Skull Session: Best Decade of Buckeye Football, Damon Arnette's Heartfelt Goodbye, and Ohio State Can Pass Michigan in Career Win Percentage Again

By Kevin Harrish on January 1, 2020 at 4:59 am
Chase Young is ready in today's skull session.

Happy New Year!

You've made a grave mistake kicking off your first morning of 2020 with my online words, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

Word of the Day: Restitute.

 DAMN GOOD DECADE. As we hop into 2020, here's a reminder that we just lived through what is probably the best decade of Buckeye football in program history.

I mean, these numbers are just absurd.

This gets even more insane when you remember that these numbers include the 2011 season, which was an extreme outlier. That one season accounts for more than half of Ohio State's Big Ten losses and almost 40 percent of its total losses in the whole decade.

What I'm saying is, there's plenty of room for improvement. No pressure, Ryan Day.

 GOODBYE, DAMON. Damon Arnette was a four-year contributor and three-year starter at Ohio State, but was straight-up despised by a substantial portion of the fanbase for a good chunk of his career.

If you want evidence, peep the replies to either of these Tweets about a three-year veteran electing to return for his redshirt senior season.

He heard the criticism (how could he not?), and all he did was have a monster season, finishing second on the team in pass breakups to help lead what was probably the best secondary in the country, and he did it with a broken wrist.

And as he leaves, he's got nothing but love for the fanbase that at one time turned its back on him.

“I’d like to thank Buckeye Nation. You all are the definition of Tough Love but love is love. All I wanted since playing my first snap here was being accepted by you guys. We locked in forever."

Damn, it's getting misty in here.

I'm wrong so routinely that when I'm finally correct about something, I'm not going to let you forget about it – I've been in Damon Arnette's corner for years and tried to tell y'all he was extremely good, actually.

Nothing made me happier than watching him ball out this year, and I'm stoked to watch him at the next level, too.

 THE UNIVERSE IS SELF CORRECTING. A few weeks ago, the Buckeyes not only stuffed Michigan in a garbage disposal on broadcast television, they also stole one of the last bragging rights that despondent fanbase had over Ohio State, claiming the lead in all-time win percentage.

But regretfully, I bring bad news: after Ohio State's loss to Clemson, the Buckeyes no longer have that bragging right. Ohio State is now 924-326-53 with a win percentage of 0.7294 compared to Michigan's 962-345-36 with a win percentage of 0.7297.

(When calculating win percentage, ties count as half a win and half a loss.)

But the good news is, it ain't going to be that way for long. If Michigan loses to Alabama today (and let's be real...), Ohio State once again retakes the top spot. As if you needed another reason to root for Michigan to get dumped...

 HAPPY 400. Ohio State women's hoops coach Kevin McGuff picked a good time to notch his 400th win, knocking off a top-25 team in the process.

The Buckeyes were trailing by seven midway through the fourth quarter against  No. 24 Minnesota, but outscored the Gophers by 10 down the stretch and held them scoreless in the last 2:55 to claim a three-point victory over a ranked opponent – their second win over a ranked squad on the season.

If you've not been tuning in, this squad is fun as hell. It's a young team made up primarily of one of the top recruiting classes in program history, and they've already beaten current No. 7 Louisville and hung around with No. 1 UConn for most of the game.

Next up is No. 12 Maryland on Jan. 6 as the Buckeyes take a swing at the Big Ten leader.

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