Thursday Skull Session

By D.J. Byrnes on June 11, 2015 at 4:59 am
Michael Cibene

To pass the time until the Cavs incinerate the Warriors, here's some stuff you may have missed yesterday:

THE SPARTANS ARE COMING. Michigan is Ohio State's blood rival, but Michigan State might provide the better game this year.

From Stewart Mandel of

I'm looking north to the Nov. 21 Michigan State-Ohio State game in Columbus. For one thing, it could make or break the Buckeyes' repeat chances. While the first year of the CFP taught us that how you play matters more than your record (see Florida State), we don't yet know how the committee would treat an otherwise dominant team that loses a game that late -- not to mention misses out on its conference title game. Meanwhile, the Connor Cook-led Spartans could be in prime contention entering that contest as well, especially if they beat Oregon at home in Week 2.

Michigan State knocked No. 1 OSU in Columbus in 1998, but the Spartans don't scare me in Columbus like they do in East Lansing. I'm not, however, looking forward to playing them the week before The Game. (Why did you do that, Big Ten?)

Dino is much more dangerous in the underdog position as well.

MSU-OSU could be 2015's best game for sure, but I'm looking most forward to watching Urban Meyer and his goon squad hang 60 on Michigan's defense. There's no possible way to beat Sparty that would be more fun than watching Jim Harbaugh squirm while his three-loss team is down 45 in the fourth quarter.

THE COOLEST JUDGE EVER. I hereby decree that Rocky Coss, the Highland County Common Pleas judge, is the Supreme Judge of Ohio. There is nobody higher than him.

The Honorable Rocky Coss


The Honorable Judge Coss debuted this silky robe Tuesday, and I'm told a Michigan Man entered his realm as a defendant. I assume the judge did the noble thing and had the crook hanged outside the courthouse. (WE WILL CAST ALL SNAKES FROM OUR BORDERS!!!!!!) 

THAT'S IMPRESSIVE. I understand that Ohio State isn't America's premiere academic institution (yet), but there aren't many schools that can prepare you for so many walks of life.

Here's an example of just one of those walks:

Herbstreit's holding the weed, y'all.

That's a lot of different guys from a lot of different backgrounds. All of them were prepared by Ohio State, and that's pretty cool.

CASH MAKES SPLASH AT DUKE. Remember Jeremy Cash? Here's a refresher from's Alex Gleitman

DB Jeremy Cash: Cash was told that he would red-shirt his first year in Columbus [in 2011], but when he was put into a game early in the season on a meaningless kick-off, he lost all trust in the staff at the time and decided to transfer to Duke following the season, despite Urban Meyer’s best efforts to keep him at OSU.

Cash is entering his redshirt senior season for the Blue Devils, and it doesn't look like his career will be ending anytime soon. 

From Dane Brugler of's column on Duke's best NFL prospects:

Jeremy Cash, FS, Redshirt Senior (6-1, 210, 4.59)
Highly recruited out of high school in Miami, Cash started his career at Ohio State before transferring to Duke, sitting out the 2012 season. He started every game for the Blue Devils the last two seasons, eclipsing 100 tackles both years and earning several All-American nods. Often lining up near the line of scrimmage as a nickel cornerback, NFL scouts like Cash's versatility and instincts in coverage, reading and anticipating well to drive on plays in front of him. He is often so fixated on the ball that he doesn't see approaching blockers, lacking ideal functional strength to easily stack-and-shed at the point of attack. Although he isn't shy lowering his pads and driving through his target as a run defender, playing with nonstop violence and huste. Laken Tomlinson was the school's first top-32 pick since 1987 and if Cash can land in the first round, it would mark the first time in school history the Blue Devils would produce back-to-back first round picks.

I doubt Cash is better than Vonn Bell or Tyvis Powell at this point, but man, he would've filled a pretty massive need in 2013.

Still, can't hate on a "free" degree from Duke, especially if it's not hampering your ability to make the NFL. 

SILVERMAN MAKES HIS MOVE. Sam Silverman, one of Ohio State's greatest recruiting assets, is known in these parts for his dynamite graphics work. 

Looks sick

But Silverman is also involved with Nikola Labs, a start-up that's partnered with Ohio State to produce the Nikola Phone Case, a case that will convert your phone's wasted energy into electricity to charge your battery. (TechCrunch approved.) 

The Columbus-based company has a Kickstarter that's raised $11,000 in under 24 hours and is looking for $135k in the next month. The current cases support the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6.

Dr. Chi Chih Chen, an Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor at The Ohio State University, is the inventor of the technology.

I'm no scientist, but I despise a dead cellphone battery. It'd be awesome to see some bosses based in Columbus solve one of the world's top 100 problems. If I were a mega millionaire winner — please believe one day I will be —  I would be investing by the truckload.

THOSE WMDs. “Kingpin” (lol) arrested in City of Kings heroin bust... Linguistic Anonymity On The Internet... CBC host Evan Solomon fired after investigation finds he took secret cut of art deals... How Clickhole Became the Best Thing on the Internet.... When people ask to borrow money, the words they use can foretell whether they’ll pay it back.

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