Skull Session: Joel Klatt Respects the Buckeyes, Ryan Day Loves Adrian Martinez, and Dwayne Haskins Could Start on Sunday

By Kevin Harrish on September 26, 2019 at 4:59 am
Justin Fields is happy to be in today's skull session.

If y'all were running low on juice this morning, Thayer Munford will get you right.


Word of the Day: Vex.

 BEST DAMN TEAM IN THE LAND? Joel Klatt ain't afraid to say it – the Buckeyes look like the best team in the country right now.

At the risk of sounding extremely entitled, I'm extremely glad this team actually looks like the death machine you'd expect it to on the backs of the two highest-rated recruiting classes in the recruiting rankings era.

Now let's win the whole damn thing.

 WHY ISN'T HE A BUCKEYE THO????? The Buckeyes are gonna have its hands full with almost inarguably the most talented quarterback they've faced this year.

I'm an Adrian Martinez fan and so is Ryan Day.

From Nathan Baird of

Buckeyes coach Ryan Day went so far as to say he “fell in love with” the Cornhuskers sophomore when Martinez took a recruiting visit to Ohio State.

“Adrian’s a very talented young man, a great kid," Day said. "We recruited him and I spent a bunch if time with him. He’s a great competitor, a great leader and has a great way about him.

"He’s big and strong and powerful. He’s very athletic as far as his run game and his ability to extend plays with his feet. We have to get him on the ground. ... He’s explosive, makes good decisions. He’s throwing the ball really accurate.

“His ability to run and throw and his intelligence — he’s by far the best quarterback we’ve seen.”

Of course the "well then, why didn't you offer him a scholarship?" question immediately followed, but I'm not even going to address Day's answer because I think it's pretty stupid to question the recruiting decisions that led to the No. 2 class in the country.

We do this jig with every player that's ever showed interest in the Buckeyes and gone on to shine elsewhere. Remember last year when folks were pretending that Benny Snell would be any better than third on Ohio State's running back depth chart?

Same thing here. Yeah, Martinez has been fantastic, but in the time he's been at Nebraska, Ohio State's had the best passer in Big Ten Conference history and its highest-rated prospect ever (who happened to be the top dual-threat quarterback in Martinez' own recruiting class). So, why are we worried about why he didn't get an offer?

Nothing but respect for Corn Belt Braxton Miller – he did cruel things to my favorite football team last season and he very well might do it again this Saturday – but there's nobody on Earth who wouldn't take Fields instead.

 DWAYNE HASKINS FOR QB? Forgive me, I might have misinformed y'all yesterday morning because it appears Simba's reign might not be as far off as I was led to believe.

There's that, and then there's this:

If Keenum really is out for this week, God bless him for his impeccable timing because I need Dwayne Haskins making his debut against Daniel Jones and the New York Giants more than I need Arby's and nasal spray.

You know damn well Haskins has been eyeing this matchup since the second he heard his name called on draft night. And he's been praying he'd get the start ever since Jones was named the starter last week.

I can't believe I'm this hype about a 1 p.m. NFL football game between the Giants and the Redskins with a single win between them, but this game will quickly become a must-watch event for this humble blogger if Simba gets the nod.

Do the right thing, Redskins.

 GET DUMPED THEN, CANCER. Seven-year-old Jack Hoffman housed a 69-yard touchdown between chemo treatments at the Huskers 2013 spring game.

Six years later, he doesn't have to just pretend to play football anymore. He's a starting center for his Junior High football team.

From Michael Brice-Saddler of the Washington Post:

Jack was 7 years old, 4-foot-3 and 75 pounds when he suited up for his home-state Nebraska Cornhuskers in the 2013 spring game. His stirring, player-assisted 69-yard “touchdown” that day became something of a phenomenon, helping raise awareness of pediatric brain cancer, with which he had been diagnosed two years prior.

It has been more than six years since what his family refers to as “the run.” Jack, now an eighth-grader, stands at 5-foot-8 these days. This month, he made his true debut on the gridiron, playing center for the West Holt Junior High football team in Atkinson, Neb.

“I know a lot of kids like me that would kill to play in a football game,” Jack Hoffman, 13, said in an interview. “It was really nervewracking — I was about the same level of scared that I was for the run — but once you get playing you forget all the scaredness.”

He's still undergoing treatment for the tumor on his brainstem, but it's much more targeted with fewer side effects than chemotherapy, so he's good to play. That's good news for the Huskies, and terrible news for their enemies as his head coach describes him simply as an “animal.”

"There’s nothing more a coach likes than a kid from the opposing team being driven down the line.”

 JUST DRAFT THE BUCKEYE. I can't believe we're doing this again, because teams didn't learn from passing on Michael Thomas, but Terry McLaurin was nowhere close to the first receiver taken in the draft and is setting NFL records already.

Dear NFL GMs – as I am certain many of you read my fumbling online words – in the future, don't overthink things and just take the Ohio State receiver. It's easier that way.

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