Skull Session: Ohio State Opens Spring Practice 2, Urban Meyer Podcasts, and Thayer Munford's Moment

By D.J. Byrnes on March 8, 2018 at 4:59 am
Haskell Garrett tatted for the March 8th 2018 Skull Session

The funniest part here is the use of the word "small."

Hey, at least they got a couple commas in the bank account. All I got was 85% of a wardrobe my girlfriend will only let me wear to the gym.

Ohio State opens spring practice No. 2 in a few hours. Be sure to follow Dan Hope, Andrew Lind, and James Grega on Twitter for live updates from the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.


Word of the Day: Samizdat.

 ON LEADERSHIP. There are two things Urban Meyer loves outside of his family: Leadership and football. He will only talk openly about football with other coaches. However, when you come at him from the angle of leadership, he'll talk for 72 hours straight.

Meyer recently waded into the podcast game, appearing on Lewis Howes' venture. It's a compelling interview at times, even if littered with anecdotes hardcore fans will easily recognize. ("There were a lot of guys who didn't belong to be [at Bowling Green]. And we had the cleanse that...")

Some key notes:

  • On how he gets strangers to trust him: "The first job of a leader is to earn trust. You can only lead as far as a person trusts you. ... That's where I think a lot of leaders fail."
  • On recruiting at Utah or Bowling Green: "The premium is on evaluation." Noted assistants would get mad when USC offered targets and Meyer would tell them, "Go to USC. That's what'd I do."
  • On what he must do every day to begin his day: Bible study with leadership consultant Tim Kight. "I have to get that 30-40 minutes of my time. I have to get that. Or I get sick about it."
  • "Thank God there weren't camera phones when I was 18."
  • "My professional dream is to see this room of 120 people see 100% have a job offer when they're done playing football. ... And we're close right now."

All that's left for Meyer to do is appear on the Dubcast.

 MASSILLON MAN TO WATCH. Urban Meyer answered a big question after Ohio State's first spring practice. Isaiah Prince will move to left tackle. As for who will replace him at right tackle, watch Thayer Munford.

From Young Adam Schefter, Dan Hope of Eleven Warriors:

One of the Buckeyes’ most impactful second-year players in 2018, however, could end up being one of the 2017 class’ least highly touted recruits. Thayer Munford, a late addition to the 2017 class, was expected to be a long-term project when he arrived at Ohio State last summer, yet has already made enough of an impression on Ohio State’s coaching staff that he is already penciled in as the Buckeyes’ starting right tackle for 2018.

Meyer said Tuesday that Munford had an "excellent offseason" of workouts with director of football sports performance Mickey Marotti, setting him up to fill the open starting spot at right tackle as Isaiah Prince moves across the line to left tackle.

"We had our champions dinner yesterday," Meyer said Tuesday, "and Coach Mick, he gave a lot of awards to Thayer Munford. Which is a great story. Very talented guy."

Branden Bowen could be another name to watch, although he could just as easily retake the right guard spot at at which he started last year.

But if Munford is earning awards from Marotti and early praise from Meyer, that's the horse I'm backing.

 EAT SHIT, HITLER. Contrary to popular myth, Ohio discriminated against Jesse Owens before and after he dumped Hitler's sorry ass. However, the state is moving towards evening that ledger by creating the state's largest park in his name.


Gov. John Kasich has announced that Ohio is getting the largest state park in its history.

The term-limited Republican said during his final State of the State address on Tuesday in his hometown of Westerville that he will name the park after Ohio State track legend Jesse Owens, "that great Ohioan who stood up to Hitler and came home with a gold medal."


The Ohio Department of Natural Resources struck a deal with American Electric Power in August to purchase a major portion of a 60,000-acre parcel owned by AEP in eastern Ohio, known as ReCreation Land.

The Jesse Owens State Park sounds much more like a place to visit rather than the utility-owned "ReCreation Land." The state did good business here.

 WUT. Just remember, NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Alvin Kamara wasn't good enough to start at Butch Jones' Tennessee. 

Glad I don't get paid to tackle that guy next year.

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