Skull Session: Garrett Wilson Hints at Urban Meyer's New Role, Ryan Shazier's Miraculous Rehab, and Jim Delany Talks Title Game Changes

By Kevin Harrish on December 7, 2018 at 4:59 am
Dwayne Haskins is ready to set some records in today's Skull Session.

On this date 77 years ago, the United States was thrust into World War II after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

Thank a veteran today – and everyday.


Word of the Day: Infamy.

 URBAN MEYER KEEPING A FOOTBALL OFFICE? Since Urban Meyer's retirement press conference, we've all been wondering what his role in the athletic department would be.

Five-star receiver commit Garrett Wilson seems to have some idea.

From TMZ Sports:

"If coach Day is going to be the head coach, then I'm 100 percent done. I trust in him, I love him."

Other schools tried to sway him from that opinion ... the 5-star recruit said Oklahoma, Arkansas, Notre Dame and others all reached out after Urban's announcement.

But, the WR -- who some consider the top recruit in the country -- says there wasn't a chance ... especially after he spoke with Urban a few days ago.

"He called me, which meant a lot."

As for Meyer's health ... Wilson says the coach told him, "he was putting himself at risk" by going out and coaching every day ... but he expects to see him around when he gets to school next year.

"He's gonna have a football office on the campus!"

A football office on campus.

On one hand, it could very much help recruiting to have one of the most legendary football coaches of all time in house.

On the other, I'm not sure how healthy it is to have the super intense former head coach in the same building as the first-year head coach who used to be his subordinate. There's enough pressure on Ryan Day without his former boss breathing down his neck.

But if they can navigate all of that and everyone's cool with it, that's all fine and good. Go for it.

 SHAZIER DOING DEAD LIFTS. Earlier this week I learned that Ryan Shazier was JOGGING a year after I thought he might be paralyzed.

Now, he's doing dead lifts.


Through the pain and the success. You must always remain HUMBLE!

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I'm just going to be honest with you guys, Shazier – who I wasn't sure would ever be able to move his legs again a year ago – has now done more deadlifts since his injury than I have in my life.

Again, his recovery has been borderline superhuman.

 LEGENDARY COACH COACHES UP LEGENDARY COACH. Jim Tressel is one of the few people on the planet who can come close to understanding what Urban Meyer is dealing with right now, as he transitions from coaching the Buckeyes to a possible administrative role.

If you've ever wanted to know what it sounds like when one legend coaches up another, here it is.

"He's got to believe that whatever he does next is going to be even more extraordinary," Tressel said. "Maybe it won't be as famous, but famous and extraordinary and impactful aren't necessarily synonyms."

But even the vest knows Meyer ain't finished just yet.

"I told him, 'Go win the Rose Bowl first.'"

 “HE'S LUCKY I DIDN'T HAVE ALL FOUR.” I regret to inform you that Columbus was attacked by a barbarian to the north on Thursday afternoon.

But don't worry, the khaki'd invader was promptly owned by Joshua Perry's mother.

There's actually a pretty simple way to avoid getting owned by former Ohio State players' mothers – don't lose every rivalry game you coach.

 TWO BEST TEAMS? It seems Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany was less than enthused about a four-loss team somehow finding its way to the top of the Big Ten West standings this season.

I wanted to agree and be excited about this development, but I'm just not.

First off, I don't think this would really help the Big Ten's playoff chances all that much, if at all. If Ohio State played Michigan instead of Northwestern, I don't think either team gets in the playoff regardless of who wins and by how much.

Second, I detest rematches and think they should be avoided whenever possible. Changing the system would not only allow for more rematches, it would encourage them, especially considering the top teams in the conference play each other every year in the final regular season game of the season.

I don't want to see Ohio State and Michigan play twice in consecutive weeks. I don't think anybody does.

I actually like the divisions, and I think it's really the only way to navigate a conference that has 14 teams If Delany wants to make a change, he should look to moving back to an eight-game conference schedule That seems to be working.

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