Skull Session: The ACC Supports a One-Time Transfer, Carmen's Crew is Set to Return, and Malik Harrison Has Some NFL Upside

By Kevin Harrish on February 18, 2020 at 4:59 am
We're happy in today's skull session.

It took three years, but Sevyn Banks finally gets to wear No. 7 – the number which is literally his name.

I'm not sure how that could possibly have taken this long, but regardless, we're one event closer to a perfect universe. Congrats, everyone.

Word of the Day: Reprieve.

 ACC CLIMBS ABOARD. The Big Ten is looking like quite the trendsetter right now as the ACC is hopping aboard the bandwagon by unanimously supporting a one-time transfer for all student-athletes regardless of sport, just like the Big Ten quietly proposed back in October.

The conference rolled out this statement on Monday afternoon:

“During the league’s annual winter meetings (Feb. 12-14), the ACC discussed the transfer environment and unanimously concluded that as a matter of principle we support a one-time transfer opportunity for all student-athletes, regardless of sport. As a conference, we look forward to continuing the discussion nationally.”

It's probably just a matter of time before this is passed, and when it does, I fully expect a few hundred woe-is-me reactions from folks claiming the floodgates have been opened and that this turns college athletics into free agency when in reality it's just allowing a football player the same opportunities a field hockey player's always had.

It's honestly kind of insane that this was ever allowed to be a rule in the first place, given that it only applies to five sports (which are coincidentally the biggest revenue generators) while athletes in the other 20 are allowed a one-time transfer with no penalty.

Yes – under the current rules, a soccer player can transfer schools one time with no penalty but a football player who wants to transfer has to sit out a year essentially because he happens to play a sport that brings in more revenue (that he never sees, by the way) than soccer.

It makes a lot more difficult for an organization to claim it's not profiting off of student-athletes when there's a blatantly different set of rules for the ones that actually bring in money.

 TITLE DEFENSE BEGINS. I don't think there was any real doubt that Carmen's Crew was going to be fielding a team for its TBT title defense this summer, it's always just been a matter of who's going to be on the roster.

In any case, it sounds like there will indeed be a Carmen's Crew this year, and we should be getting some formal announcements on that front as soon as today.

Diebler was definitely a guy that was on the fence as he was considering retirement, so maybe there's a chance he can lure his now-retired Buckeye best bud out of his med school books for one more run.

Aaron Craft did tell us back in May that "if my last basketball game could be with my brothers at Ohio State, that would be a pretty cool way to go out," but also he said, "I can't say yes or no at this point.”

Those guys aside, there's still a sizeable pool of other available former Buckeye players who haven't played a minute for the alumni team yet – Lenzelle Smith Jr., Deshaun Thomas, and Jae'Sean Tate would all seem like solid fits.

I don't really care who plays though, they have my undying support since they made me $100 richer last season after I literally just signed up on a list to be their fan.

 EDDIE GEORGE – INTERNATIONAL HALL OF FAMER. Eddie George just got inducted into what I believe to be the most eclectic sports hall of fame of all time, as a member of the International Sports Hall of Fame class of 2020.

To illustrate my point, the other inductees are Kirstie Ennis, Forrest Griffin, Johnny Damon, and Lesley Visser.

But it's not just this class, the entire hall is made up of an almost comically random collection of impressive athletes to the point that I could not even make an educated guess at the criteria based on the membership.

Everyone on the list is undeniably impressive in some form or fashion, I guess I just never imagined Eddie George and Archie Griffin would ever be in the same Hall of Fame with Jason Statham.

But congrats to everyone, I guess!

 MALIK HARRISON LOVE. Malik Harrison had a quietly great Buckeye career, and now it seems he's quietly climbing draft boards as folks are finding his film.

Harrison spent his junior season unfairly lumped in with an underperforming linebacker unit and spent his senior season outshined by guys like Chase Young and Jeff Okudah, but he didn't become first-team All-Big Ten by accident.

I don't think he was properly appreciated during his time in Columbus, but I have a hunch some NFL team is going to appreciate him just fine, especially if they can snag him at the end of the second round.

 URBAN MEYER'S NEW FAVORITE BASEBALL TEAM. It looks like Urban Meyer is a Philippines baseball fan now as it looks like their roster will include one of his all-time favorite humans and a Buckeye.

If you were looking for a rooting interest that isn't the good old U.S. of A, that team sounds fun as hell.

 NOT STICKING TO SPORTS. Scientists propose a gene hack to make cocaine less fun... A snake bites a man and the man bites his wife so they can die together (but she survives)... A man walking a woman wearing a dog mask on a leash in a city street is pulled over by the police... He attempted suicide and ended up in jail... A bus driver abandons a bus full of children...

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