Skull Session: Cornelius Green Discusses His Four Rose Bowls, Dawand Jones Offers to Help the Basketball Team, and Drue Chrisman Goes After a Bottle Flipping Record

By Kevin Harrish on January 20, 2020 at 4:59 am
Kevin Wilson might call some plays in today's skull session.

Whenever Ohio winters get you down, remember that it could always suck significantly more than it currently does.


Word of the Day: Hyperborean.

 STILL SMELLING THE ROSES. Buckeye legend Cornelius Green played in more Rose Bowls in his four years of eligibility than half the Big Ten has in its entire existence.

It's an insane achievement, but get him talking about it and the conversation quickly shifts towards his success against the north, just like it did during his interview with Nicholas Jackson at

Q: Talk about the achievement of playing in four straight Rose Bowls and how hard that was to do at the time.

A: I think it was even harder during that time because you had to win the Big Ten Conference to get to the Rose Bowl. It was really even more difficult when you had a great coach like Bo Schembechler who was coaching at Michigan and for me to get past Bo four straight times with a 3-0-1 record and 4 straight Rose Bowl appearances speaks volumes. When you have Michigan’s greatest coach in their school history and I can say he never beat me…He was 0-3-1 against me and I’m very happy about that. I always mention that because during “The Ten-Year War (1969-1978)” between Woody and Bo, I think Woody’s record was 4-5-1 against Bo, so my class won 75 percent of those games.

Q: How important was it to beat that team up north in order to get to the Rose Bowl?

A: It was everything because in my head I practiced 364 days for Michigan. Every year we would be undefeated or had one loss and that one game decided who went to the Rose Bowl and who stayed home. When I look back now at Dennis Franklin as great as he was, his record is 30 wins three losses and one tie but those three losses and one tie were to us. He never played in a bowl game so you can get 30 wins and not get in a bowl game. That’s amazing.

Four-straight Rose Bowl appearances and his most fond memory is never losing to Michigan and ensuring Dennis Franklin never played in the postseason. Those Woody players were a rare breed.

 PUT BIG THANOS IN. Ohio State's struggles on the hardwood might mean that it's time for Chris Holtmann to call in the reinforcements, and Big Thanos is ready.

Honestly, at this point, is it not worth a shot. His hoops highlights were absolutely majestic, and there's nothing about this team that convinces me they couldn't use a 6-foot-8, 340-pound behemoth who's also more agile than I've ever been in my life.

 GOING FOR THE RECORD BOOKS. Now that football is over until spring, Drue Chrisman can chase his real passion – flipping plastic bottles.

On Sunday, our beloved ball-kicker set out on a quest to break the world record for the most bottle flips in a 24-hour span. And if you're looking to steal some of your boss's time on this fine Monday, he decided to stream the entire thing.

Chrisman isn't just doing this for shits and giggles (though we all know he would), he's also doing it to raise money for the World Wildlife Federation to assist in Australia's recovery after the disastrous bushfires.

Get dumped then, world record (and bushfires).

 NFL READY. Last night, Nick Bosa was terrorizing a future Hall of Famer in the NFC Championship game as a rookie, and it shocked absolutely zero Buckeye fans, because Larry Johnson's been doing this for a while.

Joey Bosa was immediately dominant as a rookie, then Sam Hubbard flew extremely under the radar, but he made an immediate impact as well. Now we've got Nick Bosa and Chase Young is next. Zach Harrison is waiting in the wings, and Jack Sawyer ain't far behind him.

If it wasn't my team, I'd say it ain't fair and blame online classes.

 PREDATOR MEETS TERMINATOR. The crossover event we've all been waiting for took place over the weekend – The Predator met the Terminator.

This got me thinking about how lethal Arnold would have been as an edge rusher 50 years ago. What was Woody doing allowing him to slip through his fingers?

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