ohio State Marching Band director Chris Hoch said with a chuckle.   

I've witnessed the Incomparable on ice, the incomparable on the hardwood and quad incomparable. Ingenuity exists – they'll figure it out.

 BUT, WHY? I've already made peace with the fact that sporting events will be spectator-free this year, but apparently Fox Sports needs some help getting there.

Personally, I think they should just strap an iPad to every seat and sell passwords to the chat like tickets. I jest, but you know they've thought about it.

 HARVARD GRAD. This is just a courtesy reminder that one of the newest BasketBucks graduated from Harvard.

Playing basketball for your dream school after already receiving a degree from Harvard is damn close to a perfect college career. Let's just go ahead and add a natty as the cherry on top.

 GEE'S GOT US. Former Ohio State president Gordon Gee is damn near certain we'll have football this fall, even if he has to do it himself.

If Gee's got some eligibility left, as he suggests, it might be worth keeping an eye on the transfer portal if you're Ryan Day. You can never have too many weapons on your roster.

 NOT STICKING TO SPORTS. A lawyer is accused of stealing estate money for child support and his wife's breast implants... An impaired Corvette driver was busted going 192 miles per hour... The survival story of a "real Lord of the Flies" situation... Scientists discover a "one in a million" super-Earth near the centre of the galaxy... COVID-19 is fueling a boom in the doomsday bunker market, thanks to some dubious marketing claims...

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