Nick Bosa and Chase Young Disruptive in Super Bowl LVIII, But San Francisco 49ers Lose to Kansas City Chiefs

By Dan Hope on February 11, 2024 at 10:54 pm
Chase Young sacking Patrick Mahomes
Mark J. Rebilas – USA TODAY Sports

A strong showing by Chase Young and Nick Bosa wasn’t enough to lead the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl win.

Young became the fourth former Ohio State player ever to record a sack in the Super Bowl and Bosa recorded two tackles for loss, but the Kansas City Chiefs outlasted the 49ers in overtime, 25-22, to defeat San Francisco in the Super Bowl for the second time in five years.

Bosa made his mark on the game immediately by recording a tackle for loss on the 49ers’ first defensive play. Young followed that up by recording a sack on the Chiefs’ second possession, joining Bosa (in Super Bowl LIV), Mike Vrabel and Jim Marshall as the only Buckeyes with sacks in the Super Bowl.

Young had the equivalent of another sack in the second quarter when he forced Patrick Mahomes into an intentional grounding penalty for a 10-yard loss.

Bosa started the second half the same way he did the first half, recording another tackle for loss on the first play of the third quarter for a 12-yard loss.

Bosa finished the game with six total tackles and three quarterback hits while Young had two total tackles, not including the intentional grounding that could have brought him to two sacks.

Young and Bosa were the first-ever pair of former Ohio State defensive linemen to start in the same Super Bowl.

Bosa is now 0-2 in the Super Bowl as he also lost to the Chiefs in the big game as a rookie in 2020. Young, whom the Washington Commanders traded to the 49ers midseason, made his first Super Bowl appearance.

The Chiefs’ win marked the fourth consecutive year that the team that won the Super Bowl did not have any former Ohio State players on their active roster.

Buckeyes Who Have Played in Super Bowl
Player Years (Teams)
JIM TYRER 1967, 1970 (Kansas City Chiefs)
MATT SNELL 1969 (New York Jets)
BOB VOGEL 1969, 1971 (Baltimore Colts)
TOM MATTE 1969 (Baltimore Colts)
JIM MARSHALL 1970, 1974, 1975, 1977 (Minnesota Vikings)
PAUL WARFIELD 1972, 1973, 1974 (Miami Dolphins)
MORRIS BRADSHAW 1977, 1981 (Oakland Raiders)
NEAL COLZIE 1977 (Oakland Raiders)
JACK TATUM 1977 (Oakland Raiders)
LEONARD WILLIS 1977 (Minnesota Vikings)
RANDY GRADISHAR 1978 (Denver Broncos)
BOB BRUDZINSKI 1980 (Los Angeles Rams), 1983, 1985 (Miami Dolphins)
DOUG FRANCE 1980 (Los Angeles Rams)
ARCHIE GRIFFIN 1982 (Cincinnati Bengals)
RAY GRIFFIN 1982 (Cincinnati Bengals)
PETE JOHNSON 1982 (Cincinnati Bengals), 1985 (Miami Dolphins)
TOM OROSZ 1983 (Miami Dolphins)
JOHN FRANK 1985, 1989 (San Francisco 49ers)
SHAUN GAYLE 1986 (Chicago Bears)
MIKE TOMCZAK 1986 (Chicago Bears), 1996 (Pittsburgh Steelers)
PEPPER JOHNSON 1987, 1991 (New York Giants)
WILLIAM ROBERTS 1987, 1991 (New York Giants), 1997 (New England Patriots)
JOE STAYSNIAK 1992 (Buffalo Bills)
JIM LACHEY 1992 (Washington Redskins)
KEITH BYARS 1997 (New England Patriots)
TERRY GLENN 1997 (New England Patriots)
TOM TUPA 1997 (New England Patriots), 2003 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
TITO PAUL 1999 (Denver Broncos)
WILLIAM WHITE 1999 (Atlanta Falcons)
EDDIE GEORGE 2000 (Tennessee Titans)
CHRIS SANDERS 2000 (Tennessee Titans)
JOE GERMAINE 2000 (St. Louis Rams)
ORLANDO PACE 2000 (St. Louis Rams), 2002 (St. Louis Rams)
LORENZO STYLES 2000 (St. Louis Rams)
JOE MONTGOMERY 2001 (New York Giants)
MIKE VRABEL 2002, 2004, 2005, 2008 (New England Patriots)
RYAN PICKETT 2002 (St. Louis Rams), 2011 (Green Bay Packers)
RICKEY DUDLEY 2003 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
RODNEY BAILEY 2006 (Seattle Seahawks)
TYLER EVERETT 2007 (Chicago Bears)
SANTONIO HOLMES 2009 (Pittsburgh Steelers)
MALCOLM JENKINS 2010 (New Orleans Saints), 2018 (Philadelphia Eagles)
WILL SMITH 2010 (New Orleans Saints)
WILL ALLEN 2011 (Pittsburgh Steelers)
A.J. HAWK 2011 (Green Bay Packers)
MATT WILHELM 2011 (Green Bay Packers)
JAKE BALLARD 2012 (New York Giants)
JIM CORDLE 2012 (New York Giants)
ALEX BOONE 2013 (San Francisco 49ers)
TED GINN 2013 (San Francisco 49ers), 2016 (Carolina Panthers)
LARRY GRANT 2013 (San Francisco 49ers)
DONTE WHITNER 2013 (San Francisco 49ers)
NATE EBNER 2015, 2017, 2019 (New England Patriots)
BRADLEY ROBY 2016 (Denver Broncos)
COREY "PHILLY" BROWN 2016 (Carolina Panthers)
KURT COLEMAN 2016 (Carolina Panthers)
ANDREW NORWELL 2016 (Carolina Panthers)
JOHN SIMON 2019 (New England Patriots)
JAKE MCQUAIDE 2019 (Los Angeles Rams)
DARRON LEE 2020 (Kansas City Chiefs)
NICK BOSA 2020, 2024 (San Francisco 49ers)
ELI APPLE 2022 (Cincinnati Bengals)
VONN BELL 2022 (Cincinnati Bengals)
SAM HUBBARD 2022 (Cincinnati Bengals)
ISAIAH PRINCE 2022 (Cincinnati Bengals)
TREY SERMON 2023 (Philadelphia Eagles)
CHASE YOUNG 2024 (San Francisco 49ers)
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