Skull Session: Utah Trolls Ohio State, Cardale Jones Still Has No Regrets, and Michael Thomas Remembers His Recruitment

By Kevin Harrish on December 20, 2019 at 4:59 am
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Word of the Day: Mondaine.

 GETTING FRISKY, ARE WE? I honestly didn't foresee my Buckeyes getting dunked on by Utah, of all schools, but here we are.

Four-star cornerback Clark Phillips flipped from Ohio State to Utah on Thursday, and the Utes took the opportunity to uh, do this:

When this month began, I would have been horrified about the events that would lead to this Tweet being sent from Utah's Football's official Twitter account towards the end of the month. But that would have been kind of on me for seeing a future that involved Utah in the damn College Football Playoff.

I'd like to be angry about this, but I'm more in awe that they thought this was a good idea. Their mentions are going to be a hellscape for at least a month. I mean, just read the replies of their most recent, totally unrelated Tweets.

They brought this upon themselves, and I'm just a blogger cackling from afar.

 NO REGRETS. After the most legendary three-game run in college football history, Cardale Jones punted a chance to play in the NFL, returning to Ohio State for one final season to get his degree.

Even though life hasn't quite shaken out how he planned after that point, Cardale still has no regrets for his decision to return to school.

"Everybody’s going to make a decision based on what they think is important to them, what they value, what they want to see their life end up (like) in the long run," the Ohio State graduate told USA TODAY Sports after a practice at Maryland's Cole Field House last week. "You’re not wrong or right for declaring or leaving early, or going back. It’s just what you think was right for you at that time in your life and your career."


After being drafted by the Buffalo Bills, Jones spent the following spring commuting to Columbus, Ohio to finish his final two classes. He even timed his graduation date for the spring, rather than the winter, so his lasting memory of Ohio Stadium could be walking across the stage to get his diploma, rather than playing football. (Ohio State's winter graduation ceremony, he explained, is held in the Buckeyes' basketball arena.)

"It meant a lot to me and my family. I’m the first one to graduate from college," Jones said. "And like I said, I put as much work into my academics as I put into my body and my athletic career. I felt like if I hadn’t finished that, I would’ve always felt like it’s something I worked hard on and didn’t finish, or didn’t succeed in."

I'll always respect the hell out of Dolo for that decision, especially since he's sticking to his guns a few years later.

I don't know how his life would have turned out if he would have decided to go pro following the 2014 season, but I do know that the way things shook out in this realm of reality, he'll always be Buckeye royalty.

 THOMAS' JOURNEY. Michael Thomas is the best receiver in the NFL, but before that, he was a three-star prospect that grayshirted to delay his enrollment and redshirted his sophomore season.

It wasn't the smoothest road, but that doesn't mean he wasn't Buckeye through and through throughout the process.

Did y'all know Michael Thomas was Keyshawn Johnson's nephew? I bet you had no idea Sam Hubbard played lacrosse either.

Thomas had one of the most unique Buckeye careers of all time. As eternally salty as I am about how underutilized he was during his time at Ohio State, I give him all the credit in the world for fighting his way to the top.

Not many guys go from gray shirt to hall of fame, and that seems to be Thomas' trajectory.

 THE JOE BURROW STADIUM. Joe Burrow isn't even finished his college football career yet, but he's already a proper legend and is now honored as such by his home town.

At this point, I fully expect Joey B to have a statue dedicated to him in Baton Rouge, probably sometime after he wins my Bengals three Super Bowls.

 DELIVERY BOYS. Some lucky Columbusites had Buckeye legends show up at their doors yesterday – all they had to do was be hungry and lazy.

Noted Chipotle consumer Cardale Jones was all for it.

 And it turns out, it was actually a real thing:

Moral of the story: Be hungry and lazy and you'll be rewarded with a visit from a national champion.

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