Skull Session: Cardale Jones Breaks Down Justin Fields, Chris Holtmann Could Add to the 2019 Class and One More Potential Football Transfer Addition

By Kevin Harrish on February 8, 2019 at 4:59 am
Justin Fields talks to the media in today's Skull Session.

Penn State got dumped on the hardwood last night, and tonight it's time for the Lions to take the L on the mat.

I've been told this team ain't built for dual meets, but it's built for championships. I say, why don't we have both?

8:30 p.m. St. John Arena. Be there (or watch on BTN).


Word of the Day: Minatory.

 DOLO TALKS FIELDS. Justin Fields is next in line for the Buckeye quarterback throne, and he has a former king's blessing.

I've watched these highlights quite a few times already, but every time I see that pass at 4:58 I audibly gasp. Combine that with the world's most nonchalant spin move at 3:47 and folks, I'm ready. I'm ready for the Justin Fields era.

 NOT DONE 'CROOTIN? Ohio State's 2019 hoops class is already extremely good, with three players more highly-rated than anyone on the current roster, but Chris Holtmann might not be done yet!

From Adam Jardy of the Columbus Dispatch:

In November, Ohio State signed a three-man 2019 recruiting class that has held steady among the best in the nation. DJ Carton, Alonzo Gaffney and E.J. Liddell will all be Buckeyes next season, leaving one scholarship available should coach Chris Holtmann choose to use it.

Wednesday afternoon, he said he might.

“We certainly could, and that could come in the form of another freshmen or it could come in the form of a graduate transfer,” Holtmann said. “That’s certainly a possibility. We’re, as we always are, actively looking at different possibilities that we feel good about. It’s certainly a possibility, for sure.”

Holtmann said there’s no timeline other than the obvious as to when the Buckeyes might or might not decide to add to the 2019 class. Coaches can comment only on players who have officially signed with teams, which means he can’t discuss one of the most intriguing remaining possibilities for the class.

In my humblest of opinions, I think that Ohio State should try to bring in somebody who is tall and enjoys to play in the post. That is my entire wish list.

 NOT GETTING THIS ONE. You can scratch one potential transfer off the list as former Tennessee tight end Eli Wolf is headed to Georgia.

Wolf reportedly planned to visit Ohio State, but it looks like that ain't gonna happen.

This leaves Ohio State with just one potential transfer option remaining with Rutgers offensive lineman graduate transfer Jonah Jackson.

Ryan Day said on signing day that the roster was "maxed out" but that's never stopped Ohio State before. Hell, usually at this time the Buckeyes are two or three over the 85 cap. I'm positive there will be room for Jackson if he comes.

And also, there's this:

There's a chance that's just a random specific number pulled out of nowhere, but there's also a chance it's foreshadowing.

 SURPLUS OF FOOTBALL. We seem to have gone from essentially no football to watch between February and August to almost too much, but I ain't about to complain.

With the Arena Football League coming to Columbus, we'll now have the AFL, XFL and AAF for our offseason viewing enjoyment, with former Buckeyes presumably in each league.

I'm tossing all of these leagues in the same category as minor league baseball in my mind, but my very uncontroversial take is that minor league baseball is very good, especially for the price.

Get me a few former Bucks in Nationwide Arena and I'll gladly spend a couple dozen dollars and enjoy the hell out of it.

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