Justin Fields, Shaun Wade and Chris Olave Projected As First-Round Picks in Multiple Way-Too-Early Mock NFL Drafts

By Kevin Harrish on April 27, 2020 at 3:50 pm
Some future first round picks

With the 2020 NFL draft behind us, it's time to shift our gaze towards the future.

This weekend's draft saw three Buckeyes come off the board in the first round with Chase Young and Jeff Okudah headlining the class as the No. 2 and No. 3 picks respectively, and Damon Arnette selected as the No. 19 overall pick.

It was an Ohio State-heavy draft, and a slew of way-too-early mock drafts project next year to be no different with Justin Fields and Shaun Wade unanimously expected to be first-round picks and Chris Olave joining the group in a few projections.

Here's a look at where various outlets see Ohio State's potential first-round picks going in next year's draft.

Bleacher Report

  • Justin Fields: No. 13, Chicago Bears
  • Shaun Wade: No. 16. Las Vegas Raiders
  • Chris Olave: No. 32. Kansas City Chiefs

Bleacher Report is one of just two outlets to project three Buckeyes as first-round picks with Justin Fields, Shaun Wade and Chris Olave all projected to be selected among the top 32 picks in next year's draft.

However, it's also the least kind to Fields as the only way-too-early mock draft of the bunch to project the Buckeye quarterback outside of the top-five, projecting him to go No. 13 overall to the Chicago Bears.

Wade is projected to be a mid-first-round selection, consistent with most other mock drafts, while Olave is seen as a late first-round pick.

Sports Illustrated

  • Justin Fields: Pick No. 5, Carolina Panthers
  • Shaun Wade: Pick No. 11. Arizona Cardinals

Sports Illustrated projects just two Buckeyes in its way-too-early 2021 mock draft, but they're high on both of them, projecting both to be selected among the top-11 picks.

SI has Fields going No. 5 overall to the Carolina Panthers – a trendy pick among mock drafts – and Wade going No. 11 overall to the Arizona Cardinals.

CBS Sports

  • Justin Fields: Pick No. 5, Carolina Panthers
  • Shaun Wade: Pick No. 31. San Francisco 49ers

CBS Sports' way-too-early mock draft features two Buckeyes among its first-round projection, like most other mock drafts, and also features Justin Fields as a top-five pick, going No. 5 overall to the Carolina Panthers – again, a trendy pick.

Where CBS differs, however, is in its evaluation of Shaun Wade, mocking him lower than any other outlet. While most way-too-early mock drafts project him to be selected in the middle of the first round, CBS projects Wade as a late first-round pick, going No. 31 overall to the San Francisco 49ers.

Fox Sports

  • Justin Fields: Pick No. 4, Chicago Bears
  • Shaun Wade: Pick No. 15, Atlanta Falcons

Like most other mock drafts, Fox Sports has two Buckeyes projected in its way-too-early 2021 draft, and it's one of the least controversial of the bunch, in comparison to the others.

Fox projects Justin Fields as a top-five pick, going No. 4 overall to the Chicago Bears, and Shaun Wade as a mid-first-round pick, going No. 15 overall to the Atlanta Falcons.

Walter Football

  • Justin Fields: Pick No. 3, Detriot Lions
  • Shaun Wade: Pick No. 15, Atlanta Falcons

Walter Football's way-too-early 2021 mock NFL Draft is nearly identical to Fox Sports, with the lone exception of Justin Fields going one spot higher – No. 3 overall to the Detroit Lions.

Like Fox Sports, Walter Football projects Shaun Wade to be selected No. 15 overall to the Atlanta Falcons.

Sporting News

  • Justin Fields: Pick No. 5, Carolina Panthers
  • Shaun Wade: Pick No. 7, New York Giants

Sporting News has just two Buckeyes in the first round of its mock draft, but it is one of the most optimistic about their 2021 NFL Draft prospects, projecting both Justin Fields and Shaun Wade as top-7 picks with Fields projected at No. 5 to the Carolina Panthers – again, a trendy pick – and Wade No. 7 overall to the New York Giants.

USA Today

  • Justin Fields: No. 4, Las Vegas Raiders
  • Shaun Wade: No. 26, Houston Texans

USA Today also has two Buckeyes in its mock draft and is about as high on Justin Fields as everyone else, projecting him as the No. 4 overall pick to the Las Vegas Raiders. Where USA Today differs from the group is in its evaluation of Shaun Wade, projecting him later than most at No. 26 to the Houston Texans.

The Athletic

  • Justin Fields: No. 3, Carolina Panthers
  • Shaun Wade: No. 6, New York Jets
  • Chris Olave: No. 28,  New Orleans Saints

The Athletic is by far the most Buckeye-friendly 2021 mock NFL Draft, projecting three Buckeyes to be selected in the first round – Justin Fields, Shaun Wade and Chris Olave – and giving all three their highest projections of any other outlet.

The Athletic projects Fields to be selected with the No. 3 overall pick to the Carolina Panthers, and has Wade going not far behind him to the New York Jets with the No. 6 overall pick. This mock draft also features the most optimistic projection for Olave, mocking him to the New Orleans Saints with the No. 28 overall pick.

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