Skull Session: Playoff Committee Vaguely Values Oklahoma, Jack Harbaugh Wants a Big Ten East Champs Banner, and Drue Chrisman Got Absolutely Snubbed

By Kevin Harrish on November 28, 2018 at 4:59 am
Dre'Mont Jones eats people.

Crazy that Tom Herman has a chance to send Ohio State to the College Football Playoff again. Here's hoping the founder of MENSA can pull it out. 


Word of the Day: Persiflage.

 OK COOL. HOOK EM. That's basically where we're at right now, because I just don't think the Buckeyes make the College Football Playoff without help from Texas Tom.

That's because even after absolutely dismantling the nation's top defense and beating a team the committee put in the top-four of its rankings by three touchdowns, Ohio State is still behind a team that hasn't held a team to less than 40 points since before Halloween.

And the explanation for that decision is still pretty much non-existent.

Look, I'm not stupid. The reason Ohio State is behind Oklahoma is because the Buckeyes lost to Purdue by 29. And the longer the committee tries to talk around that instead of coming out and saying it, the more ridiculous this entire process looks.

Ohio State's offense just carpet bombed the No. 1 defense in the country and has an above average defense that's held 25 percent of the teams on its schedule to less than a touchdown. The Buckeyes have the better strength of record and two wins better than Oklahoma's best.

Don't spout bullshit about "body of work." Just tell me it's because of Purdue and I'll be happy. Until then, I'm going to be frustrated.

Meanwhile, though, Dwayne Haskins seems unconcerned:

 BANNER YEAR FOR THAT TEAM? If you're wondering how the Michigan Men are handling Saturday's evisceration, they're doing great. In fact, they're ready to raise a banner to commemorate the extremely successful season.

No, that's not a joke. Jack Harbaugh, father of Jim, wants to erect a "Big Ten East Champions" banner, since Michigan and Ohio State have the same conference record and "tied" for first place.

From Jack Harbaugh on Attack Each Day: The Harbaughs' Podcast

“This team in my judgement, and Bo Schembechler taught me this, I have 5 Big Ten rings, championship rings, 5, but two or three of those were ties. Bo never looked at them as ties. So we this year tied for the Big Ten East Conference Championship. We were 8-1 and Ohio State is 8-1. I think if I would have the means to do this I think we ought to make a little bit of a banner and stick that somewhere to remind us that we were champions. There were only two teams that finished with only one loss in the Big Ten. Ohio State and Michigan and I understand the tie break. But I do understand too that we were the co-champions of the Big Ten.”

This is right up there with Ole Miss' Peach Bowl participation rings. If they're this desperate for some hardware to commemorate the game, maybe we should start giving them some Gold Pants, too.

 CHRISMAN SNUBBED. Drue Chrisman got absolutely heisted of the Big Ten Punter of the Year award, which instead went to Michigan's Will Hart.

Cam Johnston was quick to come to Chrisman's aid on Twitter.

I love how with that last Tweet, Cam pretty much hits him with the "Yo Will, I'm really happy for you, imma let you finish, but Drue had one of the best seasons of all time."

Stats aside, how many punters have a performance so dominant it pretty much wins the game for his team? Because Chrisman did that against Michigan State. And that has to be worth something.

In the end though, he seems pretty stoked with his consolation prize.

 HEISMAN HOPEFUL HASKINS. Dwayne Haskins ain't going to win the Heisman, but he should absolutely be invited to New York for the ceremony.

He agrees – at least with the latter part of that statement.

Tossing six touchdowns and accounting for over 400 yards of total offense against what I was led to believe was the '85 Bears' defense should seal that. Especially since Gardner Minshew and Will Grier lost last weekend.

 SNOWY INCOMPARABLE. The Best Damn Band in the Land ended up with the best damn snow angel in the land after their practice.


Practicing Script counts in the snow #GoBucks

A post shared by Ohio State arching Band (@tbdbitl) on

As beautiful as The Incomparable looks, the scholar who trudged "SEND NUDES" into the snow earlier – as you can still faintly see in the photograph – certainly deserves a hat tip for their efforts. 

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