Sunday Skull Session

By D.J. Byrnes on July 26, 2015 at 4:59 am
Tyvis Powell and Joey Bosa

It was a good week for Ohio State football.

11W WEEK IN REVIEW. Here is some stuff written this week by people more talented than me:

URBAN'S CUTTING-EDGE SPECIAL TEAMS PHILOSOPHY. Brian Dohn of put out a free, non-embeddable video lauding Urban Meyer's cutting-edge philosophies in offering specialists.

While other programs wait until their kicker or punter earns the starting job to offer them a scholarship, Urban Meyer has given a scholarship to a long snapper (Liam McCullough), a punter (Drue Chrisman), and a kicker (Blake Haubeil) in the last three recruiting cycles.

Are the other coaches wrong, or is Urban Meyer right? It makes you think.

BARTON'S 05/15 HYBRID. Here's a fun thought experiment. (For reference: The 2005 team finished 10-2 and waxed Brady Quinn's sorry ass in the Fiesta Bowl.)

Obviously, this lineup skews '05, but like Barton said: Things can change because we have yet to see the 2015 team on the field. For example, the core of the '05 team was in the Alamo Bowl the year prior.

The idea of Nick Mangold eating slop with the Slobs and Troy Smith in Urban Meyer's offense is borderline erotic to me though. I'd also take Raekwon over Carpenter.

AN ACCURATE HAWAII FORECAST. My friend is getting married on the Saturday of the Hawaii game for some reason. I guess the good news for him (other than the fact I won't be there to redeem my free bar tab) is the game will be decided early.

As much as I'm looking forward to playing Virginia Tech... that's how much I'm not looking forward to the rest of Ohio State's out-of-conference schedule. At this point, however, I'd settle for a 7 on 7 scrimmage vs. the workers at my neighborhood Rally's.

THOSE WMDs. Twitter deleting stolen jokes on copyright grounds... A Dutch artist's majestic sand beasts.... A study followed kids who were cool at 13; a decade later, they were struggling... Expert’s guide to the 500K historical videos the AP put online... A Renaissance Murder Mystery.

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